California Design Den Sheets

400 Thread Count 100% Cotton Sheet Pure White King Sheets Set, 4-Piece Long-staple Combed Pure Cotton Best Sheets For Bed, Breathable, Soft & Silky Sateen Weave Fits Mattress Up to 18” Deep Pocket 

California Design Den Sheets Review
Source: California Design Den

100% Long Staple Pure Cotton – Sateen Weave
Imported from Ethically Certified Factory in India 

HIGHEST QUALITY BEST COTTON SHEETS: New Better & Improved 2018 Version – If you love the luxury and durability of hotel sheets and the look of crisp pillowcases, you’ll adore our Best Rated King Sheets, 400-thread-count weave. We use yarns made with 100% long staple cotton fiber and a gorgeous sateen weave. Our eco-friendly sheets retain softness for a lifetime and resist fading. Indulge in soft bed sheet set with detailed hem styling, also available in Twin, Full, Queen & Cal King sizes. 

KING Size Luxury 4pc Bed Sheets Set – 1 Flat Sheet: 112″ x 102″; 1 Fully Elasticized Fitted Sheet: 78″ x 80″ + 16″ finished deep pocket to fit mattresses from 9″ to 18″; and 2 King Pillowcases: 21″ x 40″. Our Deep Pocket fitted sheet feature Smart Head/Foot Tag to indicate the width side of the bottom fitted sheet for ease of use. EASY HOME LAUNDRY & QUICK DRY – Highest quality dye materials are used for fade resistance. Recommended for regular wash & short dry cycles for superior softness.

  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Our products are backed by incredible customer service; we are dedicated to making sure you have an excellent experience, from the moment you place your order until after you begin using your new bedding. ORDER NOW, there’s no risk. Our high-quality designs match any decor and make the ultimate gift idea for men and women, Moms and Dads, Valentine’s – Mother’s – Father’s Day and Christmas. Best for any room in your house – bedroom, guest, kids room, vacation home. In my opinion, these sheets are durable, wash up beautifully and so soft for sleeping comfort. I ordered the size that fits my guest bed so they will have a great night sleep. I was happy to have an opportunity to review this these super soft designer sheets.

Antique Rose Light Blue Black Blue Blush Chocolate Brown Indigo Batik Ivory Khakhi Light Grey Medallion Taupe Mod Lodge Multi Mod Spa Navy Dot Blue Pinstripe Light Grey Pure White Red Wine Sage Slate Grey Snowflakes Grey Sunrise Lavender Vanilla Yellow
KingCalifornia KingRV – Short QueenFull/Queen – Duvet Cover Set King – Duvet Cover Set King PillowcasesStandard PillowcasesAnd not only does California Design Den have sheets they also have other beautiful bedding, comforters, duvets and quilts in designer colors and patterns.

Tips on the care of sheets

Iron on the warm setting for that brand-new look and feel

Use only non-chlorine bleach

Wash separately from towels and jeans, which can cause snags and pilling

Rotate sets to extend the life of your linens

Store your fitted sheet and pillowcases inside the flat sheet

Line your linen cabinet with acid-free paper

Avoid storing in plastic containers

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California Design High Thread Count
4Piece Khaki Color Queen Size
White Color California King Dobby Damask Stripe Long
4-Piece Real Blue Color California King Damask Stripe

 Mother’s Day DIY Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is one of those holidays that sneaks up on you and you have every intention of hunting down the right gift, this year, give her something with character.

Mothers Day DIY Gift Ideas

These Mother’s Day Gift DIY Ideas and gifts suggestions, along with DIY present ideas are easy to create.

  1. Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Diy – Porcelain cup with your mom’s name

    Source: Pinterest

 It doesn’t matter if you’re a crafting specialist or novice, creating a DIY present comes straight from the heart, she’ll keep forever!

2. Mother’s Day Gift  Ideas Diy – Spring Flower Magnets 

Source: JoAnns

Give Mom’s fridge a fresh new appearance with some new flower magnets. She’ll really like making use of them to hang family members pictures and kids’ crafts.

3. Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Diy – DIY Photo Wall

DIY-Photo-wall-hanging Homey Oh My
Source: Homey Oh My

I’m also a mother, watching my kids grow up, I’m really pleased when the kids share our life into a photo wall, it is always an unforgettable gift, pictures keep giving.  Being sentimental bring tears.

  1. Mother’s Day Gift Ideas DiyCustomized Jewelry

    engraved and Photo Charm Necklaces
    Source: U & Jewelry

Customized Jewelry with mom’s name

Jewelry as a gift that’s always a hit?  Engravable necklaces with 1 or several charm’s that match mom’s style. Add a photo of you as well as your siblings as a reminder, she’ll appreciate the extra bling and thoughtfulness behind such a customized gift, for personalized jewelry, you can find ideas at u7 Jewelry you will find 80% off

5. Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Diy – Short travel

Mom is definitely the greatest profession on the planet, all year round and under no circumstances possess a holiday, in case you can arrange a brief trip to help her relax.  It would be great if that is possible.  Or it would be great to find a place to travel and have her join you there. A popular present for moms with green thumbs is a heart or oval-shaped garden stone for her outdoor world! When she’s planting or watering her flowers, she’ll think of you and smile, in particular, should you personalize the stone using a preferred quote or inspirational message.

6. Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Diy – Locket Necklace 

Source: u 7 Jewelry

Remain close to her heart using a keepsake necklace that encloses a specific photograph of your two of you. She can wear this every day or save it for special occasions, like her anniversary, birthday or Mother’s Day.

7. Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Diy – Create Mom a Sweet Mother’s Day Poem

At a loss for words to thank your mom for all, she has done for you over the years? Not to worry! Craft the right poem to go along with your Mother’s Day gift with the Mother’s Day poem generator. Merely choose a favorite sentimental or silly saying and fill inside the blanks to create a personalized poem for this Mother’s Day!  You can find the Tutorial right here, Poem Generator

8. Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Diy – Smartphone Case 

Shutterfly- Custom iPhone Cases
Source: Shutterfly

What about Mom’s phone with a personalized decorative case. Personalize it by adding photographs from your outings or adventures collectively, like that impromptu beach weekend or holidays spent at home. She’ll enjoy showing off pictures of her beautiful family! Shutterfly

9. Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Diy – Candy Flowers:

Source: Pinterest

Flowers or chocolates–so hard to decide on, so why not have each with this chocolate bouquet? Fabulous for Mother’s Day, Teacher Appreciation. Or, as my close friends know, I am happy to receive chocolate for completely any (or no) occasion would like to get the Tutorial for a Chocolate Bouquet

These Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Diy will make a perfect present to tell mom just how special she is this year. Great ideas for everybody to put together, these Mother’s Day crafts and gifts are amazing for any mom! Last but not least, family members being compatible is my mom favorite gifts.

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How Well Do Your Kids Understand Finances?

Making kids understand finances should be one of the priorities for every parent. The earlier you introduce the topic, the more comfortable they will be to handle their finances as they grow up.

How often do you discuss finances with your kids? Simple budgeting tips? Or involve them in financial decisions that directly affect them? Some parents feel it is not vital yet almost every decision they make will be influenced by their ability to handle finances; from credit cards to student loans.

Source: Pexels

As parents, finances are not always gratifying as sometimes you may find your credit score rating has gone down. You probably want to buy a house but don’t know if you can get some of the Best Mortgage Loans for Bad Credit. It is okay to make your kids see that you are not perfect and sometimes it is not as rosy as it seems.

The significant question here is, do your kids understand finances? How do you prepare them for the future?

1.    Talk openly about money

As a family, it may sound awkward talking about money when your kids are around. However, money should be an open discussion so that they can learn a thing or two.

At times, you can even talk about salary negotiation when they are around. Their age should not be a barrier. They may not understand every money term you talk, but that should not be an obstacle. They understand with time.

Talking about money does not necessarily mean it’s only positive, talk about even the challenges and struggles.

2.    Distinguish between needs and wants

As you know, there is a clear difference between needs and wants. Needs are primary and things you can’t do without such as food. Wants, on the other hand, are things that are not a necessity, you can do without them.

For children, you need to help them distinguish the two. Insist that needs are a must-do, but wants are optional.

3.    Live by example

Children’s financial habits are formed at a young age. There are claims by a study by Cambridge University that the habits start taking effect at age 7. Most of these habits are ‘borrowed’ from their parents.

As a parent, live by example. Most children will grow up looking up to their parents who act as role models. As such, if you impulse buy, they will take the same trait as that is what they know best. You may not see it, but your children are watching closely, they quickly pick up habits.

Lead a life that you’d want your children to take after. Avoid impulse buying, draft budgets and keep your expenses on the low.

4.    Introduce chores they can do to earn a small commission

Introduce the art of money when they are old enough to do tasks. Some simple house chores such as making their bed, cleaning the house or arranging the laundry area would be a great start. Give them weekly commissions depending on how much ‘work’ they have done.

Once children understand the art of earning money, they will ensure they work even harder to get more money. Such actions make them understand that money does not come in easily as they think.

5.    Saving Money
Children as early as five can do simple chores as discussed above. Where do they take the money they receive? Introduce a piggy bank or most preferably a transparent jar. The clear jar acts as motivation for them. If they put in $1 today, they’ll want to put in more so that they see the jar getting filled.

As the kids grow up, they understand the benefits of saving. Sometimes, they will need some toys, and they will take out a few of their savings to purchase them instead of asking you for money.

Also, teach them about credit. For example, your child comes and asks you to buy them some new dress they saw; however, instead of directly purchasing the dress, you agree to loan them, and they can always return with some interest.

Children learning about credit is important because they will understand that borrowing comes with a cost but stress on the importance of credit.

6.    Make them save for their future

As parents, we want to save for a secure education for our children. However, when they are in their teens, make them apply for summer jobs and save part of their money towards their college funds. Make them responsible for their education so that they can learn the value of saving for their future. Take them through retirement saving as well.

Parents will always want what is best for their children. If it means teaching them on financial freedom at a young age, it will be worthwhile. Challenges will be there along the way but how you handle your finances will determine the future of your kids. Instill financial values and see the positive results you get.

Kids as young as 6 and 8 can learn to start a business, read more at Business for Little Kids – How We Got Started

How have you helped your kids learn about economics, finances and saving money?

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Classy Wall Decor Ideas for Children’s Rooms

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Designing the best children’s room décor seems to be a daunting task to many parents. With countless options available on the market, most parents and children get overwhelmed and fail to create a well-designed room. Without proper planning, they create a cluttered space with poor themes and patterns. It is mandatory to have a clear plan before commencing the work. The plan should include genuine research and to consult a right expert, so that best results are achieved.  

The latest 3d gypsum panels offer a variety of wall décor that reflects the unique character of your child.
Source: CSI Wall Panels

Create a theme:

Parents need to spend some useful time to solicit from the child their interest in room décor. If your children do not like the room you have contemplated, they will not enjoy sleeping and spending their time in the designated room. Finding their interest is the responsibility of the parents. Hence, parents need to identify a theme for the children’s room and make the décor around this theme. For boys, the theme can be related to a sports hero or hobby such as cars, planes etc. For girls, the themed space related to colors, flowers, natural characters and so on. Wherever possible use a 3d panel to get the desired effect of your theme. Choosing an agreed theme seems to be a good beginning.

Wall accessories:

Having decided on the theme, making a wall décor is the next step to start. Wall accessories like wall art, wall decals make a great addition to the child’s room. By adding them, you can personalize the space as well make a character to the room. Factors like the style, color palette need to be considered while selecting the wall décor. Get the concurrence from your child before you order these wall décor accessories.

Accent furniture: 

Buying or making the accent furniture like bookcases, wall storage, mirrors make the room with completeness. These items add great benefits as well uplift the room décor. Choose these items that have a unique color, craftsmanship and even personalization. Buy the accent furniture that employs fire resistant board which offers perfect safety to your child.

Making of walls:

Source: CSI Wall Panels

Walls of the Children’s bedroom form a perfect platform for you to personalize the space with decorative touches.  The latest 3d gypsum panels offer a variety of wall décor that reflects the unique character of your child. Many of these panels transform the empty walls into some expressive characters or arts. Parents can look for the wall arts for their children which are well suited for a prominent display. Reputed firms provide an extensive assortment of design and styles of these modern wall panels. The Internet is the right source to find suitable wall panels. A full-wall map can serve a dual purpose of decoration and education. This will help kids in knowing geography later in life.

Wall murals and decals:

Parents can choose any wall décor that comes with several distinctive styles which can fit any available wall space. Themed collections of wall decals can subtly attract the small spaces. Otherwise, cover the entire walls with assorted murals to accentuate the small area. For girl children, use pink or purple wall decals that offer soft elegance to the room. For making bold statements choose the red or orange options for an eye-catching effect. These decorative accessories can easily be fixed gypsum board or standard walls.

Children’s Wall Art:

This is an amazing item that can make a perfect statement in your child’s room. A wall art fills the bare wall as well as complement your theme. Children feel comfortable when they are amidst color, design, and creativity. They function best in such surroundings. Also, you should match your child’s bedding with the right Wall Art, featuring animals, birds and so on.

Flexible wall décor:

Making a child’s bedroom should be an expression of who he or she is, hence it is vital to involve the pre-teen child. Know the interest, likes and dislikes of such child before buying or altering things in the bedroom. It is always wise to discuss with a pre-teen before buying decorative items and furniture. While planning the children’s room ensure the gypsum core board used on the wall, lasts long and allows you to do the up gradation as the child grows older.

Nursery Bedding:

Being a centerpiece of the room, bedding needs special attention.  Also, the bedding accessories should go along with the theme. A well-designed Nursery Bedding can make a real statement to your children’s room. This type of bedding has become a focal point in recent times. More than parents, children have become more familiar with the style and design of this unique bedding. Choosing a high-quality Nursery Bedding offers great comforts to children for a good sleep.

When it comes to planning children’s room decorations, parents should play a key role in knowing the interests and preferences of their children. They need to find the right answers for the question they have in children’s mind. Also, they need to choose the right colors and patterns which can make the space cheerful and dynamic. While creating a decor, parents need to see things through the eyes of their child. It is wise to hire the right interior designer who has a rich experience in designing children rooms. These experts know the recent trends as well bring new ideas that fascinate your modern child. The cost of hiring these professionals should be treated as an investment you make towards the well-being of your growing child.

Decorating the children’s bedroom is fun as well educative from the viewpoint of parents. The sky seems to be the limit, and there are no specific design formulas to stand on your way. Walls seem to be the most enjoyable part for kids. Walls provide things like large canvases that wait for bold colors and fun designs. With the above-referred tips, you can create inspiring walls and kick-start the design. Most of the ideas shared here are adaptable to fit your child’s interests and preferences. From toddlers to teens, the market offers numerous things that align with your ideas.

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