Create a Cozy Home the Whole Family Will Love

Create a Cozy Home the Whole Family Will Love Image source:

When designing a family home, one must consider the needs of all family members and find a way to adjust its design to meet each of them. Even though this may seem as a difficult task, if you make a good plan and think everything through, we guarantee you that you’ll find it to be a piece of cake. In order to help you out, here is a list of ideas and suggestions on how to create a cozy home that the whole family will love. Let’s take a look. Image source:

Create an entertainment area

If you want your whole family to be happy and spend more quality time together at home, you should definitely invest in an entertainment area. You can either redesign your basement, one of the spare rooms or your attic, depending on what you find the easiest to do. Of course, in order for this area to serve its purpose, you must incorporate activities that all your family members love. For example, you can create a corner specifically designed for board game nights, or if you’re more into video gaming consoles, feel free to go for them instead. Finally, a small bar and a snack station would be a great finishing touch and raise the experience to a whole new level.

 Paint it together Image source:

Paint it together

There is no better way to foster strong relationships between your family members than by including them all in the home redecoration process. Even though your children may be young and can’t help out as much, it’s enough that they see how you trust them by giving them an opportunity to participate in some easier tasks like painting. You can start by choosing the best color for your living room. Here, it’s most important that you respect each other’s’ wishes and come to an agreement. After all, it has been shown that even different shades can have a huge impact on our mood and emotions, so it’s essential that we are all surrounded with nuances which evoke positive feelings and inspire us to be productive. Image source:

Keep it decluttered

One of the most important steps of every home redecoration project is to declutter the rooms and get rid of all the mess. However, in order to be able to achieve this, you must come up with smart storage solutions. For instance, you can install shelves and make a good use of vertical space. You just need to be careful not to place them too high so that your children can’t reach them. Furthermore, your bedroom and kid’s room require special attention regarding storage options and we advise you to make good use of the free space beneath the beds. Here, you can install a few drawers where you can store your lines and summer/winter clothes. Finally, opting for amazing barn doors is the right way to go, since it will additionally maximize available floor space. On top of that, these doors are super-easy to operate and will add that modern feel to the entire place. Image source:

Let the fresh air in

Letting enough fresh air in is extremely important if you want to ensure that your family stays healthy. Therefore, don’t forget to keep your windows open and perform regular check-ups of your ventilation system as well. Moreover, if you feel that there are too many allergens in the house, think about investing in a quality air purifier. Owing to it, you’ll reduce the amount of pollen and dust mites, which can seriously endanger your family members’ health and cause many respiratory issues. Lastly, you can take a more natural approach as well and bring in as many plants as possible, which will serve as amazing decoration and at the same time purify the air, turning your home into a little sanctuary. Image source:

Cozy furniture is a must

Last but not least, remember to equip your house with cozy furniture pieces. For example, you can select a beautiful red lounge for your living room. Not only will its vivid color break the monotony and speak volumes about your great taste, but it will provide you with enough seating space for the whole family. Additionally, you can incorporate a few beanbags as well, since your children will definitely love them and probably rather choose to sit in them than on the cold floor. Finally, you can even practice your DIY skills and design a small coffee table or a bookshelf on your own. Good luck!

As you can see, creating a home that all family members will love doesn’t have to be that difficult after all. You just need to consider everybody’s wishes and adjust the home’s design accordingly. However, if you can’t do all of this on your own, don’t shy away from contacting professionals. It’s wiser to do so than to end up making serious mistakes and further delaying the completion of your project.

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5 Top Tips for Picking the Perfect Villa Holiday

Renting a villa is becoming more and more of a popular accommodation choice for today’s travellers, particularly those who enjoy regularly travelling with their family, or in a large group of friends. There are several great reasons why renting a villa can be the best choice of accommodation to go with; for example, villas offer an added degree of privacy with no noisy neighbours or having to race for the sunbeds in the morning. Typically, villas tend to offer a ‘home from home’ experience including a wide range of amenities such as your own lounge, kitchen, and a private swimming pool. If you’re thinking of renting a villa for your next trip, we’ve put together some top tips to take into consideration.5 Top Tips for Picking the Perfect Villa Holiday

Tip #1. Location

When looking at the wide range of villa rental options available for your next holiday, the location should be one of the main features that you keep in mind. Think about the range of towns, places and local attractions that you would like to visit whilst in your chosen destination. Consider whether a villa that’s closely located to tourist attractions and popular areas would be better for you, or whether something that is a little more in the sticks is more ideal. Bear in mind that if you do want to be in a quieter and more private area, it will be worth factoring the cost of vehicle rental into consideration, too. If not, it’s always worth doing some research into the public transportation options available in the area and making sure that you’ll be able to use them to get to where you want to be.

Tip #2. Privacy

Although a villa is usually a top option for anybody who wants more privacy during their stay, don’t forget to double check that your choice is going to be just as private as you expect. For example, some villas will have shared pools with neighbours, or you may be located on a busy street with several other tourists around. It’s worth looking into this before you make a booking so that you aren’t met with any unexpected surprises once you arrive. Most villas will include this in their description when booking, or you could give the owner or travel company a call to make sure.

Tip #3. Amenities

Since not all villa rentals are created equal, it’s worth making sure that you are getting all the amenities that you require before you make your booking. You can find many Crete Villas with a wide range of features such as a private pool, games rooms, or even your own private cinema that you can use for your enjoyment during your stay. For families travelling with children, it’s important to make sure that a range of child-friendly amenities are available. Be sure to opt for a child-friendly villa that offers a private space for your little ones and a safe environment that offers you peace of mind. On the other hand, if you’re travelling as a couple, you might want a range of amenities to make your stay more romantic, such as a honeymoon suite, or an on-site jacuzzi and spa that you can use for spending quality time together. Check out the options at for an idea of what to look for.  Blue Villas offer options to suit people on all budgets.

Tip #4. Price:

Don’t forget to take the price into consideration when booking a villa for your stay. The good news about villas is that unlike hotels, you will usually get everything that you need included in the price. There’s no need to worry about paying extra to get your laundry done, for example, since you’ll usually have the amenities to do this easily by yourself right there in your accommodation. However, it’s worth getting in touch beforehand so that you can confirm exactly what you will be getting for the amount that you pay.

Tip #5. Transfers to and From the Airport:

Lastly, deciding how you’re going to get to and from the airport during your stay is a must when preparing for your trip. Unlike hotels, one of the downfalls of staying in a villa is that there may not be an airport transfer service available. However, some villa owners and travel companies can easily arrange transport for you upon request. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to look into local taxi options, private transfer companies, and local public transport that you could use alternatively. You might also want to consider the option to rent your own car and provide your own transportation; car rental is available at every airport and can be booked in advance before you arrive.

We hope that these tips helped you choose the perfect villa for your stay! Let us know if you would add anything to the list.
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