Safety Tips in Case of a Natural Hazard During Your Trip

Whether you enjoy exotic countries or not, or even unique places most of them are in certain areas where a natural disaster is at risk. In these cases, it’s highly recommended to thoroughly research the location you plan on visiting and make sure you are aware of any sort of threats or risk that may take place. Safety Tips in Case of a Natural Hazard During Your Trip

Naturally, we don’t associate trips with bad events, we prefer not to think about the bad things that can happen and only focus on the positive aspects. Well, natural hazards are an important aspect to consider, especially if the country is prone to such disasters.

In this following article, we’ll try to give examples of certain natural hazards and offer tips for safe travel, in order to make sure that your vacation won’t be unsuccessful 

Hurricane Safety Trips

This sort of natural hazard is more common in areas that are near the Atlantic Ocean or the Caribbean Sea. Also called a tropical cyclone is a storm that is characterized by really strong wind and a low-pressure center.

If a hurricane takes places while you’re on a trip, is highly recommended to stay indoors and away from the windows as much as possible. The best advice is to wait for the hurricane to end and then proceed to go outside. You shouldn’t leave the perimeter of your location at any cost, because the outside environment is much more dangerous during a hurricane. 

Earthquake Safety Trips

Earthquakes are pretty common, especially that most of them aren’t harmful and there’s a big chance you won’t even feel it. It’s important to know what to do in case of an earthquake because a wrong move can harm your health.

Make sure you stay indoors and don’t try to go outside by using the stairs or elevator because that can be deadly. Instead, crawl under a surface (a table) and wait until the earthquake is over. Make sure you avoid big pieces of furniture that may fall, or windows, that may break and harm you.  If the incident takes place while you’re outside, make sure you do the same (avoid things that may fall and try to find a table or similar surface you can crawl underneath)

Wildfire Safety Trips

In the past year, there have been multiple incidents where wildfire took place so it’s important to know what precautious methods you can follow in case this happens while you’re on a trip.

Make sure you watch the news (and that’s also recommended for all the natural hazards because you might get notified before the incident actually will take place in your area so you will have time to prepare or evacuate in order to make sure you’re safe). Close the windows to prevent the smoke from coming inside. It is very important not to inhale the fumes and to try to stay away from it as much as possible. If you see a fire is approaching and the authorities recommend evacuating the area, follow the instructions for your safety.

Overall, stay safe at all costs during your trips and read safety guides before deciding on a trip, to make sure whether the location you want to visit is at risk or is safe.

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Flashback of Top 6 Trendy Fashion Ideas

The season is changing and so is fashion. Catch up! 6 trendiest fall trends of 2018. Flashback-of-Trendy-Fashion-Ideas

The leaves are changing. The temperatures are dropping. And with Halloween and Thanksgiving right around the corner, all these signs can only indicate one thing…Autumn has commenced once again!

And if you haven’t already done so, it’ll soon be time to bust out your winter coat, scarves, and hats.

Still, there’s plenty of autumn left to soak up before the snow falls. So, what are some fall trends you can rock in the coming weeks?

Here are 6 fall fashion trends to enjoy this season! 

  1. Timeless Fall Colors

Fall fashion is all about embracing the changing colors and weather. And as far as colors go, there’s always been an emphasis on red, brown, yellow, and orange.

Lots of women tend to dye their hair darker this time of year. Many will blend red hues with chestnut or chocolate coloring, for example. This is also the time of year to swap out your pastel shadows and lip gloss for brown palettes and red lip stains.

This is the time of year to pack away your white and pastel-colored statement pieces. But that’s not to say you can’t incorporate a little white in your fall wardrobe, either. White and beige camisoles are some basic items that’ll help you stay stylish this fall.

Rust, Mustard Yellow, & Magenta

We’re also seeing a lot more magenta with 2018 fall fashion trends. Magenta lipstick and magenta eyeshadow are popular fall makeup looks you can have fun with this autumn.

Mustard yellow is another statement-making fall color you can work into your wardrobe. For example, mustard yellow platform shoes or clutches make great ensembles.

If you take a look at this product, you’ll see a strong presence of magenta, mustard yellow, rusty red, and maroon. Combining any combination of these colors can also work for any outfit — casual or formal.

Fuchsia is another popular color you can expect to see more of this fall. So, if you’re not feeling a dark red or purple lipstick, swap them out for hot pink instead!

  1. Plaid Overcoats

If you’re looking to splurge on a new coat, now is the time to do so before the frost arrives! There are a lot of plaid overcoats with fall 2018 fashion trends. And they’re the perfect option for business and casual wear alike.

Most plaid overcoats this season appear as if they’re designed for men. But many women’s clothing designers have feminized them for both catwalks and stores. You can expect to find a lot of plaid overcoats in gray, red, black, and beige.

Some coats are longer and have broader shoulder padding and sleeves than others. You can find others with more defined silhouettes, depending on your personal preference. Whatever style you choose for your overcoat, be sure to pair it with matching mittens, scarf, and hat!

  1. Billowy & Animal Print Dresses

This fall season, you can expect to see a lot of clothing articles reminiscent of the 1960’s and 1970’s. Billowy, prairie-style floral dresses are in this season. They’re the perfect choice for going apple picking or out to a restaurant.

The majority of these dresses come long-sleeved and fall just below the knee. Although billowy, ones made with silk and chiffon are very fitting. Look for ones with brown-blush palettes and pair them with brown heeled boots.

If prairie-dresses aren’t your style, never fear! There’s more sleek attire with 2018 fall fashion trends. And we’re seeing a homage to the 1980’s with lots of dresses this season.

Whether long or short, animal print dresses are in again this season. So are neon-hued, holographic ruffled dresses. Pair your dress with a soft leather jacket and you’ll be sure to turn heads.

Additionally, animal print coats are in style this autumn and winter. So, if you’re a fan of zebra, cheetah, or leopard prints, you’re in luck and can rock a printed coat all winter long!

  1. Printed Silk Scarves

If you’re going to rock a plaid overcoat this autumn, there’s nothing better than pairing it with a silk scarf.

Printed silk scarves a classic choice making a big comeback this autumn. They’re perfect for outdoor and indoor wear. And some popular patterns we’re seeing are plaid, polka-dots, and floral. We’re also seeing lots of printed scarves made with loose, fringed ends.

You don’t have to worry about matching your printed silk scarf with your coat, either. This autumn, fall trends are all about mixing and clashing…in small doses.

  1. Colored Sunglasses

Just because there may be leaves or snow on the ground doesn’t mean you can’t wear sunglasses. This season, put your standard brown or black sunglasses away. Swap them for something more colorful.

Though they may seem more appropriate for the spring and summer, tinted sunglasses are in. Rectangular, round, and oval-shaped frames are particularly popular. And many designers are using rosy, sky blue, and orange lenses instead of black.

  1. Layer Up!

Not only should you wear layers to block out the gusty cold winds this autumn and fall. If we’ve learned anything from the hottest catwalks this season, layering up is IN!

Parkas, overcoats, puffy jackets – you name it. The key to looking stylish this season is to make sure you stay cozy and warm.

Underneath your jacket, make a statement by wearing a solid-colored cardigan… and throw on a printed silk scarf while you’re at it!

Stay Stylish with Fall Trends This Autumn

Autumn isn’t over yet! There’s still plenty of time to rock these fall 2018 fashion trends. You can continue to do so well into winter!

Be sure to stay tuned for more tips on how to stay stylish throughout the colder months. Bundle up with these fall trends and let us know in the comments what your favorite looks are this season.

And in the meantime, don’t let your skin dry out due to the colder weather. Check out these 6 skin care tips to help your skin stay moisturized and glowing well into the warm months!

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6 Place You Can Buy Colorful Eco Bags From

6 Place You Can Buy Colourful Eco Bags FromDo you always end up spending extra on carrier bags every time you go shopping? Every plastic carrier bag you pay for is costly for both you and the environment. The environmental impact of plastic is akin to a horror story. By saving money on carrier bags, you can save the environment as well. You can buy printed eco bags instead of plastic ones. The printed fabric bags last longer than plastic bags and can be reused. You can buy printed eco bags of various designs to match your everyday looks. Before you can flaunt your green habits by using an eco-friendly bag, you need to buy them. 

Online Stores

The first place you can look for when looking to buy printed eco bags is online. You can find generic printed fabric bags on websites like Amazon. Different sized bags with different prints can be ordered from these online shopping sites. If you want something that looks less generic, then you can look for hand painted options. Many Instagram artists might be selling their artwork printed onto fabric bags. On Etsy, you can find hand painted as well as printed reusable fabric bags.

Custom Printed Items Shops

If you have any specific print in mind, then you can get that printed on fabric bags. There are printing shops both online and off that specialize in printing designs on items. At such shops, you can get everything from hats to mugs printed. After you find a shop, you can give them the image you want to be printed. Usually, the shops will have fabric bags, but their options might be a little limited.

Grocery Shops

Many grocery shop owners are opting to run a greengrocery shop. Hence, many grocery shops only stock reusable fabric bags instead of plastic ones. If you are not picky about the design of the bag, then you can save money by buying a cheap fabric bag from your grocery shop. You may not find fabric bags at every grocery shop. Big grocery chains tend to stock fabric bags.

Book Shops

Just like grocery shops, bookshops also tend to sell fabric bags. Bookshop fabric bags tend to be better designed than the ones that you might find at a grocery shop. You can choose to buy printed eco bags from bookshops even if you do not buy a book.

Flea Market

Flea markets have many handicraft shops. You can find printed or hand painted tote bags at flea markets. There may even be pop up shops where artists paint caricatures onto fabric bags. Browsing through your local flea market can help you find a customized or unique fabric bag that suits your wants.


If you are unable to buy printed eco bags that tickles your fancy, then you can make one at home. You can take an old T-shirt and make a cloth bag. After you make the bag, you can unleash your artistic side and paint it however you want. By recycling an old T-shirt to make a bag, you will be reducing your carbon footprint even more.

Try to find the perfect eco-friendly fabric bag or go ahead and make your own.

 This post contains affiliate links, which means I might receive a small commission if
you make a purchase using an affiliate link.

Eco Friendly Cleaning Safe For The Environment
Want to Create an Eco-Friendly Home? It is Easier Than You Think!

The Best Christmas 2018 Gifts to Get Him

The age-old question of what you should get your partner, father, or brother for Christmas can be a tricky one to solve. Here are some ideas if you struggle to get the man in your life something great for Christmas. 

A Shave Subscription

Shave subscriptions have really taken off in 2018. For a small fee each month, you can arrange for new razors to be sent to you and some even offer extra goodies like shaving gel and post-shave balm. With various price-points and plenty of different options on the market, if the man in your life likes a close shave then this would be the perfect gift he could enjoy all year round. 


It has finally been decreed that comfortable clothing is the way forward. If he spends all his time in suits during the day, why not get him some comfy loungewear to change into when he gets home. Long gone are the days of polyester tracksuits. This is the age of cashmere joggers and cozy jumpers. Everyone deserves to be comfy in their own home; so why not throw in a pair for yourself too?


Shoes are a great choice of a gift that can frequently be overlooked. Buying him a new pair of shoes can be a great way to ensure that his feet are kept warm and well-protected from the elements yet stylish. Chelsea boots are a particularly good option since they are extremely versatile both in their styling and their durability. Check out some great options here: 


There are always socks to fall back on. Whether you want to get him a bright pair of novelty, singing Christmas socks to bring a post-dinner chuckle or some vibrantly colored ones to brighten up his day-to-day office wear, there is plenty out there for you to choose from. With great materials like bamboo wowing consumers on the market, it will be easy for you to grab some amazing socks to liven up any outfit.

VR Gear

Forget the newest PlayStation game, the future is all Virtual Reality. More and more developers are bringing out VR games and it won’t be long before we see one of the distinctive headsets in homes up and down the country. There are many different options for all sorts of gamers; a hardcore fanatic will no doubt enjoy the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift whereas someone with a casual interest might feel more at home with the Google Cardboard. But don’t forget that if you are a gamer then speeds are where you win or lose in your online battles. With a little research, you will soon be able to pinpoint what is right for you.

Wireless Headphones

Gone are the days of frantically attempting to untangle headphones. Nowadays there is quite the selection of wireless headphones and earbuds available on the market. They come in all different styles while still offering the same quality of hearing you expect through any other device. They are also compatible with a variety of devices; so it doesn’t matter whether he is an Apple or Android man. If he is sick of getting tangled up in the gym or just wants a little more freedom during the commute, consider buying some wireless headphones.

Driving Experiences

Is your man a petrolhead? Do his eyes light up whenever a high-end car zooms up the street beside him? Why not treat him to a day out driving some of the best cars on the market today. Give him the chance to get behind the wheel of top engines like Ferraris or Aston Martins, or give him a whirl around the legendary racetrack of Silverstone.

Make-Your-Own Gin Day

The perfect gift for anyone who loves this particular alcohol. Many distilleries are adding their own mixing session to the end of their tour. Not only will you get to find out all about the process used to make gin, but you will also get the chance to choose your own botanical and aromatic extracts to create a unique blend of gin just for you.

Homebrewing Kit

Alternatively, if your man is more of a beer connoisseur, you might consider looking into a craft beer homebrew kit. One of these kits contains everything you could need to brew the perfect beer all from the comfort of your own home. It would be a great little project with some fantastic outcomes, and you as the present giver should obviously have the honor of first taste-test.

A Stovetop Pizza Oven

Always wanted to make your own authentic pizza but don’t want to put a pizza oven in the garden? If you cook with gas, this little gadget might be the perfect thing for you! This is the perfect gift for a foodie and can result in a great date or family night depending on who you gift it to. Who wouldn’t want to spend time with their loved ones making and eating delicious pizza?
This post contains affiliate links, which means I might receive a small commission if
you make a purchase using an affiliate link.