Unique Gifts for Every Passion

The best gifts are those that come from the heart. Whether it’s an experience, comes in a tiny package, or is a gift too big to wrap, it is probably perfect as long as it is thought out and unique to the receiver. The first six months of a relationship or friendship is probably the only time where it is acceptable to give generic gifts like candles or socks, then you have to up your game. Plus, when you care about someone, you want to give the person something they will love. 

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The Locavore

Buying local is the most mindful thing you can do as a consumer. However, buying local doesn’t stop at buying local foods or eating at local restaurants. Not only do local gifts make the best gifts, but your dollar goes a lot further, and you will make a local artisan’s day a whole lot better! Buy your loved one a local painting to hang on the wall, a piece of pottery to add to the dinner party food display, local jewelry, a woodworker’s cutting board, a pair of glass blown goblets. The list goes on. Artisan gifts are one of a kind, so you aren’t going to find someone else with the same item. Plus, how could anyone not like the handmade coffee mug from the local potter? You cannot get more unique than that.

Gifts for Sports Fans

If you know a sport fan, chances are they have jerseys, flags, and blankets that show off their favorite team. However, sports fan paraphernalia has broadened to every type of gift, from home good and decor to practical, utilitarian tools. If he or she is in a fantasy football league, they may not know about Fantasy Football Trophies, which make great gifts. For baseball fans, home plate door mats are a steal, as are baseball pint glasses, baseball stadium blueprints, stadium seat cuff links, or a baseball bat bottle opener. If your fan is a golfer, get them a set of golf club grilling tools or golf ball whiskey chillers. No matter which sport your fan follows, you can get him or her a coat rack made of a hockey stick, a baseball bat, softball bat, a golf club, and more. 

Gifts for Adventurers

The general conclusion for travelers and adventurers is that they don’t want a lot of “stuff” or that they already have everything they need. Even if your adventurer is a minimalist, it takes gear to go places and do things. Climbers need harnesses, ropes, climbing shoes, chalk, chalk bags, carabiners, more ropes, guides, and more. Something your climber might not have yet is a set of holds to start a home climbing wall. Another way to get great training in at home is with rock rings. Whether your adventurer likes sailing, hiking, camping, skiing, or just sightseeing, give him or her the gift of a monthly subscription to an adventure magazine or a monthly gear box delivered to the door. For the traveller, give your nomad some personalized leather bag tags or a push pin map to portray past trips. Give a gift that lets the receiver know you encourage more adventure.    
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How to Throw a Party to Remember

Regardless of the situation, if you’re approaching a landmark celebration, you’ll want to commemorate it in style. Organizing a party is no easy task. There are so many ideas to consider, choosing one that suits you can be overwhelming. You’ll want to create lasting memories that will stand the test of time, but how do you do achieve this? 

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Whether you’ve got a large group of family or friends, ensuring everybody has a great time is a challenge. With so many guests to accommodate, there’s significant pressure to execute your idea effectively. If you’re seeking inspiration on how to throw the best party possible, here are some top tips for throwing an esteemed birthday bash:

Estimate Numbers Early On

It’s best to find out how many people will be attending the party from early on. This is useful for gauging decisions like where to host the party, and how much food and drink to order. If you have a great idea for a party, but it isn’t feasible considering how many people are likely to attend, you can eliminate the concept from early on. There are various apps online to help keep your invite lists up-to-date and organized, so you’d be wise to capitalize on these.

Personalize The Party

A great way to organize a party is by incorporating ideas that resonate with the person you’re throwing the party for. If they’re a fan of fast-paced activities, consider a mechanical bull rental, but if they’re more interested in a low-key affair, perhaps throw a dinner party. Your decision depends largely on the tone required, but customized options are a great way to show you know and care for the person involved. Incorporating custom banners, placemats, or posters can bring meaningfulness to the party. You can create a playlist they’ll enjoy and incorporate ideas within budget.


When making decisions like what venue to book, entertainment, and refreshments, budgeting is vital. You’ll need to know how much you can afford to spend on the event before you start planning. Avoid spending money in a top-heavy fashion, like blowing money on a venue without proper funding for food. Plan ahead, and most importantly allocate funds in an organized way.

Choose the Right Venue

If there’s lot of people attending, you’ll need to book a venue to accommodate your guests. If it’s a party with a smaller, close-knit group, your garden can be a great venue, providing the weather is good. Your choice of venue can make or break a party, so do appropriate research to find something perfect for you. If you already have somewhere in mind, you can do some fine tuning by obtaining information online. Ensure local options meet your needs before finalizing your plans, because there’s nothing worse than selecting a location and later finding out it isn’t suitable.

Buy Supplies in Bulk

This can help you stay under budget, so is an important step for those who need to spend under a certain amount. By saving money on supplies, you’ll have an opportunity to prioritize spending on other important aspects. Some items can be purchased cheaply when bought in bulk. Eco-friendly supplies are great, and if you can reduce your impact on the environment while saving money on bulk purchases, this is a great combination.

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How to Avoid Losing a Snapstreak

The Snapstreak has become popular on Snapchat, but what exactly is it? It is when you and one other friends have snapped each other at least once within a 24 hour period, for three consecutive days. After the three-day mark, you and your friend will receive a fire emoji next to your name. How to Avoid Losing a Snapstreak

After 10 days of going on a streak, the fire emoji will have a number 10 next to it, and this number signifies how long your Snapstreak is. This concept relies on interactivity, and can encourage you to keep in touch with friends you might otherwise lose contact with. This is an interesting concept which gets us wondering what the longest snapchat streak is.

If within 24 hours your friend doesn’t reply, the streak is over, and Snapchat even signals when your streak is about to end by putting an hourglass emoji next to your friend’s name. This indicates they have four hours left to send or receive a snap before the streak is over. This new idea is a great way to encourage users to keep snapping, and can function to consolidate your friendship with others.

To help your streak live on, here are three top tips to ensure you never lose your Snapstreak again.

Edit Your Friend’s Names
It’s important to differentiate between your ‘Best Friends’ and your ‘Streak’ friends. Otherwise, you might be searching your ‘Best Friends’ to find all your streaks, a list which often fluctuates. A great way to stay on top of your streaks is to ensure they’re at the top of your ‘Friends’ list. You can achieve this by editing your friends’ names. Search for those you want to stay on a Snapstreak with, tap on their icon, and press ‘Edit Name.’ Since your friends are listed alphabetically, you should type ‘Aaa’ at the start of their name, which will move them to the top of the list. This will ensure you never miss a Snapstreak with someone again.

Set a Reminder & Wake Up Snap

If you set an alarm on your phone, this will remind you to send a ‘good morning’ snap first thing. This is especially applicable for people you are close too, and by sending a wakeup snap in the morning, you won’t have to remember to keep up your streak later in the day. You can customize your greeting with a motivational quote, something funny, or a personalized message. If you send something exciting or memorable, this will encourage the recipient to snap you back straight away.

Report Your Streak as Missing

You can report missing Snapstreaks to Snapchat Support, and they’ll kindly rekindle your fire emoji. You can do so by tapping ‘My Snapchat isn’t working’ in Snapchat Support, before tapping on the bubble for ‘Snapstreaks’ from the list provided. Next you should press ‘Yes’ by ‘Still need help?’ before filling out a form to provide relevant details. You’ll receive a response within 24 hours, and if you have a legitimate claim your streak will be restored.

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