Remodel a Bathroom With a Steam Shower

If you had the opportunity to remodel a bathroom would you ever consider installing a “steam shower”? Remodel a Bathroom With a Steam Shower

Lets look at 5 pros of using a steam shower;

  • A steam shower can provide an enclosure like a steam room and can provide health benefits like improving circulation by opening up blood vessels which lowers blood pressure increasing blood flow.
  • Improve your skin by moisturizing and clearing up skin problems
  • Make breathing easier
  • After exercise helps to promote metabolic waste from muscles
  • Release stress and tension, it seems that there is a cortisol level drop, feeling more in control

Precautions of  a steam room

  • You should get a doctors approval if you are pregnant, just had surgery or have a compromised immune system

Installation of a steam room in your home is made easy by using a kit and are considered to be steam cabins.
Insignia outlets are specialists in steam showers, steam showers with whirlpool baths and hydro massage showers. In short these are pretty high tech showers that feature everything from steam generator (which creates the enclosure in to a steam room), body massage jets, monsoon and standard shower, mood enhancement lighting (chromotherapy lighting) to featuring radios, hands free telephones, touch screens and much more.

There is even a Aromatherapy Modular Injection system that can be installed for using oils in your steam cabins to relax and unwind. 

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5 Online Animal Games For Kids

5 Best Games for Your Kids to Learn About Animals

You must have noticed that most kids are curious about animals. They find books with pictures of animals very fascinating. They love observing animals around them or in the zoo. They get along with their pet animals very quickly and enjoy their company.

Kids Games Online

Many people keep pet animals in their houses just because their kids like to have them. Kids quickly build a special bond with them, and animals too are sensible enough to respond to their minutest indications.

In this era of booming technology, kids are always surrounded by computers, laptops, cell phones to name a few. Specially formulated games are available for children of different age groups to make them aware of the different animals and birds around us and all those everyday things that they encounter each day.

There are special kids’ channels where the kids can get to know about different animals. Many videos and stories are available on YouTube that the kids love to watch. Some websites have unique animal videos and animal games for kids, and they are quite popular as well.

Favorite online games for kids:

  1. Animal Kingdom: Wildlife Expedition- This game is for kids over seven years. It teaches kids about different animals, their habitat, their sound and things they love to eat. The animals converse in their natural habitat, and the players drive past them, cleaning the debris on their way.
  2. Fantastic Pets- This game is for kids aged 5 and above. To play this game, you need to have Xbox 360 which includes Kinetic motion capture camera. The animals seem to come into the room and give a real experience.
  3. Little Touch: Animal Dance- This game is suitable for kids over two years. This game helps to introduce motor skills. The animals dance on rhythm when they are touched. Toddlers enjoy the dance of different animals.
  4. Pet Vet 3D: Wild Animal Hospital- This game is for kids over seven years of age. In this game, kids play the role of veterinarian and treat different animals that come to their hospital. They are encouraged to be patient and wait which increases their hospital’s popularity and give them more patients with time.
  5. World of Zoo- This game is good for kids over eight years. In this game, kids find a virtual zoo with real animal behaviours added with some cartoonish acts. Kids can edit the animals’ appearance like they can spot patterns on a leopard, give a tiger blue-green stripes, and so on.

Other than these, parents can engage their kids in real physical animal games especially on weekends or special occasions like birthday parties or get-togethers, such as:

  • Who’ll get to animal’s seat?
  • Dino Easter egg hunt
  • Games involving animal masks and costumes
  • Animal relay
  • Who am I?
  • Find the animals

G2K is an online game portal offering children free access to the most popular and sought after games available today. The site is designed to be easy to use, even for young players and the wide array of game options ensures everyone can find something they love to play. In an effort to provide high-quality games, G2K has created a free site providing access to a wide array of popular, educational and fun games for kids.