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2 Dishing Divas Fabric Toliet Paper Pumpkins2 Dishing Divas Fabric Toilet Paper Pumpkins
Use some extra rolls of toilet paper to make some temporary pumpkins.
Looney For Food Banana White Chocolate Vegan BarsLooney For Food // White Chocolate Banana Bars
Make White Chocolate Banana Bars for a healthy grab and go breakfast.
Made completely in the blender with healthy grains they are low calorie but taste super decadent.
Celebrating Everyday Life How to paint a pumpkin to update old decorationsCelebrating Everyday Life // How to paint a pumpkin to update old decorations
You can make this project with kids and the paints you use are safe.
Crystal and Comp 25 Sweet and Spooky Halloween TreatsCrystal and Comp // 25 Sweet and Spooky Halloween Treats
Make these fun recipes for Halloween with the kids for family and friends
Across The Blvd Golden Fall Blooms Wreath - CopyAcross The Blvd // Golden Fall Blooms Wreath
This is a combination of gold and deep orange is great for fall decor
My Recipe Treasures Feather Light Yellow Cake - CopyMy Recipe Treasures // Feather Light Yellow Cake
We always make quick recipes but this cake is a cake made from scratch
Create With Joy Salt Dough Napkin Leaf HoldersCreate With Joy  // Salt Dough Napkin Leaf Holders
You and your children can make your leaves as colorful as you
like or you can coordinate the leaves to match your décor.
Vanity and Me Style Cutting the Mustard Trend in Fashion
Vanity and Me Style // Cutting the Mustard Trend in Fashion
I am seeing this mustard color in mixed fashions, in dresses, blouses, tanks, jackets and scarves.
A great color to add to your wardrobe in some way.

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How Anti Craving Medications Can Prevent Relapse

The world has actually come to this place in which there is almost an answer for everything. Drug and substance abuse is a thing that has gotten to the nerves of the today’s generation and it is however under control thanks to the various rehab centers all around the globe. The main of the rehab centers is to get people to give up on drugs and take up a healthy living which is not only profitable for their health but also financially and emotionally. How Anti Craving Medications Can Prevent Relapse

The process is quite hard and for that reason, it will be quite unpleasant when someone gets into a relapse. A relapse is a point in time where one reverts to previous trends. Thanks to the ever-growing medical field there have been numerous advancements in drugs that prevent relapse. These drugs are fashioned in such a way that to some extent they provide the body with some of what it was fetting but ina safe mode. If it was stimulants you get it is now a healthy package.

Anti-relapse medication is actually an option given by a couple of rehab facilities depending on how deep the client was into the drugs. Some people had gone too much into the drug such that quitting instantly will do them more harm than good. Getting these medications is a way that helps to reduce the withdrawal symptoms and if the client is to get them, he will experience a mild effect rather than the whole pain.

However, despite the fact the fact that this medication actually sounds like lifesavers they should also be taken as prescribed. When taken in excess then it will actually be returning an addiction where we want to clear one. They should also be down dosed as time goes by. This means that as time progresses it is good to tune down on the medication and only take them when really necessary. This way you will allow your body to take full control of your system as it were.
HoneyColony Superior CBD Hemp Oil

Anti-craving medication is actually a very thoughtful way to do away with drugs. I like to think of it as a way to detach with love from the drugs. As you will not get as much pain from the withdrawal symptoms and you will not need to go back to doing drugs. This are actually some of the things that you shall be provided within a good rehab center. These are the kinds of services that will make some rehab centers hit high success rates as compared to others. Withdrawal symptoms are actually the hardest part of the detach process.

These anti-craving drugs should only be taken after they are prescribed by a doctor. They are actually addictive especially when one was so deep into drugs. Replacing one addiction with another isn’t what we have in mind when going to a rehab center.  Getting healthy with less strain is actually one of their main objectives.

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How to Buy an Engagement Ring Without Debt?

Right after your engagement is fixed, there are so many preparations to do, so many things to plan, and lots of excitement and worries surrounding the big day. Hence life suddenly gets fast before the engagement, and the calm heart all of a sudden starts pounding with several thoughts. One amongst these thoughts which bothers you the most, and often freaks you out seriously is the expense of the engagement. Rest assured, one of the biggest costs is the expense of an engagement ring. How to Buy an Engagement Ring Without Debt?

Centered around this the whole party, function, celebration, and occasion is held, and you cannot be lenient with the ring. The ring automatically attaches a lot of prestige to it. This includes your family status, individual choice, and class, and also you select the ring and pick it in a price band which suits the class and stature of your fiancé and his/her family.

The pressure of the engagement ring on your pocket

With so much in mind, you cannot be lenient with the engagement ring. It positively and unconditionally has to be great and attention fetching. However, after keeping a big portion of the engagement fund for the venue rental, catering, decoration, gifts, lighting, invitations and all that, are you left with enough funds for the ring?

In most cases, you struggle to get a ring in the budget, and in many cases, you plan to mortgage the car, or some other asset to get a loan for the ring. You may also use the entire credit limit of your credit card to get the ring. And people do these things as the mind stops functioning and planning to fetch more funds for the special day and the special ring. But, is that the right way to do this?

European Style Fashion Rhinestone Gemstone Necklace and Drop Earring Set
European Style Fashion Rhinestone Gemstone Necklace and Drop Earring Set

Probably not! Because you are going to get married after some time of the engagement, and since you will be taking more expenses, liabilities, and responsibilities on your shoulders surrounding the upcoming marriage, and the married life thereafter, you have to tread every step carefully right from now on.
Handle your expenses to manage the ring budget

You can control your costs with some careful planning. Cut down on the unnecessary and plan only the essentials. That’s the very key to successful budgeting for the engagement. You must be left with some money to do the wedding later on, and you cannot go bankrupt at the engagement only. You cannot exhaust all your funds on this occasion. Therefore, the ring can be so important to push you towards getting into such debt which may later become unmanageable.

The credit card is the biggest temptation- get over it

When it comes to buying an item that’s out of the budget, the credit card is the biggest temptation. You know that you have the card, and the card has limit enough to buy you the thing. And this is where the ruthlessness begins. Without having any plan in mind of how you will repay the card debt, and how many installments you will use to pay back, you go for the purchase!

And mark this, later you feel miserable that you used the credit card’s entire credit limit in this thing, which will not fetch you any living or returns, and will only submerge you more into dues, as more and more of interests keep accumulating on the card dues. If you are still unsure, you may get a better idea of how people get into debts through credit cards by reading valuable contents in resources like

Therefore, the moment you think of the credit card, or look at it, remember that this debt will be serious, as the engagement ring does not come for $2. It’s a big investment, and should only be planned when you don’t get into debt for it.

Why not mortgage the engagement ring itself?

An engagement ring will be made from precious metal and precious gemstone. Therefore it will be of high value and a great asset too. Once you invest in it, it will become a lifetime asset. Then why not mortgage the ring itself than take another loan for it. Instead of getting into unwanted debt for the ring, mortgaging the ring itself by buying the ring on EMI is a great idea. You will find many merchants selling engagement rings in finance. And you must reach one of them who would use the ring itself as collateral to offer you the ring on an EMI. This will not be a debt on you, and instead, become an investment which you do a month to month, and once you complete the payment, the ring would be your asset, and investment on precious metal and gemstone.

Finding the merchant

There are brilliant ways these days to locate a merchant who would sell you an engagement ring with proper gemstone and jewelry certifications on a nice finance scheme. The yellow pages, business classifieds, craigslist, and then the internet, all come with great options to find you the names of such jewelry traders.

Avoiding debt during engagement

While you must avoid buying the engagement ring without getting into debt you also must remember not get into any debt during or before or after the engagement. An engagement comes with the hope for marriage. And sooner or later after engagement marriage will happen. Hence the new life should not start with any pressure of debt. However asset building is not wrong, and if you can arrange to get your ring through a nice EMI scheme, then you can always go for it.

In case you are already into any previously taken debt, then instead of spending the excess on the engagement, you must focus more on getting out of debt by the engagement. Maybe you will have to take some debt solutions from consultants or advisors. It is good to get through effective debt management programs like debt settlement or debt consolidation to settle and come out of all existing debts before your engagement.

The links in this post contain affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link.

Levy Pave Diamond Engagement Ring
Bony Levy Diamond Cluster Ring (Nordstrom Exclusive)
Bony Levy Mila Large Hammered Diamond Stack Ring (Nordstrom Exclusive)
Bony Levey Diamond Double Stack Ring, Main, color, YELLOW GOLD/ DIAMONDBONY LEVY 
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The Environmental Benefits of Growing and Using Hemp

When most people think of hemp, the first thing that comes to mind isn’t a practical, easy-to-grow, affordable industrial fiber. The Cannabis sativa plant remains closely tied in the public imagination to hippies and patchouli, drug-fueled festivals, and, more recently, a widespread battle for legalized medicinal and recreational ingestion. However, the history of the plant is far greater than that of marijuana.

Hemp, like marijuana, is a species of Cannabis sativa. Unlike marijuana, however, it contains very low concentrations of the chemical THC – tetrahydrocannabinol – which is responsible for the “high” users experience when smoked or ingested. Hemp is also a thicker and more deeply-rooted plant that, as you can see here, offers an incredible variety of industrial uses.

The benefits to growing and using industrial hemp are vast, but, until recently, its cultivation has remained illegal in the United States. In this article, we’ll explore some of the history of hemp cultivation, as well as its environmental benefits. The Environmental Benefits of Growing & Using Hemp

Hemp Cultivation: A Brief History

Hemp has a global cultivation history that dates back thousands of years. The strong, durable fibers were used for rope, paper, and fabrics throughout history and landed in the United States in the early days of the colonies. In Jamestown, Virginia, farmers were actually required to grow the crop, which was used to make sails, clothing, and, later, even the plastics in cars.

However, as recreational use of its cousin, marijuana, rose, so did the fear. Although hemp is not psychoactive, its close association with marijuana was enough for lawmakers to ban its cultivation in the United States in the 1970’s under the Controlled Substances Act. Since then, farmers, ecologists, and legislators have pushed to decriminalize its production once again.

Currently, several states in the U.S. and many other countries allow production of industrial hemp. These products are used for everything from food to fuel and from clothing to construction materials. Although it remains illegal to grow in many places, its use as a raw material is gaining increasing momentum.

The Environmental Benefits of Industrial Hemp

Hemp is a practical crop that grows quickly, withstands tough environmental conditions, and has many uses. Its chemical isolates, like CBD, are also gaining public attention and popularity and even major companies like Coca Cola are considering its benefits as an ingredient. In addition to its usefulness as a resource, the cultivation of hemp offers many benefits to the environment as well.


One of the oldest applications of hemp is papers. The pulp offers an excellent alternative to wood-pulp paper that can vary just as much in thickness and quality. Hemp-pulp paper can be used for computer and copy paper, finer print papers, and cardboards without the toxic bleaching process. Hemp paper can be recycled over and over again – more than wood-pulp paper.

What’s more, hemp is a fast-growing and renewable resource compared to the evergreen trees usually used in paper making. Using the pulp from hemp for paper making can help significantly reduce deforestation globally.


A more recent application of hemp is in biofuels. The hemp species of Cannabis has shown promising use as an alternative fuel with limited emissions and excellent power for its mass. While the economic and criminal concerns surrounding hemp make it an unrealistic large-scale option for fuel now, hemp is an even better biodiesel than canola or soy oil – two of the most popular biofuels in use today.

Fabrics and Textiles

Like paper, fabrics are one of the oldest known uses of the hemp plant. The fibers, isolated from the tall, woody stalk, can be sewn into thin, breathable fabrics or tough, hearty canvases. These textiles have a range of purposes – sails and industrial canvas as well as clothing. Hemp-made fabrics are one of the most durable varieties in existence and they’ve been used by humankind for thousands of years.

The soft-fiber fabric produced by hemp is likewise environmentally friendly. Hemp takes up less space to grow than cotton and requires almost no pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. Cotton, on the other hand, requires constant pesticide use. Additionally, synthetic fibers often leave harmful by-products during production and linger in the environment after use – hemp fabrics do not have toxic production by-products.

Building Materials and Plastics

Another of the more recently-developed uses for the hemp plant is in building materials and plastics. Although not as effective in wet conditions as traditional concretes, hemp-based mortars have been found to be sturdy, lightweight, and cost-effective building blocks for many homes. The material leaves a small environmental footprint.

Similarly, hemp-based plastics offer an alternative to synthetic plastics that can have a much more disastrous environmental impact. Hemp cellulose can be used to create a biodegradable material that retains the sturdiness of traditional plastics – without the level of pollution.

Building Materials and Plastics


Finally, industrial cultivation hemp offers an excellent source of food for both people and animals. Like soy, hemp seed contains a complete protein that makes it an ideal ingredient in animal feed. The lack of pesticides required to grow it on a large scale help keep the environmental cost low – and keep harmful chemicals out of the larger agricultural food chain.

As a source of human sustenance, hemp seed and oil also offer a relatively cheap-to-produce food with a high level of nutrition per weight. Unlike corn and wheat, which have incredibly versatile uses but relatively low nutritional value, hemp is packed with vitamins, essential omega fatty acids, and protein. Widespread cultivation of this crop can help impact the nutritional needs of the larger population while taking up relatively little space.

The Potential of Industrial Hemp

The industrial cultivation of hemp certainly has the potential to change the environment. By limiting the use of pesticides, offering affordable, durable materials, and encouraging alternatives to environmentally damaging products, the use of hemp may very well hold part of the key to changing the global condition. As the global agricultural community continues to push for its use and dispel the negative myths that surround it, we can expect to see the Cannabis plant make its way into more and more products – each with a little less environmental impact.
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