Potty Training 101

Potty Training 101“When your child is finally ready to start the journey of potty training, it can be difficult to know where to begin, especially if it’s your first child. What equipment do you need? How can you ensure your child learns what to do in the best possible way? In this infographic all the basics of potty training are condensed into a clear and concise format to help guide and keep parents and tots stay on track.”

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Obtain Beautiful, Healthy Hair With These Tips

A perfectly fashionable outfit and makeup on point can easily be ruined by dry, deteriorated hair. For your overall appearance to be impeccable, you probably wish to have bouncy, thick, shiny and healthy hair, just as you see in those shampoo and conditioner commercials on TV.  However, if you are not caring for it the proper way, you won’t be able to maintain your strands of hair glowy, and styling it on the regular will be much more challenging. Making your hair healthier doesn’t have to necessarily be a hassle, because there are a few easy tips you can follow, in order to restore its beautiful shine. Here’s what you should consider doing from now one.


Investing in hair care products of higher quality

Replacing the products you might be currently using for hair care with ones of higher quality could be an essential factor for damage repair. Starting from your shampoo and conditioner (which should also be part of the same brand and line), and up to masks, oils and treatments that are made out of natural ingredients and designed to target your specific hair problem (dryness, excessive oil, lack of volume), make sure you have at your disposal and actually use only qualitative hair care products. Nowadays, the market has an abundance of great options, so you can easily find exactly what you need. 

Be careful with wet hair

Brushing it as soon as you are out of the shower or being a bit too harsh with your shampooing can cause a lot of damage, so one tip you should remember is that wet hair needs to be handled with care. When wet, your roots and shafts are far more sensitive to damage, so that’s why you need to be extra careful then.

Stay away from heat as much as possible!

While you might need a curling or straitening iron to style the hair from time to time, try to not exaggerate with heat usage too much. Excessive heat can lead to dry, and overall damaged hair, so avoid using straighteners/curlers on the daily and when you do need to, make sure you apply a protectant first.

Tight hairdos are a no-no!

Last but not least, while you might occasionally enjoy wearing your hair in a tight ballerina bun, or the scalp braid styles, you should know that these might be actually affecting your hair and long-term, could also lead to a volume loss. Once in a while, you could tie your hair a bit tighter, but don’t make a habit out of wearing this sort of hairstyles.

You might get your haircuts at one of the most popular hair salons in town, and you may know a thing or two about styling it as well, but if you don’t pursue a proper care routine, you will never manage to make it look as glowing, and healthy as you desire. Keep these tips in mind and upgrade your hair care routine – the difference will be noticeable and the results will not take long to show.
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The Top 5 Food Destinations to Visit in The UK

The United Kingdom is a favorite destination for many food lovers across the globe. With its blend of modern and traditional cuisine, the UK has something to offer to everyone who loves good food. Choosing the right destination for your ideal food adventure may be difficult, however, as the UK is a diverse country with varying culinary traditions.
The Top 5 Food Destinations to Visit in The UK

Still, whatever your preferences, no matter where you go, you’ll experience great food, discover rich traditions and maybe even learn a bit of history.

Be sure to prepare all of your senses, as we’ve prepared five of the most popular food destinations to visit in the United Kingdom.

This bustling port in the southwest of England is not only the center of shipbuilding but a favorite destination for foodie’s worldwide. What makes Bristol special is its tradition of high-quality organic food from local suppliers. You’ll find many restaurants offering both local and international specialties.

Bristol is also known for being a very green city, which makes it an ideal place to enjoy healthy food.

Be sure to check out some of the many restaurants in the city center. You will find many Indian, Italian and Chinese restaurants scattered across the city’s historic center.


A cosmopolitan city, Edinburgh has a rich history. Due to its strategic position, Edinburgh has played an important role in the history of both Scotland and England. The city’s rich culture and history are reflected in the local cuisine, which combines many influences.

Visiting Edinburgh is a chance to taste the traditional Scottish cuisine, which you can do in some of the many traditional pubs and restaurants.

Tip: Enjoy in the traditional atmosphere in Edinburgh’s Old Town.


Brighton attracts thousands of tourists every year, with its sandy beaches, as well as the iconic white cliffs, rising above the English Channel. If you like seafood specialties. Brighton is the right destination for you. There are many lovely restaurants overlooking the shore where you can enjoy local food.

The city ranks as one of the UK’s top foodie destinations, especially during the summer, when thousands of tourists flock to Brighton’s sunny shore.


The historic town in Shropshire, Ludlow is best-known as a site of one of the key battles in the Wars of the Roses. It’s also a well-known market town famous for its many cozy restaurants. You will see many small, independent food shops offering a wide variety of local products renowned for their quality. If you get tired of restaurants, we recommend you visit some of the traditional shops to experience a unique atmosphere and taste local delicacies.


Padstow is an iconic town and a fishing port in Cornwall, England. The town owes much of its fame to beautiful beaches, as well as great food. It’s a great place to try out the English cuisine. The seafood is also great, as there’s always an abundance of fresh fish which is available in the town’s market.

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Best U.S. Cities for Affordable Getaways

These days, travelers don’t need to choose between going to a fun, exciting spot and being able to stay within their budget. Here are six U.S. destinations that are sure to please, whether you’re flying solo, traveling as a couple, or planning a vacation for the whole family.Best U.S. Cities for Affordable Getaways

  1. Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is a golfers paradise. While it can be a little warm between the months of May to October, as in over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the remaining six months of the year are nearly perfect. Fall and Winter temperatures usually average between 50 and 70 degrees which makes it the perfect weather to play golf.

So if you want to hit your driver down the same courses that Phil Mickelson and Jordan Speith play, then Phoenix is the place for you. With over 250 golf courses in the greater Phoenix, the options are almost endless. You can play Troon, Scottsdale TPC, Grayhawk, and Moon Valley all have been home of both PGA and LPGA tournaments to just name a few. Now if you want a great deal, come during the summer, even though it can be quite warm you can play at these world famous golf courses for about half of the price. So grab your best putter and a favorite golf wedge and come have a swing.

2. Front Royal, Virginia

Front Royal is a Virginia gem. It’s sitting at the gateway to Shenandoah National Park, the most popular national park in the nation, and is less than a 70-mile drive from D.C. You can have the best of both worlds here – some of the best views of America from Skyline Drive as well as big-city excitement. The Front Royal Entrance station to the Park opens hikers and nature lovers up to more than 2,000 acres of protected land and 500 miles of trails, ranging from beginner level to extremely difficult.

Shenandoah Caverns and Luray Caverns are also close by, and wine lovers will enjoy a trip to Chester Gap Cellars. Virginia wines will surprise you! On Main Street in Front Royal, you’ll find the old-time county seat right next to fun shops and eateries. Don’t miss Gourmet Delights, a great little gift store, and Cafe Amore, a family-owned, Italian cafe and bar.

3. St. George, Utah

Saint George, Utah was originally settled by Mormons traveling south from Salt Lake City. Now, it’s known for its great golf courses and close proximity to Zion National Park. It’s also just under a two-hour drive to Las Vegas, the gaming and entertainment capital of the world. The trip to Vegas is spectacular as you pass through the Virgin Gorge.

Don’t miss strolling in Springdale, Utah, the small town right next to Zion National Park. The Bit and Spur Restaurant and Saloon is outstanding for dinner the night before you strike out on a hike through the Narrows. You can stay in the Park at the Lodge (but make reservations well in advance), or stay in one of the many retro motels in Springdale, or alternatively for less money at the nearby towns of La Verkin and Hurricane. If you dare, on the way out of the area, drop by Grafton Cemetery that’s reported to be haunted.

4. Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville is the first major city as you drive into Florida from I-95. Many don’t realize all this small city has to offer the budget conscious traveler. It sits right on the Atlanta Ocean, and the St. Johns River runs right through it. The St. John’s is the longest river in Florida. It’s considered a “lazy river,” and is one of the few rivers in the U.S. that flows north.

Jacksonville is the perfect spot to relax in the sun. Discover delicious organic juice bars right on the coast. If you’re in Jacksonville on Saturday, check out the Riverside Arts Market under the bridge. You’ll find an array of artwork, handmade crafts and jewelry by local artists. Jacksonville is also one of the most popular golfing destinations in the South. The PGA Tour has its headquarters at TFC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach where the Players Championship happens every year and Amelia Island, which has 117 holes of golf in beautiful surroundings, as well as golf clubs in Ocala only a drive away.

Believe it or not, you can take in a Broadway show in Jacksonville at Jacksonville Theater, right in the Orange Park event center. Take a day trip 40 miles south to visit St. Augustine, the oldest settlement in the U.S., and visit the wacky Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum, an affordable fun spot for kids of all ages.

5. Omaha, NE

Though not especially known as a vacation spot, if you have kids, a trip to Omaha is a must because of The Lied Jungle at the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium. In recent years, the Zoo has added numerous attractions. You’ll have fun exploring the largest indoor rainforest in America. On multi floors, you’ll see monkeys, macaws, tapirs, and small hippos in their natural habitat, representing species from Africa, Asia and South America.

6. Boothbay Harbor, Maine

Boothbay Harbor is the quintessential New England Coastal town. Relax and enjoy and have some lobster on the pier, freshly caught courtesy of real Maine lobstermen. Boothbay Harbor is known as the Boating Capital of New England. Explore Burnt Island Lighthouse, the Maine State Aquarium, Penny Lake Preserve, or take an Atlantic sunset cruise on a historic schooner.

No matter which season you’re planning your trip and regardless of your budget, Phoenix Arizona, Front Royal, St. George, Jacksonville, Omaha, and Boothbay Harbor are all definite spots to add to your vacation short list.