Home Improvements Before Winter

It is so easy for all of us to get lazy as soon as the winter arrives. The changing weather is overwhelming, and some homeowners meanwhile forget that they need to get themselves and their homes ready for the coming winter season. It is very important to take care of your home especially before the winter arrives, and you need to get all the necessary home improvements done in time to save your worthy accommodation in an up-to-date shape.Home Improvements Before Winter

To keep yourself free from the stress of the maintenance and repair issues, there are some home improvements which are really helpful to keep your home comfortable, functional and beautiful throughout the winter season, no matter where you live.

  • Roofing

Keeping the interior cozy is probably the most difficult and important task during the winter season. As the roof is the most exposed area of your home to the harsh weather conditions, it is the most important part and is at the top of the list of the things you must get done before winters. Start with roof inspection, look for the bold spots and shingles that are damages, any gaps along flashes, gaps between siding and vent joints. Look for Mold, damp sports, broken mortar around the chimney area. If there is no problem in the roof, then the water will flow through the gutters and your foundation and other home parts will be safe from any damages. In case you find a problem, you can always contact roofing contractors Birmingham Michigan to get the roofing fixed.

  • Heating System

If you find it difficult to take care of your heating system, you can always call a furnace technician to do that job for you. Canton MA Furnace Repair company, Sinclair Home Services, reminds homeowners to schedule regular maintenance for their HVAC system. A well-maintained system gives way to freer airflow and changing or cleaning filters can help effectively eliminate allergens like dust, pollen, or even pet dander. Get the furnace inspected, cleaned and if there is any maintenance required, get it done as well as the manufacturer recommends. Get an automatic thermostat that you can program as per your requirements. It’ll save you big time.

  • Fireplace

Normally homeowners don’t remember about the chimney sweep chimney sweep and often forget the keep it among the home improvements. It is very important the get the buildup removed periodically so that the chimney fires can be avoided. Get a screen or cap fixed on the top of the chimney to keep out the birds and other animals who can climb up there.

  • Lawn

Get your lawns ready for the winter season so the damage may not harm you after wards. Get the decks cleaned and resealed. Get your porch water-proof so that constant snow or heavy showers cannot damage it. Get the fence fixed as well. Get the dead branches cut and clear the leaves to avoid any snow molds. It is suggested to get the lawn fertilized with nitrogen. Do not forget to get the cracks alongside driveway and pavements filled.

Remember, it may cost you a bit to get these improvements done before the winter season arrives, but it’ll always come in handy in the long run as it’ll save you from the big damages that can be done during the winter season and from the big bucks that you’ll be spending to get those damages fixed.

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Cleaning Up Your Garden And Getting Ready For Fall

Cleaning Up Your Garden And Getting Ready For Fall

 Fall-Garden-CleanupIt’s harvest season in your garden. The tomatoes are ripe and practically falling off the vine, the summer squash is fat and heavy, the peppers are colorful, and your onions are turning yellow just in time for fall. The early part of autumn is a busy time for any gardener and there’s still plenty of harvesting to do, but if you live in a colder climate, the first snowfall isn’t far away. Once you’ve finished harvesting all the delicious fresh vegetables you’ve been tending to all summer long, it’s going to be time to get your garden ready to survive the winter so that you can do it all over again in the spring. 

Use this checklist when it’s time to get your garden and backyard ready for the winter.

  1. Finish the Harvest

Depending on where you live, harvest season can go quite long. Some of the last herbs and vegetables that are ready to be harvested will include chives, mint, cilantro, parsley, and rosemary for herbs, and vegetables like celery, carrots, cabbage, winter squash, parsnips, and kale. Once these are on your kitchen table, it’s time to begin.

  1. Weeding

It’s not the most fun part of gardening, but it’s essential to a healthy, fruitful garden. It’s also important to get rid of any diseased or infected plants so that they don’t spread. Get rid of anything that could be a source of bugs or that didn’t grow well. Odd coloring is another sign that it might be infected. Fall makes it easier to get rid of bad plants and weeds as it’s easier to find the strongest roots and pull the plant out whole.

  1. Protect New Garden Beds

Establishing new perennials is a difficult task and they are especially vulnerable in the winter. Covering new garden beds that you added this year will help them survive. Drape a garden cloche over the garden you want to protect. However, vegetable gardens don’t need to be protected from the winter weather as much. A simple cold frame can help you keep growing winter vegetables.

  1. Cutting and Pruning

There are some plants you will want to let die naturally and come back in the spring, but many flowering trees, vines, and shrubs benefit from a prune before the winter. You will also want to remove spent stalks and other debris. This can be a natural home for pests you don’t want.

  1. Winterize Your Gazebo

A gazebo is a lovely addition to a large garden that lets you spend time relaxing out of the sun. If you have recently set up a gazebo in your garden, you should learn about how to winterize it properly. Put away all the gazebo furniture and give it a good cleaning. Sweep away debris and follow it up by washing it thoroughly to get gunk out of the crevices. You may even want to scrub parts.

Getting your garden ready for winter means it will be healthier and more productive come spring time.

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