10 Unique Ways to Show Someone You Care~Make Someone’s Day

We often forget that sometimes our family, friends, and people we have just met may need encouragement due to events that are happening in their lives. In fact, many times, these individuals are quiet about their need to be cheered up; however, once you make the effort, they will be quite grateful you did. What makes a positive difference is surprising people with something small and genuine. Sometimes, it is difficult to come up with the price way to make a positive difference in someone’s day. Consider the following ideas of how to brighten the day of those around you:

Use These 10 Wonderful Ways to Make Someone’s Day 

10 Wonderful Ways to Make Someone’s Day

Enjoying a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Taking someone on a hot air balloon ride is a great way to surprise them. The best hot air balloon rides are in exotic places. Some of the most famous in the world can be found in Bagan, Luxor, the Serengeti, and the North Pole. That said, there are many hot air balloon rides in places worldwide to enjoy. Activities such as these do a great job of lifting people’s spirits, getting them out in the fresh air, and providing them with a change of scenery. Hot air balloon rides are a wonderful way to surprise someone and truly brighten their day.

Surprise Someone with Lunch at Work

Another great way to make someone’s day is to surprise them with lunch at work. Sometimes work can be draining for individuals. Having a nice surprise during the day is a wonderful way to make someone’s day and have them realize there are things existing outside of work. Try to do this every couple of months and the person will greatly appreciate it.

Send Someone a Gift

It is a great feeling to receive chocolates or flowers at the office. The simple act of sending a gift with a nice note goes a long way. The recipient will not only know that you were thinking of them, but also that you took the time to do something generous for them and brighten their day. The best way to do this is to take the person by surprise and it will absolutely brighten their day.

Complete Household Chores for Your Roommate or Partner

If you are someone that does not work or has a less busy week, it is really nice to surprise your roommate or partner with a clean house. They will come home and be delighted that you took the time to make the place nice. The best way to do this is if they don’t ask you and you just do it anyways.

Introduce Yourself to Someone Sitting on Their Own at a Party

Going to events alone can be difficult. A great way to make someone’s day is to introduce yourself to them at a party. It is possible you may be able to make a long term friend or even a positive networking connection for business.

Write Thank You Notes

In the age of e-mail and smartphones, people often forget the simple gestures of era’s past. A great example of this is when it is appropriate to send a Thank You note. By taking the time to write a note on nice stationery, it shows that you went the extra mile to show that you appreciated their efforts, which will make their day.

Send Someone a Card

Even if someone hasn’t done anything for you to formally thank, it is a great gesture to send a card with a joke or a reminder that you are thinking of them. People greatly enjoy receiving mail and having something that arrives as a surprise is a wonderful way to make their day more positive.

Create a Picture Collage as a Gift

If there is a friend or family member that you have not seen in some time, it can be fun to pull out old photos and make them a collage as a gift. This can be done physically or electronically. By sending them your collage, they will remember all the fun times you have shared and also will be a reminder that you were thinking of them. Each time they see the collage, they will smile and it will improve their day.

Arrange a Spa or Sports Day

If you see that your friend appears very stressed out, then it is nice to purchase a spa day or arrange a sports day for them. These activities will allow you to spend quality time with them and to help them relax. It will also brighten their day to know that you took the time to plan something to benefit them. Doing this on a regular basis is a wonderful way to spend quality time with family and friends while showing them that you care.

If You Receive Good Service, Tell the Employee’s Supervisor

In addition to family and friends, there are ways to make a person who you don’t know well’s day. If you receive exceptional customer service, it is a great idea to tell the employee’s supervisor. It is quite frequent that we focus on negative things rather than the positive attributes of employees who provide us with customer service. By giving the employee a positive recommendation, you will help their work environment, encourage them to keep doing a great job and brighten their day.

Final Remarks

Remember the importance of taking the time to make someone else’s day. It is not important whether you know the person well or have just met them. Your small act of kindness will make a great impact on their life outlook and mood. Sometimes, we all go through stressful periods of life and need that extra act of kindness to help us to keep going. Constantly consider how you can positively impact the lives of others and you will feel a great sense of achievement and fulfillment while helping the lives of those around you.

 A simple act of kindness
can stop a million tears.
A little hug
can give so much joy.
A letter now and then to someone
can save so many wasted years.
We should hold every moment precious
and help as many as we can
with a simple act of kindness
every now and then.
The world would be a better place
if we all cared a little more.
Imagine how many smiling faces
would greet us at the door
if we extended that helping hand
with a simple act of kindness
that could spread across many lands.

 David Harris 6 March 2009
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    1. Thank you Jean I’m happy you enjoyed. It seems that more kindness and respect needs to be taught st home!
      Thank you for stopping by, Have a great weekend !🌷

  1. Wow, some really awesome ideas here and especially love the introducing yourself to someone sitting alone at a party as very often that is me, I’m still quite shy and have been since I was a child.

  2. Great post! Written correspondence is a thing of the past. I know that by the way my sons writing looks! LOL! These are great ideas glad I found you on the blog hop!

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