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The Lotus Trolley Bag Giveaway (2 Winners ~ $70 TRV) Ends 12/10 @LotusTrolleyBag @SMGurusNetwork

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Lotus Trolley Bag

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Remolding a Bathroom Consider a A Steam Shower

If you are looking at remodeling a bathroom or building a home here is an idea to consider, a regular shower or a steam shower?Remolding a Bathroom Consider a A Steam Shower

Let’s compare the two: You have options. You could have a regular shower or you could have a steam shower.

A regular shower is great but what if you could gain health benefits with a steam shower here are benefits:
Truth is a steam shower is a great way to wind down after exercise,
Helps the capillaries, which brings down your blood pressure and rids muscle waste.
Relieves congestion
Relieves Tension
Moisturize Skin
Improves blackhead removal
A steam shower has great health benefits

Depending on your skin type you can take steam showers several times a week and gain many benefits.

There is also the use of aromatherapy oils that can be used during a steam shower, it allows the user to directly infuse the steam with essential oils from inside the shower.

On another note you might ask, what about having a heated sauna in your home, let’s look at those benefits from Live Strong, “The difference between a sauna and a steam room can be summed up simply — dry vs. wet. Saunas provide dry heat, while steam rooms generate moist heat. Both can open up your pores, loosen up your muscles and help you relax”.

So there you have some comparisons for your consideration when remodeling or building a new home.

Home Series: Walk-In Showers and Stylish Showering Solutions for any Bathroom
Remodel a Bathroom With a Steam Shower
Home Series: Walk-In Showers and Stylish Showering Solutions for any Bathroom

5 Things You Should Know Before Buying Your First Vape

If you’re new to the concept of vaping, then choosing the first vape can be intimidating. The scene has evolved greatly since the first e-cigarettes were introduced and new players entered the game every day, all offering new innovations that make your choice even more difficult. But once you know the basics about different types of vaping machines, e-cigarettes, and other vaping accessories on the market, it becomes much easier to pin down what you should be looking for in a good vape machine. Here are a few things you should know before you start shopping for your first vaporizer.

5 Things You Should Know Before Buying Your First VapeHow Much are You Willing to Pay?

Vaporizers come in all shapes, sizes, and prices, and before you start searching, you have to determine your budget first. You can find starter kits for under £30 as easily as you find units that will cost in the hundreds of pounds, so the range is very wide. And you can find good options at virtually every level. A good place to start is with a classic pen-style starter kit. These are fairly affordable and easy to use too. You’ll have no issue finding a great pen starter kit, there are a variety of options here on that will suit your needs. They also sell more advanced units if you want to start with a more powerful machine and are ready for the steeper learning curve.

What do You Want to Use the Vape Pen for?

While we put this question at #2, it should really be the first on the list. What you want to use the vape for will dictate which device you should be looking for. You can use vape pens for a wide variety of uses, and not just to vaporize e-liquids. The settings in which you intend to use it is also important as well. If you’re trying to curb your nicotine itch and want something discreet you’ll be able to use at work, for instance, then a small e-cig might be a better option. You can also get a bigger unit for home as well if you want a better performing machine. It’s all up to you and what you want your vaping experience to be.

If you want more smoke, either for a more dramatic effect of you just want to enjoy a more fuller flavour, then you might not get what you’re looking for from a smaller unit. You might have to look into something bigger or start looking at vape mods instead. Vape mods will give you much more control over your whole vaping experience and will allow you to get the full range of intensity.

Also, if you’re going to pick a certain type of vaping device, you have to make sure that you pick the proper accessories to go with it as well. If this is going to be used primarily for e-liquids, it would be wise to buy multiple types of e-liquids, so you can test the waters and see which flavour profiles you’re most attracted to.

Know Your Inhaling Type

The way you actually inhale the vapor will also have a difference on which type of device you should pick. You have two different types of inhalers: direct-lung inhalers who like to send the vapor straight to their lungs and mouth-to-lung inhalers who prefer to let the vapor fill their mouth before they inhale it. Each device is made differently, and some will provide a better experience for certain types of inhalers than others.

How Easy to Clean is the Unit?

Will you be able to clean the unit you’re thinking of buying? This is a very important point to consider, especially if you are a beginner when it comes to vaping machines. Ideally, the vape that you will pick should have easily detachable parts and should be easy to clean. The average starter kit will usually come with tanks that can be cleaned, so make sure that you make easy hygiene a top priority when picking a device.

How Safe is It?

Safety is also an essential aspect to consider when picking a vape unit. You want the device to be safe, as well as the vapour that it will produce. You want to look for a device with multiple safety features like vent holes, firing button locks, and overcharging protection. You also want a unit that will not deteriorate and increase the chances of you inhaling dangerous compounds. This is why you should steer away from any unit with a plastic tank. Try to go with a glass tank instead if you want to reduce the risks.


Once you have the basics down, finding the best vape for you becomes much easier. Make sure to keep these points at the top of your mind when conducting your search for the best unit.

Ideas to Surprise Your Parents with Special Diwali Gifts

Ideas to Surprise Your Parents with Special Diwali GiftsDiwali is the famous festival of joy and happiness celebrated by the Hindus. It is the occasion which gives you quality time to spend with special people in your lives. People try to celebrate the religious Diwali festival with their family members. It is a perfect festival to spread some happy moments with your close ones in the family. Try to celebrate this Diwali with your parents in your hometown. You can make your Diwali celebration memorable by dedicating some unique gifts for Diwali for your loving and caring parents. It is in your hand to gift something special from your heart. Following are some useful and expressive gifts idea for your parents to fill their day with happiness. 

Religious Diwali Gifts:

Diwali Festival is a famous day for performing traditional Puja and rituals according to Indian Culture. You can make a perfect hamper by adding some divine Diwali gifts for your parents. Add all essential items like Puja Thali, candles, earthen lamps, and other spiritual things. You can also gift Gods statues like Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi as a symbol of prosperity.  It will be the best Diwali gift from your side to your parents. They will surely appreciate your gift selection on this memorable day.

Personalized Diwali Gifts:

Some occasions come in your life to share happy moments with your close ones in the family. Your parents also expect something special from your side. You can surprise them by gifting some personalized gifts like photo mugs, bed sheets, and wall decors on this Diwali. Try to choose some memorable pictures of their past time to print on gifts. The other idea is to dedicate a large photo frame of a complete family picture. You can also give a beautiful title to your family and take a print on the photo frame. Your parents will love to see such thoughtful gifts on this day.

A Surprise Dinner Party:

Diwali is the best occasion to give some fantastic surprises to your parents. You can organize a dinner party on the eve of Diwali. If you want to go outside for dinner, then choose your parent’s favorite restaurant for a party. You can even best cakes in Bangalore for the memorable Diwali celebration. Try to make it a surprise cake of their favorite flavors to give a healthy treat of the day. Your parents will never forget such a special Diwali party with all the family members.

 Holiday Package for Parents:

Your parents have done a lot to give you everything in life. They also deserve something best on this Diwali from your side. You can gift a holiday package to a beautiful destination for your parents on this Diwali. They can refresh their past time by visiting the scenic destination. You can also plan a tour after Diwali to give your parents the best time to live some unforgettable moments again in life. They will be thankful for giving them a chance to spend their holidays.

All of these ideas are perfect to give some joyous moments to your loving parents on Diwali festival.
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