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My Recipe Treasures Italian Potatoes with Parmesan CheeseMy Recipe Treasures // Italian Potatoes with Parmesan Cheese

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Shoppe-No.-5 // How-To-Make-A-Cozy-Sweater-Pumpkin
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Cleaning Tips For a Fresh Home

The hot summer months can be quite daunting when it comes to keeping a living area fresh and clean. Below are some tips and tricks you can use to keep your house clean the way you want it during the summer period: Summer-cleaning-tips-to-keep-your-house-nice-and-neat

Donate or Sell Unwanted Clutter

If not everything you wanted out of your house made it on its way during spring cleaning, the summer is perfect for eliminating unnecessary clutter. Consider taking your unwanted goods to a local community shelter, charity, or thrift store. Some thrift stores even offer rewards, such as coupons or rebates, when you donate items to them.

Of course, some things are just too valuable to give away. You can place an ad online, to make some extra cash for things you no longer need. And last but not least, if you have an abundance of things you simply do not need, host a yard sale – the summer weather is perfect for it. However, make sure you check the forecast first. By liquidating your inventory of things you no longer use yearly, you can greatly reduce clutter and maintain tidier living and storage areas year-round.

Wash Waste Bins Often

Summer heat can easily change the rate at which organic waste decomposes. In order to keep your kitchen, among other areas, fresh and clean, it’s recommended that your garbage, compost, and recycling bins be cleaned regularly. Dish soap and water will do the trick, but for a cheaper alternative, vinegar will suffice.


Warm, and often humid summer can greatly increase the risk of mold growing in moist areas, such as the restroom, kitchen, basement, or cellar. To reduce airborne moisture, use a dehumidifier, or if you do not have one, run the fan in your restroom often. This will greatly reduce the potential for mold to grow in inaccessible areas, such as tile grout, around the shower pan, and under the toilet.


If you have blinds or similar in your commercial property or office, then having them cleaned will have a huge impact on helping remove dust and irritants from the building. Especially worth it if the blinds are covering open windows, as more pollution from the outside can get trapped onto the blinds.

Air Conditioning

If you have an air conditioning unit, be sure to get it serviced and cleaned in time for summer. There is nothing worse than working in a hot office and there are legal requirements as to how hot a working environment can be. While you are doing this, it may be worth getting your heating unit looked at and cleaned too. This means you could avoid the rush in autumn and have your place fully prepared for the colder months.

Carpet and Floor Cleaning

Having your interior carpets and hard floors cleaned during summer will make them dry quicker and thus preventing any damp within your place. Make sure you hire office cleaners to clean your floors as doing so yourself can cause irreversible damage.

Window Cleaning

Summer is a great time to have your windows cleaned. It means they will dry in no time if the sun is shining and smudges will be prevented too.
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Tips On Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors And Maintaining Its Beauty
Spring Cleaning… In The Fall? Tips For Nailing That Deep Clean

How to Master the Art of Perfect Garden Watering?

One of the basic essentialities of any plant is water. Surviving for long without getting the desired quantity of water is difficult for plants. Therefore proper and timely irrigation is advised for flourishing them. While on the one hand watering the plant is necessary on the other hand, doing it with perfection is also important. One mistake and your plant could suffer and may even die. How to Master the Art of Perfect Garden Watering?

Therefore understanding the mechanics of watering and knowing when and how to water the plant is very important. So for every gardening enthusiast here we will provide with all the information which could help you master the art of perfect garden watering. 

The Mechanics Of Watering

When you enter the garden with the mindset to water the plants, you require certain types of equipment. The kind of water breaker you uses determines the success of watering the plant. Although the market is flooded with many water breakers, getting the one which could deliver a soft stream of water with an apt volume to the plant is important. You also need to keep an eye on the water pressure. There could be chances when a sudden fluctuation in the water supply occurs. Too high pressure could cause the problem to the plant, and it may submerge.  Therefore adjusting the water pressure and ensuring that a constant flow of water remains will bestow better results. You can also go for the selected garden hose for a perfect watering. Find top metal garden hoses here

How to water the plants

When we talk about ‘how to water’ every plant has its own set of requirements. While people feel easy to take the watering wand and pour water from the above, it is not a perfect way for all the plants. However, there are few instances when such practice is alright like when watering plug trays.

The few drawbacks of watering the plants in such manner include the following:

  • By pouring water from above, the entire foliage gets wet. Only the top 1/4 to 1/2 inch of the substrate saturates, and rest of the pot remains wet. It leads to welcoming many crop diseases that thrive well in such conditions like Botrytis.
  • Watering the plants at night in this way also retain the water in the pot for longer and encourage the development of diseases.
  • This style does not wet the roots of the plant and the need to water again rises.
  • Watering from above would not maintain the consistency which means some pots will remain under watered and some over watered.

Therefore it is advised to lower the breaker at a place little away from the roots of the plant in the soil surface. Watering each plant individually will give far better results. With this methodology, you could also control the amount of water going to each pot and save them from the probability of occurrence of diseases. Also, this is a great way to save water as well.

When To Water The Plants

Although the requirement of water varies from plants to plants, the grower needs to examine it as well. Watching out the substrate and noticing when it has dried and required water is crucial. At the same time, one should never overwater the plant as it may rot the roots. A moderate watering, keeping an eye on the dryness of the substrate is, therefore, the best way to retain the health of the plant.

Moreover, if you can’t predict the need for watering just by seeing the substrate, you may use your hands to examine the same. All that you need is to pick random pots from the garden and see how heavy they feel. If you are finding them heavy even after witnessing the substrate dry, it would be better not to water it. Sometimes the soil dries only from above and underneath it is still wet.

How Much Water To Apply

For this, you need to examine certain conditions like:

  • Size of the pot
  • Stage of your crop
  • Weather going to be next day
  • Dryness of the crop

Both under watering and over watering could rot the plant and make your entire hard work futile. Therefore it is highly essential that you not only know your plant’s physiology and requirements beforehand but also how to water it. So, next time you enter the garden with a water wand, make sure you have understood the concept and science of watering.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I might receive a small commission if
you make a purchase using link.

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