Grad School for Sociology Major?

So you’re interested in a career helping kids? Good for you. Society can always use more people dedicated to helping others regardless of the specific populations. There’s always someone suffering somewhere, and anyone devoted to eradicating it deserves recognition and support. A career helping children is quite admirable. Fortunately, there’s a wide variety of career paths available to those passionate about helping needy kids and families–although there are enough that it might also seem overwhelming! Graduation

Possible pathways

Editors at Affordable Colleges published a fairly comprehensive article highlighting 25 degree pathways for working with kids. That’s an excellent resource full of insights relevant to your research. As you might expect, some professions involve more frequent and direct child interaction than others, and each career path produces very specific benefits. Careers in elementary education, secondary education, school counseling, and social work, might be especially appealing because of the types of relationships you can forge with others.

School counseling

Take school counseling, for instance, which is commonly taken for granted. That’s because the general public often misinterprets the role of school counselors. Some perhaps even underestimate the value of having counselors available to students. The American School Counselor Association (ASCA) explains that “school counselors are an important part of the educational leadership team and provide valuable assistance to students regardless of whether they work in an elementary school or middle school, high school or beyond.” School counselors are in a prime position to support kids and aid them in their journey to adulthood and full autonomy.

Training for your career

So how do you get there? The first step is investigating the relevant school counselor requirements. The major prerequisite is having an advanced degree in school counseling and/or a related field (e.g., clinical psychology, childhood education, etc.). Obtaining your master’s or doctorate degree will enable you to both specialize and increase your salary range. However, it’s probably best to focus more on specialization than the monetary returns.

You should also be sure to compare different program options. There’s no shortage of graduate degree programs to explore. The most important thing is to carefully weigh the pros and cons associated with each choice. One final suggestion is to read what Rebecca Cordisco published on Counseling Today about surviving your first year as a school counselor. She highlights some salient career points that weren’t covered during her time as a graduate student. You might find some of her topics intriguing, at the very least.

“I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do.” — Edward Everett Hale

Business Problems: How to Solve Your Company’s Issues Before They Begin

In day to day business life, problems can creep up unnoticed. For you and your company, problems could be brewing in the background, building in size until they’re a near-ruinous disaster. In life and in business, we learn as we go–but whenever possible, you should avoid taking the hard hits that unchecked problems bring. Business Problems How to Solve Your Company’s Issues Before They Begin

While some problems, like communication issues, could go untreated without financial loss, other issues, like legal and IT problems, could become a disaster. There are some simple ways to solve your company’s problems before they begin, and a simple series of steps for getting there. If you want to stay ahead, stay strong, and keep your company from dealing with a serious blow, consider these tips for tackling company problems.

Find the Root

Before a problem actually blows up, it will start showing small signs throughout the company. The numbers might be a little off. Things may not go the way they should have. Instead of passing these discrepancies on to someone else’s eye, look at them more carefully. Often, these discrepancies can be a sign that something else is going wrong, deeper in the company. Do some detective work and get to the root of this issue. Identifying where the signs are coming from should lead you straight to the developing issue.

Remember What’s Happened Before

You can get clues on business problems, not just from the present, but from the past as well. As you try to identify what might be causing issues, think back on problems your company has already faced. Is there a weakness in your accounting department? Are you understaffed in HR? Even if you’re not actively looking for a problem, stay on track of past issues and make sure they don’t happen again. A ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and past issues might be a sign that your company is poorly-structured in a certain area–and prone to a problem in that area again.

Find the Right Solution

Once you’ve identified the problem, work at getting a solid, time-efficient, and cost-effective solution. Do you need to hire a new member of the accounting team? Or do you merely need to consult an accountant? Remember to stay on top of potential threats, as well, even if there’s no trace of a current issue. Stay-up-to-date on the Anti Money Laundering Act and keep your business risk-free. The solution should present itself as soon as the problem does. If you need a team of minds to better tackle the problem, get a team together and hash out a solution. You’ll be much better off solving this problem now, when it’s practically invisible, than later, when it’s done its damage.

Taking care of your company entails many things. Problems are only a small aspect of day to day business life, and you have a lot on your plate. Don’t let other issues always overshadow potential threats, however. Take time to identify and solve emerging problems.

If you do need to seek professional help on finding the right solution, Fortress Accounts pride themselves on taking the `worry’ out of accounting

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Tips to Help You Excel in Your Cornhole Game

Cornhole games will make your time fun and competitive, whether you are just playing with friends or family or in a high-stake tournament. You will enjoy the adrenaline rush as you will have to think quickly and be more creative throughout the game. Whether you are an expert player or you are just looking forward to a game with loved ones, these playing tips will help you excel in this game. Tips to Help You Excel in Your Cornhole Game

 Ensure your bag is flat

If you keep the bag bunched up when holding it in your hands, it will tumble all over, making it difficult to go through the board. You should avoid wadding the bag up like a ball when tossing it. This is because you will have challenges trying to get it through the board’s hole. Make sure the bag is flat on your palm, with four fingers at the bottom of the bag and your thumb at the top.

Fling four ways

Every cornhole player should master four crucial shots: the slider, push, air mail, and blocker. The slider involves landing the bag on the board front approximately 6inches from the hole and then sliding it in. Blocker is just dropping the bag close to the hole to prevent your opponent from using the slider. Air mail is sending the bag directly through the hole. And the push is just nudging the bag into the hole or knocking a blocker out of your way.

Always aim for the middle of the cornhole board

This may seem obvious for most people because the hole is located in the middle of the board. Whether the bag is going into the hole or not, to win this game, you need to consistently aim at the middle of the playing board. This way, the bean bag toss replacement bags will not be on the opponent’s side. This is a defensive strategy called a blocker shot and is mainly used in professional games.


If you want to excel in a game of cornhole, you should keep practicing consistently. This is because you will only get better at this game if you practice consistently. This will help you learn new strategies that you can use whenever you play and you will also become better with continuous practice. So get out there and keep playing.


When playing cornhole game, it is crucial for every player to relax. Just like any other sport, the major obstacle for winning this game is usually in your head. Most players will lose different games because of a mental breakdown and not lack of skills or energy. Whenever you think too much about the game or winning, you will get nervous. Relax your body and mind and have fun with your friends or family.

To increase your chances of excelling in cornhole game, you should utilize double-sided bags when playing. These double-sided bags are mainly used by professionals and they will feature a suede side for better sticking shots on to the board and a canvas side that boosts speed. With a double-sided bag, you will be able to counteract most of the things that can block you from winning and you will have a higher chance of excelling in this game.

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DIY Tips To Convert Your Child’s Bedroom into a Dreamland

Being a parent is never an easy task, most especially when your children are all so picky and hard to please. But, one thing is for sure, they will brighten up your day when you feel sad, and will put a smile on your face when you are tired. There are times also, that our children are the ones who help us in our daily tasks. Therefore, they also deserve to be happy and rewarded.

When we say they need to be happy, it is not always that they need to be given a food, a toy, or whatever material things they want. We can give them a room makeover, isn’t it a good idea? Well, it is not always that what we want for our children is what they want. They also deserve to get what they want at times.

Image: 23/6280891729

We all want the best for our children. If they want a room that is themed from their favorite cartoon character, why not give it to them? Are you not confident about it? Is the budget your worry? Well, I am telling you, you can do it yourself! And the cost, it will all pay off when you see your child’s smile after seeing his/her room.

Is There A Need To Transform Your Child’s Bedroom To A Fantasy?

Well actually, the answer to this question mainly lies to you. Do you ever feel that you must spruce up your kids’ bedroom? Or are your kids constantly beg for a makeover of their own space? Our kids need a place to call their own. They are just like us, adults. Their bedroom, their territory! Just like us, if they find their territory ugly and unpleasant, they will feel uncomfortable and uneasy.

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The “Somethings ” Every Child’s Bedroom Must Have

When it comes converting your child’s bedroom into a dreamland, you must not just consider what they want, you must also think about the things they really need. Here are some of the “somethings” they need for their room:

  1. Something To Question.

Try to include something that may intrigue their mind. Try making them curious about nature, life, or the way a particular thing works.

  1. Something To Sleep On.

Obviously, it is a bed room, so it is basic to give them a bed to sleep on, but not just that, their bedroom must be inviting, warm, and soft.

  1. Something To Read.

Always remember that books feed the imagination of a child. Furthermore, it also nourishes the mind.

  1. Something That Tells Time.

Even though they cannot tell what time is it yet, let them have a clock in their bedroom. This is for them to understand and follow a daily routine.

  1. Something With Color.

A room that is full of the colored rug, chair, blanket, and pillow may draw their eye’s attention and it’ll be a reminder that life with children is more fun and colorful.

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Tips And Tricks For DIY Child’s Bedroom Transformation

Let’s look into some of the tips and tricks to making your children’s dream bedroom into a reality.

  •         Wall signs and some murals are suitable for your child’s bedroom. You need not paint all over the room; there are some child furniture and child-friendly decorations that are widely available in supermarkets.
  •         Consult your children what they really want for their room. Make sure that it is part of the theme they want.
  •         Divide the bedroom into two, their play area, and their work area. You can use some child furniture like chairs and simple desks for them to have a place for studying.
  •         Provide profusely open shelves that have bins on it for them to keep the room clean and make sure that the toys are all in place.
  •         To make their bedroom into a dreamland, incorporate some of your children’s favorite cartoon or anime character.
  •         Push the bed against the wall to create an open space for them to play. This will not just make the room to look more spacious, but will also make your child safe when sleeping.

You need not stress yourself about turning your child’s bedroom into a dreamland. Just enjoy the time you spend planning and decorating his/her bedroom and don’t forget to involve them in making the decision because after all, it is their territory.

Author Bio: This article is being authored by a regular blogger and writer Paul Trevino. He loves to decorate his home and office in new and different ways. He also works for offering wide range of kid’s furniture and room styling products. He keeps sharing his ideas and latest trends in interior designing through his articles.

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