Making Clothes Last     

No matter who you are, where you are, and what you do for a living, chances are that you are expected to be fully clothed when you walk around out in the world. That is, most people would agree, a pretty good thing — some things are best kept private! But while getting dressed is so normal that it verges on unconscious for most of us, this obvious ritual is costing us a lot. Taking Care of Clothes to Make them Last

Clothes and your budget

Americans spend a lot on clothes. The average family spends $1,700 on clothes annually, and yet we don’t wear most of the clothes that we find in our own closets — probably because we shop so irrationally.

Of course, this isn’t happening solely because we all have to wear clothes. People have been wearing clothes for an awful long time, yet our ancestors didn’t find themselves in H&M every other week buying new tops. The difference may be our throwaway society, experts say: we’re conditioned to buy cheap things and toss them when they wear out, rather than “buying it for life.”

We could save money by making our clothes last longer. Here’s how to do that.

Buying for keeps

Making your clothes last starts with the clothes themselves. If you buy cheap goods at “fast fashion” shops, then you shouldn’t be particularly surprised when they wear out fast. Such things are made cheaply (and, in an unfortunately large number of cases, under deplorable conditions). Instead, look for retailers that offer higher-quality products. That’s not necessarily the same thing as looking for pricey clothes, say the experts at Saved by the Dress — affordable online boutiques and other specialty shops can help you here. Good clothes should be well-made and stylish, but they don’t have to be overpriced.

For really tough clothes, consider looking to stores that offer long-lasting guarantees and forgiving return policies. Such shops are signaling that they are ready to stand behind their products, which they clearly expect to last.

Washers, dryers, and keeping clothes longer

Our clothes go through a lot when we wear them, but that’s not the only time that they suffer. Washing and drying clothes can be tough on them, too.

Learn how to wash your clothes properly. Using cold water can help limit shrinking in cotton clothes, and drying on lower heat (or air-drying clothes instead of putting them in the dryer at all) can do the same. Your clothes have codes on their tags, too, which will tell you how to wash them properly if you learn how to read the weird hieroglyphics.

High-end washers and dryers will give you more options for protecting your clothes with gentle but effective washing and drying. And keeping your washer and dryer maintained can be key, too, says one expert in appliance repair in Oahu. It can also make your machines more efficient and more reliable, saving your money on energy bills and potential future repair costs.

Mending and patching

Learning how to mend or patch your clothes can help, too. Patching has become something of a lost art, but it can extend the life of your pants and other garments. Learn how to do a clean job of adding a subtle patch, and you’ll find that you can make things nearly as good as new. If you’re unsure of your own skills, speak to seamstresses and tailors about having them do the job for you.

Not every single piece of clothing is worth saving, of course. But if you are a bit more conscious about how you shop for clothes, wash clothes, and treat salvageable garments, then you may find you can save a lot of money by making your clothes last.

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The Benefits of Functional Medicine

When Used Together With Conventional Medicine, the Health Benefits of Functional Medicine are Vast

Traditional medicine provides conventional care that is geared towards diagnosis of a disease or trauma over a limited duration, and provision of acute care. It therefore deals with conditions such as heart attacks and broken limbs. Functional Medicine Treatment and Education

Doctors in conventional medicine usually use surgery or drugs to treat the symptom as well as the condition. If, as a sufferer of a chronic disease, you’ve grown tired of being cycled through diagnoses and medication without experiencing lasting improvement, another powerful medical strategy and alternative treatment available to you is functional medicine.

  • Why functional medicine is becoming increasingly popular

Chronic diseases usually affect multiple body systems, and the conventional model of care isn’t equipped to handle them. Furthermore, traditional medicine neither addresses the individual’s unique genetic makeup, nor does it consider the effects of environmental factors and modern lifestyles.

Factors that greatly affect your overall wellness include stress, exposure to toxins, exercise, diet and sleep. Since conventional medicine doesn’t address all of these, it isn’t equipped to treat the underlying causes of chronic illnesses.

Functional medicine provides a new methodology and approach to preventing chronic diseases and treating them in the event that they occur. From a chiropractic standpoint, the most crucial principle of the profession is identifying the root cause of the health issue by looking at how function is affected by the structure.

Both conventional doctors and functional medicine practitioners (such as Active Edge Columbus Functional Medicine) benefit from each other’s ideas by either collaborating or through a formal setting that incorporates both practices. Functional medicine practitioners create an individualized program for you to address the interaction between the internal and external body environment. 

  • Functional versus conventional medicine

In functional medicine, the main factors to take into account when assessing a patient’s lifestyle include their sleep, exercise, diet, genetics, interpersonal relationships and stress level. In turn, these factors are influenced by ongoing physiological processes and isolated events that disrupt the body’s homeostasis.

Conventional medicine concerns itself with the host of symptoms presented by the patient, and uses these group of symptoms to diagnose a particular disease. After diagnosis, the conventional medicine practitioners then prescribe one or more medications, or therapy in some cases for the purpose of mitigating the symptoms.

Typically, conventional medicine doesn’t offer support for healing beyond this point. Therefore, the traditional model of treating diseases leaves out essential parts of your health, and these parts may be at the root of your health condition. Furthermore, conventional medicine groups together people with identical symptoms and signs, thereby neglecting the individual factors that could have led to the disease.

In contrast, functional medicine practitioners usually focus on the patient more than they focus on the disease. As a result, the evaluation level in functional medicine is closer to a chiropractic intake exam than a standard medical exam. The functional medicine practitioners learn about the underlying factors of the patient by looking at the history of illness, everyday habits, history of trauma, genetics, and exposure to toxins in the environment.

When used in conjunction with conventional medicine, the benefits of functional medicine are vast as the disease is not only treated, but also the likelihood of recurrence is minimized.

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What Does Drinking Coffee Do To Your Body? The Good And The Bad

 There is no doubt that coffee is the most popular beverage in the world. It is estimated that over 2 billion cups of coffee are consumed every day. Furthermore, a study commissioned by the National Coffee Association found that sixty-four percent of Americans drink coffee on a daily basis. Additionally, with each passing day, more and more people are embracing coffee drinking as part of their daily routine. It seems more and more people are depending on coffee to get that extra boost it provides.

However, many people do not have a full comprehension of what drinking coffee does to our bodies. As much as we love coffee, we do not have an understanding of the merits and demerits of drinking coffee. Note of interest, have you ever heard of Coffee Dork’s,  while researching I found that it reference’s a group of people that enjoy a small shot of a perfectly brewed cup of coffee or espresso. Let’s explore the good and bad of coffee drinking. What Does Drinking Coffee Do To Your Body? The Good And The Bad

The Good; Why You Should Drink Coffee

#1. It Boost Calorie Burn And Suppresses Appetite – Coffee has been shown to promote calorie burn by stimulating thermogenesis, the process through which our bodies produce heat. A study published in Nutrition and Metabolism back in 2013 found that drinking coffee kick starts our bodies’ fat-burning activity. Moreover, coffee has been found to suppress appetite. Both of these qualities can be used to bolster weight loss efforts. That being said, you should note that drinking coffee will help up to a certain extent. You cannot rely on drinking coffee alone to lose weight.

#2. Helps In Bowel Movement – If you have ever drank your morning cup of Joe and almost immediately had to use the bathroom, then you have benefited from the coffee stimulation of bowel movement. Research has proved that coffee does stimulate colonic muscle movement, thereby yielding a laxative effect. This is especially true in cases where you drink the coffee whilst warm.

#3. It Can Prevent Gallstones – Coffee has been found to equally stimulate the gallbladder, thereby encouraging the passing of urine. While the constant trips to the bathroom may seem like a nuisance, there is a benefit, increase emptying is associated with decreased risk of gallstones. As such, you can consider coffee from as being capable of protecting your gallbladder from gallstones.

#4. Improves Your Endurance – A study by the University of Rhode Island found that athletes that had drunk coffee were able to do more repetition during strength training when compared to athletes that had not ingested coffee. Furthermore, a study conducted in the U.K conducted on triathletes found that those who had ingested a cup of coffee had up to five percent better performance.

#5. It Improves The Health Of The Liver – Several studies conducted on the benefits drinking coffee has on the liver found that consuming one cup of coffee could lower the risk of cirrhosis by twenty-two percent. Drinking one additional cups of coffee lowered the risk of getting liver cirrhosis by forty-three percent while drinking two extra cups resulted in an approximate fifty-seven risk reduction. Liver cirrhosis is the specific damage that comes from drinking too much alcohol.  

The Bad; Why You Should Not Drink Coffee

It may come as a surprise but some of the negative effects of drinking coffee that we have in mind have been debunked and found to be untrue. For instance, it has been proved that coffee drinking will not cause your heart to palpitate nor will it stunt your growth. Additionally, it has been proved that it does not cause dehydration. Nonetheless, it still does have some negative side effects that you should be aware of while taking your cup of coffee.

#1. An Increase Risk Of Cardiovascular Ailments – Long-term consumption of heavy drinking unfiltered coffee can have a negative side effect on the health of your cardiovascular system. However, you should note that the studies have specifically found issue with the way the coffee is prepared, with the unfiltered coffee causing more damage than other types of coffee.

#2. Mood Swings And Irritability – One of the effects of drinking coffee is that it increases the production of adrenaline. With the production of more adrenaline, the body experiences an increase in blood pressure, increased oxygen supply, and you become more alert as you are in a flight or fight state. During this state, you are more susceptible to acting on emotion as your body is preconditioned to do so, fight or flight. With your emotions in the driver seat, you are more susceptible to abrupt mood changes and irritation.

#3. You Can Become Addicted To Coffee – studies have shown there is a potential of becoming psychologically addicted to coffee, a scenario where the more you drink, the more you want. It has been found that caffeine typically acts like a sleep chemical known as adenosine. As such, caffeine trick the adenosine receptors in the brain and attach themselves to the receptors, thereby making you feel awake and more reinvigorated. However, over a long time of usage, when you lack caffeine to attach to the receptors, you end up feeling drowsy and devoid of energy. Therefore, you end up developing a dependency on coffee.

#4. Withdrawal – After developing a dependency on caffeine, you thereafter suffer from withdrawal symptoms when you do not consume a cup of coffee. For instance, an avid coffee drinker will experience diminished energy levels and splitting headaches when they do not take their cup of coffee. However, upon taking their cup of coffee, the headache goes away.

Other negative side effects that come with the consumption of coffee are anxiety exacerbation and stressing your body. That being said, you should note that the vast majority of negative side effects of coffee consumption are associated with the heavy drinking of coffee.

Just as it with any other popular beverage, coffee has its own benefits and it has its own demerits. As such, you should make a point of drinking coffee with moderation to negate any possible long-term side effect its consumption has while benefiting from its positives. Importantly, if you have a pre-existing condition, you should seek medical advice before picking up a habit of coffee drinking. 

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