Want to Try Edible Bugs? Check Out These Top Rated Restaurants

Would you ever try eating the edible bugs?

Over the last few years, there’s been a growing trend in the culinary world. However, it might be one that makes most people squeamish: edible bugs. While humans have been eating bugs for quite some time, it has only recently really started to gain traction in the United States and Western culture. More and more restaurants have started serving them. They’re cheap, taste like chicken, and pack quite the nutritional punch for their size.

There’s significant data to show that in many ways, bugs are a more-sustainable food source than many of our more conventional proteins. Crickets, for example, are nearly on par with milk and beef for protein per 100 grams. But, crickets do not take nearly the same amount of resources to raise and farm as a cow.

But if you’re going to feast like Timone and Pumba from The Lion King, you better start off with some high quality food. Unlike The Lion King, you might not want your first bugs to be from directly under a tree. Luckily, a pest control company (funnily enough) put together a list of some of the top restaurants in the United States that have bugs on the menu. Many of these have won awards or are up for awards. Each of them have at least one dish that contain bugs. Let’s take a look at them:


Nue is a global street food restaurant in Seattle, Washington. They pride themselves on creativity and “freakishly awesome food,” as they say. Their bug dish is Thai Mang Da Na, which they admit is for the adventurous. It’s a giant water beetle and according to their menu, the dish has intense flavors of fruit, flowers, candy, and salt.


Leña serves Latin American-inspired food with smile plates and cocktails. They’re in Denver, Colorado. Their bug dish is actually one of their cocktails, the Jiminy Cricket. It’s a tequila-based drink that has a candied cricket garnish. Maybe the drink is to finish the drink and then eat the garnish — after a few of these, it could be the best thing you’ve ever had.


Xochi is in Houston, Texas and features the ingredients, recipes, and traditions of Oaxaca, Mexico. It was recently named as a semifinalist for the James Beard award. Their insect dish is Queso del Rancho. It features not one, but three insects: worms, ants, and grasshoppers. So, if you’re feeling brave and want to experience more than one bug, this is the dish for you.

The Black Ant

It would make sense that a restaurant with ant in the name would serve insects. In fact, they have a number of dishes that involve bugs. They have a guac with black ant salt, grasshopper croquettes, and grasshopper crusted shrimps, just to name a few. If you want to try insects in a variety of ways, The Black Ant in NYC might be for you.

Sushi Mazi

Sushi Mazi is a contemporary Japanese restaurant in Portland, Oregon. They’re insect dish is grasshopper sushi and that’s about all it says on their menu. However, the pictures help explain why that’s it. It’s a fairly basic sushi, much like a tuna roll or an eel roll but instead of fish, it’s a grasshopper. This could be a good dish if you want to get that authentic cricket flavor.

If you’re looking to trying something different, maybe you should check out the edible insect culinary trend. There are plenty of places serving them up and the above are just five of the highest rated. It might not seem appetizing at first, but with the quality of these dishes, you might just find yourself asking for more.

Ways to Save Money on Almost Anything in Your Life

Saving Money Just Got Easier

Saving money is a goal that almost anyone can get behind. Even those who are well-off can be notoriously thrifty; after all, that’s probably how they became well-off!

For those of us without such a large bank account, the need to economize is even greater. Yet there seems to be no end to the things that we need, and that goes far beyond the necessities. How do we get all of the products and services that are truly beneficial without ending up in the poorhouse? Ways to Save Money on Almost Anything in Your Life

Most of us know all the usual tricks. We shop around for better cell phone plans, we carpool, we religiously monitor our thermostats for optimum usage. But even with all those measures in place, we may still find that we need to save more—or at least, that we want to save more.

It’s at this point that our creativity can really come into play. There are lots of thoughtful solutions for cutting the cost of everyday essentials without skimping on their quality, performance, or durability.

Finding Discounts

There is absolutely no reason to assume that you have to pay full price for anything. Clothing is a great example. Most seasonal wardrobe pieces are put on the retail floor well ahead of the time of year that they are needed, so you can contain your enthusiasm and shop for summer when it’s almost summer. You’ll find many of the year’s must-haves will be considerably cheaper.

But discounts don’t end with the traditional examples like clothing. Prescription discounts can save you a lot of money on the medication you use every day, all with no change in their effectiveness. You simply shop around a little bit and find the same product with a better deal.

This works with everything from groceries to auto parts. Check out customer loyalty clubs and similar arrangements. Many of them will let you build points towards a free item or a discount. Stick with the same store for those daily needs and build your bonuses.

Rethinking Recreation

There’s nothing wrong with entertainment or pampering ourselves as long as we do it economically. So many of us break our budgets by trying to have a little fun, turning what should be a reward for ourselves into a financial pinch or new debt.

People are getting more creative every day with how to have fun on a budget without sacrificing the quality of the experience. The staycation has become a popular choice. Rooted in a summer gas spike a few years ago, it has inspired many people to travel closer to home—and sometimes even at home.

Why not look at a spa day the same way? There’s no need for a 50- or 60-mile round trip when you can do the same thing at home by just buying some really nice products. And you’ll save more than gas by doing it yourself; you’ll also avoid the high charges for the services themselves as well as the long wait for your turn. An added benefit: Your home spa is always open.

Get Smart About Charity

Almost everyone has a preferred cause to which they like to give financial support. It may be local or international, but we all like to help out when we can.

At the same time, many of us find ourselves squirming to come up with gift ideas for friends as their birthdays approach, and we know they’ll struggle when our own birthday rolls around.

Now there are options to beat both of these problems simultaneously. By having friends donate to our favorite charities for our birthdays, we not only avoid receiving white elephants or endless stacks of gift cards, we also help a charity that means a lot to us. And what more gratifying gift is there than knowing you’ve done something good for those in need?

It’s easy to pick the low-hanging fruit when it comes to saving money. The real talent is required for cooking up new ways to cut costs so that we can have the necessities, the fun, and the charity that we want without struggling to make ends meet. Think outside the box and you’ll find you can do lots of these things too.

9 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations For People in Love

Andaman and nine other most romantic honeymoon destinations for people in love

Planning your honeymoon should be perfect. A blissful start to a new life together builds the foundation of love and romance. There are so many places for newlyweds to spend their first vacation together, but these ten places always stand out –Andaman Nicobar tour package


Seychelles is an exotic getaway for people in love. It is the perfect honeymoon destination for solitude seekers looking to bask in the glorious sun and sip amazing wine at the same time. Walk through the mystical rainforests and indulge in water activities during your stay. Travel to La Digue and Mahe Islands to soak in the tropical sun with your loved one by your side.

Andaman Nicobar tour package

A collection of the most beautiful islands, where each one has a different experience to offer. Newlyweds often choose Andaman due to the richness of adventure, nature, and experiences this archipelago has to offer. The islands have some of the most romantic beaches in the world, perfect for honeymooners. You will also find a suitable Andaman Nicobar tour package that fits your budget to have a smooth vacationing experience.9 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations For People in Love


Have you always dreamt of losing track of time with your beloved by your side on the dunes? Morocco is the romantic fairytale place with the charm of a desert and white sandy beaches. Enjoy the subtle Mediterranean nuances of romance as you absorb the new smells, the unique heritage, breathtaking colors and new culture of this unique city.


No one has experienced the true beauty of nature and solitude unless they have stepped on the sandy dunes on Jaisalmer to witness the sunset. Mount Abu, Jaipur, Jodhpur and Bikaner are all nearby from the camel safari and desert carnival capital of India.


Not a lot of people can deny the understated charms that Turkey brings to international travel. It has always been a favorite among the honeymooners interested in panoramic views of nature, calm surroundings, rich cultural heritage, amazing shopping experience and great food. Do not forget to book your ticket for a ride in the hot air balloon across the azure sky over the colorful streets of Turkey.


Apart from the crazy parties, carnivals, and lazy beaches, Mauritius has a wonderfully untouched countryside and country life waiting for you! Go on a romantic date on private islands or go dolphin watching to shake things up a bit. Trek to the craters of active volcanoes to spice up the relationship a bit.


If you want to travel abroad but don’t have the budget, Thailand is the perfect option for you. This is a collection of the most exotic beaches and white sands that transports people from Indian soil to the unknown tropics within seconds. Live up your honeymoon nights in the white moonlight or enjoy relaxing couple’s massages in one of the thousands of exotic massage centers within the capital.


No couple can think of a culturally diverse honeymoon, without thinking of Shimla at least once. It has been an uncontested favorite among young love for decades. Small hill-stations, lush greenery, rich heritage, great shops and amazing food welcome every couple from across the world.


Egypt has been a favorite among everyone looking to dive into the history and heritage of the pharaohs. The desolate ruins and imposing pyramids inspire a different romance that is hard to find elsewhere. Shop at El Haram and soak up the sun at Alexandria before leaving for Luxor and Taba.

The Maldives

An exotic beach honeymoon is incomplete without the Maldives. Stay at luxury beach resorts, indulge in couple’s spas and massages, spice up your relationship in the solitude of the tropical islands far away from the clamor of the city life.

Spice up your love with the bounties these romantic locations have to offer!

Top 5 Most Common Pests Found in Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas, and unfortunately, that sometimes includes bugs. Texas is home to hundreds of different species of insects, and while many do not pose a threat, there are others you will want to eliminate from your home immediately. Do not hesitate to contact a wildlife and pest control service if you are worried one of these pests has made its way into your house. Top-5-Most-Common-Pests-Found-in-Texas

  1. Spiders

Around 980 species of spiders reside in Texas. Most of these are harmless, and many are beneficial to have around a garden. However, Texas is also home to the brown recluse and black widow spiders. Until a professional comes out, you need to be extremely careful around piles of firewood as spiders often make their home in these dark, reclusive places.

  1. Scorpions

Scorpions often do not travel in packs, but you will have a severe problem is scorpions decide to make your home their nest. The stings are typically not deadly, but they can be painful. The main way to keep scorpions away is to have your house regularly sprayed as a preventive measure.

  1. Mosquitoes

Texas is home to around 85 species of mosquitoes, including the dangerous Aedes albopictus and Aedes aegypti, which can bring chikungunya and yellow fever. Although Texas is dry most of the year, there are still plenty of standing water for mosquitoes to gather around. Keep standing water out of your property, and repair any pipes or faucets creating ponds immediately.

  1. Cockroaches

Most of Texas’ roaches are found by the Texas Gulf Coast. They prefer this more humid climate, and without prompt pest control in San Antonio, their populations will explode in your home overnight. They spread diseases, and you need to throw away any food that roaches come into contact with.

  1. Ants

Fire, carpenter and acrobat ants are all found in Texas. The state is also home to the dangerous crazy ant, which is known for its erratic behavior. At their least aggressive, ants will damage the foundation to your home. At their most aggressive, ants can cause painful stings. Avoid getting too close from a colony.

  • Human Ticks

Theres always the chance of human ticks that are found in wooded areas and can cause Lyme disease. And there is an easy way to stop them from carrying them home by using a tick repellent for humans

Contact a commercial exterminator from Terminix as soon as you notice a pest problem around your house. Unfortunately, pests are common around Texas all year round, so you may want to invest in preventive measures frequently to keep insects out of your home. Contact Terminix through their online form in lieu of getting rid of a potentially dangerous pest on your own.
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