What to Do After the Storm

Major storms can cause terrible damage to properties that are in the storm’s destructive path. Homes or businesses on these affected properties can suffer incredible damage that will be costly to repair. Even buildings that suffer minimal damage can end up costing a lot when the repairs are fully completed. The types of property damage commonly seen following a massive storm include wind and water damage, downed trees, extensive flooding, unsafe buildings and more. Tornadoes and hurricanes boast high speed winds that are often accompanied by widespread rainfalls also. To ensure the safety of your storm ravaged property, call in a storm damage professional able to handle the aftermath of significant storms. What to Do After the Storm

How a property is cleaned up following a damaging storm is directly associated with the amount of property loss. Many homeowners try to rapidly scrub down affected furniture, walls and other items. If this is not performed correctly, these attempts at property restoration can often cause further damage. Storm restoration companies have the industrial strength equipment necessary for safe property restoration efforts. If water is a major concern, these experts can bring in powerful water extraction machines capable of extracting water from the area quickly and safely.

It is important to first determine the extent of any property damage before clean up efforts ensue. This includes inspecting the property for any dangers often seen after a storm of significant magnitude. Sometimes live power lines are brought down, and if this situation is not immediately controlled, individuals on the property will be at grave risk for harm. Hiring professional clean up contractors can ensure the safety of anyone on the damaged property. If a home or business owner notices these lines down, they should keep everyone away from the area. Then, the power company should be immediately notified.

Flooding that often occurs due to big storms can be a real threat to nearby property. If the flood waters seep into a basement, attic or lower floor level, extensive water damage could be the result. A team trained in flood damage control can bring in specific water pumps and other equipment to quickly and safely remove the water. If widespread area flooding has caused people to evacuate, the property could develop harmful mold damage in addition to the initial storm damages. Having a reliable storm damage specialist on speed dial can lower overall damage.
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How to Help an Aging Parent

Getting old is part of life. It might be strange to watch your parents get on in years, but there’s beauty in old age. Many people find their senior years the happiest in their life. Your parents have every reason to enjoy this season in their life, and as their child, you can enjoy their enjoyment. A tougher future, however, is just around the corner. Right now, your parent is able to care for his or herself, and do things for his or herself around the house. Eventually, however, you may need to move Mom or Dad to an Assisted Living, or provide in-home care. How to Help an Aging Parent

It isn’t easy contemplating their last season of life, since it will be a difficult time for everyone. You can, however, make that transition smoother. Start getting Mom or Dad used to accepting help, and remember to not be pushy. They’re probably only too fully aware that life gets harder from here. They might be resistant to help. You wouldn’t want a fall or home emergency to occur, however, just because the two of you didn’t prepare together. Start making an effort to help around their house. Together, the two of you can start crafting a comfortable, safe future.

Get Finances in Place

Finances will likely be your biggest worry as your parent ages. For them as well, money will likely be a source of tension. It’s not easy to realize you don’t have enough saved for your future, and your parent may feel guilty for needing your help. They may, on the other hand, feel entitled to your financial care: which could cause grouchiness on your part. Be ready for tempests, and try to handle this season with as much patience as possible. Ideally, the two of you can work out a plan for their long-term care. Assisted Livings cost money, and every plan helps when it comes to caring for Mom or Dad’s future. They may need to relocate to an apartment and sell the house for added funds. You’ll likely want to start saving for your share of the long-term care, and you’ll want legal consultation for Medicaid plans in Syracuse, NY.  Medicare and other forms of financial help, like a reverse mortgage, should be looked into well before they become a serious need.

Keep the House in Good Shape

Your parent’s home is probably getting on in years, too. If your parent isn’t quite as mobile as they used to be (climbing ladders onto the roof might not be their thing anymore) then certain aspects of the home may have fallen into disrepair. It’s your job to start keeping an eye out for things that need to be repaired around the house. At first, your parent may object to getting help from you, so start small and get them used to the idea. After a while, you should be able to check the foundation, inspect the attic, and double-check the plumbing without starting a squabble. It’s important that the home stay safe while your parent remains there, and the better care you take of their home, the more you’ll be able to sell it for. If the foundation is cracked or sinking, look into concrete raising and repair. If the heat isn’t working as well as it used to, contact heating and air conditioning repair services in Livonia, MI. You wouldn’t want the furnace to give out during a blizzard when you’re on vacation in Florida. Keep the home in good shape, and you’ll have better peace of mind.   

Keep the Car in Good Condition

Your parent, as they age, will start to use their car less. Especially if they own a good car, you’ll want to keep it in good condition, despite its infrequent use. A car should be driven a couple of times each month, so feel free to use Mom or Dad’s car if you take them out to get groceries. If you find that your parent isn’t driving enough to make the car worth keeping, try to get a good price for it on craigslist. You might find it’s worth your while to get old dents and scrapes repaired, since the car probably has a low mileage. Contact auto body repair services in Lincoln City, OR and get your parent’s car looking great again. You’ll both be relieved by the financial boost the sold car provides, so make sure the car is in great shape as long as you have it around. You also wouldn’t want your parent to face an unsafe situation if they need to drive out in an emergency. A seldom-used car might fail to start, so make sure their car is running optimally at all times.

Take Care of Yourself, Too

Caring for an aging parent isn’t easy. When you have a strained relationship with your parent, it can make their long-term care even harder. Remember, during this season, to take care of yourself as well. If your parent is critical or cruel in any way, limit your contact with them. They are getting older, and they do need help, but that doesn’t mean they get a get-out-of-jail-free card. You still deserve respect. If unsettled tension can be worked out with your parent, now is the right time to talk about old issues and start to pave a better relationship. This season will likely be emotional for you on several levels, and you need to take care of yourself as well as your parent. Don’t hesitate to see a therapist, especially if increased interaction with your parent is leaving you more anxious or snappish than usual. Your parent deserves proper care, but so do you–so maintain appropriate boundaries and self respect when dealing with your parent.

This upcoming season in your parent’s life won’t be easy, but it will be much easier if you start preparing for it now. The two of you can find better ways to keep peace, make plans, and ensure a seamless transition for both of you.

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5 Mistakes That You Should Avoid When Gifting Teenage Boys

Everyone wants to be good at gifting. You want to be able to pick the right gifts whenever you are giving presents, especially for teenage boys. You can be good at gifting if you know the secret of gifting. Once you learn this, you will not gift something that is not valuable to anyone. If you plan on giving presents to teenage boys, here are a few gifting mistakes that you should avoid. A Gift To Consider When Giving to a Friend

Giving without understanding the prospect

When buying best gifts for teenage boys, it is important for you to find out their interests. You can use social media platforms to get more information about their personality, interests, and needs. You need to take time to understand what the recipient really likes or needs. This is important because if the present is something that they do not like, then there is a high possibility that it will end up on the shelf.

Avoid common gifts

You should avoid purchasing the common gifts such as stuffed animals and kitchen utensils because they are common and will never work. You need to purchase something unique by getting personalized gifts. You can opt for presents such as engraved sculptures, a smartphone, photo greeting card, photo mugs, etc. If you are unable to buy personalized gifts, then you can try creating something unique on your own like a handmade home décor item or painting.


When giving teenagers gifts, you should always avoid re-gifting. You should never give a teenage boy a present or item that you have given him before. This will always give them the impression that you are just getting rid of something that you do not need anymore. You may be giving a gift with good intentions, but this may affect your relationship with the individual you are gifting. It is best to always give different items whenever you are giving presents. For the best teenage boys gifts, check out toybuzz.org.

Gifting edible products

You should not give edible gifts on a special occasion. Most people tend to consider edible items because they are the easiest gifts to give. You can easily purchase edible items from any store in your locality. They are cheap and easily available anywhere. Most people usually purchase a packet of chocolates or any other type of edibles that they find in the supermarket or a basket of fruits. Edibles can be great. However, the items will be forgotten immediately after they are eaten.

Giving material things instead of experiences

If you would love to leave a huge impression on any teenage boy, then you should consider giving them an experience instead of material things. When gifting, most people tend to forget that it is what the gift you give tells the recipient that matters and not the actual gift. If you want to give a teenager an experience that they will remember for a long time, then you should consider taking them on a trip to an exotic place where he can enjoy great adventures. Make the trip special so that the teenage boy keeps it in memory.

Now that you know the kind of gifts to give and those to avoid, you can be sure that the teenage boy you are gifting will not despise whatever you give. They will hold special memories of the presents you give them and you will know that you have touched their hearts.

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How To Attract Airbnb Guests and Prepare For Them

Renting your home on Airbnb is one of the best modern ways to create a supplemental income. Contrary to what many potential hosts believe, you don’t have to have an extra house or apartment to take advantage of millions of Airbnb users who are looking for a place to stay.

According to Airbnb, a whopping 87% of its users list their primary home residences for rent. This means, when the guests leave, they “move” back in. In several cases, the cash afforded to them from renting has provided the ability to get a second apartment or home. As a result, many of today’s hosts are raking in a five and six-figure salary from the short term rental platform. Renting your home on Airbnb

If you’ve recently taken the plunge and started to list your space, here’s what you need to do to attract guests, and how to prepare your home for their arrivals:

Use Professional Photography

The holding power of professional photography can be phenomenal. In fact, it can mean the difference between a sale and a lost opportunity. Take advantage of Airbnb’s free photography service. If your location is eligible, they’ll send over a free professional photographer to capture your home in the best light possible.

These photographers are vetted by Airbnb, and are very hospitable with their services. If there are certain details that are important to you, they’ll be happy to capture it. And because they’re professionals, they’ll likely notice important features that you might not think were photo-worthy. If you don’t fully understand the power of professional photos, check out this article to see the difference. 

Take Care of The Nitty Gritty Details

There’s a lot of caretaking that goes on that your guests will never see. It’s important that you prepare your home for your guests in a manner that ensures there are no mishaps. This goes beyond cleaning. Before you publish your listing, it’s best to double check that everything in your home is in proper working order.

For example, your plumbing is a very important part of your preventative Airbnb strategy. Before you list your house on Airbnb, assess your current situation and decide where potential issues could arise. Is your HVAC in working order? Is the water pressure decent? Is there a leak anywhere? Little issues now could turn into bigger issues later.  

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If you notice any water issues, contacting a professional is your best bet. Fix It Plumbing, a service plumber in Melbourne VIC, says, “A service plumber is a plumber who will come to your home day or night and save you from anything from a dripping tap to a full blown burst water pipe emergency.”

And that’s exactly what you need. As a renter–even for short term rentals–you should be prepared to deal with any emergencies that arise. After all, the last thing you need is an Airbnb host horror experience. Inez Valk explained how two guests overfilled a new clawfoot tub she’d had installed, and the bathwater seeped through the floorboards.

We urgently—but gingerly—knocked on the door and were greeted by flushed, sheepish guests,” she told Travel & Leisure. “Then we called a plumber.”

Working with a reputable plumbing and maintenance company gives you a repertoire with the business, and makes an emergency situation much more manageable–especially if you aren’t in the vicinity during the time of an emergency.

Provide An Experience

Creating a great listing is about so much more than giving your guests a comfy, clean place to sleep. Part of what makes Airbnb users prefer the platform over hotels is that it offers a unique experience. Start by creating copy that exemplifies the experience you want to provide. You can do this by painting a picture of your home and neighborhood.

Prior to booking, go the extra mile with your description. If you’re not adept at writing, hire a freelancer to take care of this portion for you. Every sentence should be fully optimized to pack a powerful punch. During an interview with Inc. magazine, superhost Scott Shatford gave the following examples of impressive description writing:

Don’t say: Large kitchen with stainless steel appliances.

Do say: Walk to the farmers’ market and make yourself a gourmet meal in the large fully equipped kitchen.

Don’t say: Two Beach Cruisers Included.

Do say: Cruise the Santa Monica coastline from the Pier to Muscle Beach with two complimentary beach cruisers.

There are extra things you can do to take your experience to the next level. Many hosts will make arrangements with local restaurants or attractions to get their hosts better deals. One host in Madrid partners with the gelato shop downstairs to offer free gelato and coffee to arriving guests, while another in New York City has partnered with a local diner to provide free breakfast. Most times, your local businesses will be happy to make a deal with you.

Include Great Amenities

Part of what makes a great Airbnb experiences and putting real effort into delivering amenities. Sure, this takes a little investing, but it goes a long way with getting a five-star review from your guest. Airbnb’s amenities checklist includes the basics of what guests expect from a home, including shampoo and conditioner, toilet paper, towels, and soap. But you can always go the extra mile to please your guests. Try creating an Airbnb welcome basket, leave out a bottle of wine, provide plush, comfy robes, and purchase board and card games for the household. Each of these are not required, but go a long way in creating a stellar stay.
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