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Glasses Shop.com Product Reviews Oh My Heartsie Girl 3 comments
My Glasses Shop experience has been a good one, I am loving my new glasses, they are comfortable and the price was right! EyeGlasses-Love them or hate them I have a hard time not scratching them, my last pair I bought at the eyeglass store cost me $145.00 and when I had the opportunity to write a review in exchange […]

Buying Eyeglasses Online Saves You Time and Money

How to Create Fashion Simplicity 5 comments
How to Create Fashion Simplicity Little did Leonardo da Vinci know that his statement on simplicity being the ultimate form of sophistication will resonate for centuries to come, let alone that it will be a guiding star for fashion designers, stylists and good dressers of today. Trends come and go, but somehow it seems that we always find ourselves following […]

Fashion Series: How to Create Fashion Simplicity