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Karren Haller // Oh My Heartsie Girl
Zen Your Home Out With These Gorgeous Decorating Ideas
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5 Great Things to Do in Havana

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Alice V // DIYerfy
Butterfly Birthday Printable Pack

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Purging With A Purpose
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18″ Doll Bumblebee Crochet Pattern
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Farmhouse Easter Decor Christina Elizabeth
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Kaycee Mason // My Crafty Zoo
Homemade Corn Nuggets
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Why Is Breakfast The Most Important Meal Of The Day

Why is breakfast important? Because People who have breakfast are more active both physically and intellectually

Healthy nutritionists consider breakfast as a more important meal than lunch and dinner. They substantiate their point of view by the fact that during sleep the sugar content in the blood decreases, and it needs to be brought back to normal in order to restore the energy balance. Healthy food recipes are not that frightening – you just have to try!

People who have breakfast are more active both physically and intellectually. Refusing to eat breakfast, a person deprives him or herself of a significant amount of nutrients, and it is difficult to compensate for their lack during the day. Why is breakfast important meal of the day People who have breakfast are more active both physically and intellectually

And one more argument in favor of breakfast: if you neglect it, it is much more difficult to maintain stable body weight, because the feeling of hunger will force you to have a snack, and this is usually something fat and high-calorie. So why don’t you want breakfast so often? This is because the dinner on the eve was too rich in calories, and the entire digestive system is overloaded. Let your dinner be light, then in the morning, you will definitely want to eat.

Remember: proper and regular breakfast reduces the risk of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases, stimulates the brain, energizes. An ideal breakfast should consist of cereals (energy source and of vitamin B), fruits (source of vitamins), dairy products (contain proteins and minerals). That is why we have prepared healthy food recipes for your perfect morning!

Healthy breakfast recipes

Are you tired of eating fried eggs and want to diversify your breakfast? Healthy food recipes here we have collected to make your day better from the very beginning: frittata, pancakes, croissants… Healthy breakfast recipes are for real gourmets. Minimum cooking time, maximum taste and variety. Healthy breakfast recipes with Minimum cooking time, maximum taste and variety

  1. It’s the first place among healthy food recipes in Italy! Lush Italian omelet stuffed with vegetables, cheese, and ham. Although the main advantage of frittatas is that, it can be cooked with anything.

Warm the oven up to 180 degrees. At this time, mix the eggs with salt and ground pepper. Cheese can be added immediately or already to the top of the ready omelet.

Cut vegetables and fry until half cooked (on a very slow fire). Then add the diced ham and pour in the eggs. When the eggs are half-cooked (usually it takes about 10 minutes), send the frittata to the oven. As soon as the top rises to the edge of the pan, the dish is ready. You can serve it on the table and enjoy one of your new favorite healthy breakfast recipes.

  1. Croissants with scrambled eggs. Quite a nice breakfast, which is to be prepared in 15 minutes. One thing: the chicken must be boiled in advance so as not to waste time on it in the morning.

Healthy breakfast recipes can be really nourishing: cut champignons and chicken fillet into small cubes. Fry in butter. Add salt, pepper, and cook for 5 minutes.

Beat the eggs with salt and pepper. Then pour the mixture into the pan to the chicken and mushrooms and bring to readiness.

Heat the croissants in the microwave. Make a pocket in each, carefully incised in the middle. Fill the bagel omelet with chicken and mushrooms. Add a couple of leaves of fresh salad. It’s one of the best easy healthy recipes – and you can even take it with you as a snack!

  1. Pancakes with apples and pears. Crispy pancakes with juicy stuffing inside. One of the sweet easy healthy recipes: 6-8 pancakes – a good breakfast for two.

Cut the apple and pears into large slices, remove the core. Pour water into a saucepan, put the fruits and place it on high heat. When the water boils, reduce the flame and let it cook for another 5 minutes.

While the fruit is being prepared, take the dough. Blend milk and eggs. Every 10 seconds, add a new ingredient: sugar, salt, oil, vanillin – and mix until smoothness. Then pour the mixture into a bowl of flour. Stir. As you can see, easy healthy recipes are suitable even for those, who are not that experienced in cooking!

Put the pan on medium heat. Grease it with a small piece of butter and pour a little dough (about a cup). Rotate the pan so that it spreads evenly across the surface.

Fry the pancake on one side until the dough starts to bubble. It usually takes a couple of minutes. Then turn the pancake over with a spatula and fry on the other side.

Repeat until the dough ends. Don’t forget about the oil each time so that pancakes do not stick.

Put the topping: the fruit should be soft, but not lose shape. Wrap the pancake. Top with cream or sprinkle with powdered sugar. Bellissimo! Your tasty, sweet and satisfying easy healthy recipes list is fulfilled with another one!

Healthy oatmeal recipes

Do you like to eat porridge and want to learn healthy oatmeal recipes? The most popular among healthy oatmeal recipes is the simple cooking of porridge with milk in a saucepan. Very hearty and healthy breakfast, especially if you add fruits or berries. But if you want to find out the simplest of healthy oatmeal recipes and spend even less time on cooking in the morning, then we present you the best recipe.Cooking oatmeal is one of the most filling, whether cooked or overnight oats

The lazy porridge in the jar: this is the best of the healthy oatmeal breakfast recipes, which is to be prepared in the evening before. So that the oatmeal is soaked with yogurt, you need to send them overnight in the refrigerator. Choose flakes that require long cooking. You will also need a jar or a container with a lid. In the evening, mix cereal, honey, and yogurt in a jar. Instead of yogurt, you can use milk or any other fat dairy product.

Send the jar overnight in the fridge. Berries and bananas or other fruits can be added immediately, but it is better to do this in the morning, just before breakfast.

Sprinkle with grated chocolate or coconut chips on top to make this dish just perfect!
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Senior Living Facilities Explained

The choices of senior living explained

The options are many when choosing which type of senior living facility would be best for you or someone in your family. Knowing about what each kind of living offers should help to make the right choice even though sometimes too many choices might appear somewhat confusing.  Evaluating the options with an eye on the needs of seniors can make the task easy and avoid chances of feeling overwhelmed. Having gone through the list of facilities and amenities offered by the senior living facilities, consider the cost and how it matches your budget. This should help to create a shortlist of facilities from which you can select one that works best for you.Senior Living ConsiderationsHelping Your Elderly Parents To Enjoy Happy And Healthy Lives Depends On Understanding and evaluating the needs of seniors

Home sweet home

Living within a family often provides more comfort to older citizens as they live among the loved ones while being cared in the best possible manner. Seniors who are still quite independent and need only little assistance would feel that homestay is comfortable for them. The caregivers support them in all activities of daily living as they help with meals, cleaning and any other type of support that seniors would need. However, the home would require some upgrades to make a safer place for seniors.

Independent living

Senior housing, retirement homes, retirement communities, and senior apartments are some examples of facilities created to support seniors who want to live independently. The centers provide the perfect setting for seniors who wish to lead a life free from worries and stay busy with the activities that allow them to live life in their own way. The opportunities of socializing are high in this type of community that provides an environment that supports a spirited living.

Residential care homes

This kind of facility recreates home care with some modifications and with the touches of community living.  Personal care homes and adult family homes are the other names of such facility which is ideal for someone who is looking for care in a more personalized home setting.  Besides the assistance for daily living and meal services, comfortable living is a big attraction to these homes.

Assisted living

Older adults who love independent living but not able to perform all their daily work by themselves and need some little assistance would benefit by joining an assisted living community.  Help is available for the members round the clock as the staff helps with meals, bathing, dressing, transportation, and housekeeping.  To allow social mixing most of the centers have common areas for dining and other recreational activities.  Some senior members might require more support especially those who have Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, and it should not be difficult to find an Alzheimer’s care near you as many of the assisted living centers have arrangements for it.

Nursing home

Adults who are in need of extensive medical support along with assistance in daily living activities would find nursing homes best suited. Those with debilitating conditions are unable to take care of themselves and require constant medical supervision that is only available in nursing homes.

Understanding the needs of seniors and matching it with the budget helps to decide the best option.
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Have You Ever Try Scuba Diving-3 of The Best Places in The US

If you haven’t tried scuba diving, there’s a great experience that you might not have tried. This outdoor activity is one of the best ways to spend your time especially when you are on vacation with a group of friends or family. It’s an exciting activity to while away hours as you discover new treasures especially if you choose an excellent diving site. Besides, don’t forget to have the right scuba diving equipment, a dive watch being a must-have gadget. These are the three best sites that every scuba diving enthusiast should consider visiting. The 3 best places to scuba dive in the US

1. Glenn’s Aquarius II Dive Shop

This facility is located in Monterrey, California and it’s one of the sites that you should plan to visit as a group. The Point Lobos State Marine Conservation manages the exact waters where scuba diving occurs. This agency is a little bit strict in that divers have to book their places before visiting the site. However, the alluring thing of this site is that it can accommodate as much as 30 divers at a go. Those planning to try scuba diving as a group will thus find the Glenn’s Aquarius II Dive Shop an appropriate place to have fun. It has the appropriate atmosphere that allows diving all year round meaning you don’t have to think too hard about when visiting the site.

It is also easy to navigate, and you don’t have to stay terrified that something dangerous might block your way through. Here you get the chance to see leopard sharks, and it is advisable to avoid getting too close as they are easily irritable. The only notable negative about this area is that impromptu diving sessions are hard to arrange. However, there is also a provision of making a reservation up to 60 days before when you intend to visit the site.

2. West End Diving Center

Located in Bonne Terre, Missouri, this is a place where those who love unearthing new stuff will feel at home. Formerly, the area was a minefield. After the exhaustion of the minerals, the miners left the site and withdrew all the barriers that they had set to prevent water entry. Water filled the site, and today it ranks high among the best scuba diving sites in the country. What sets this place from the other major diving areas is the presence of mining equipment such as shovels and picks. Therefore, as people dive, they unearth the lost treasures, and this makes the site very fascinating. It’s the perfect place to do a team-building exercise.

3. Olympus Dive Center

At Morehead, North Carolina, this is where you find this site. It is one of the most popular diving destinations as it offers another way to make the activity more exciting. Here, you can be assured of seeing at least five sand tiger sharks in a day. Typically, sand tiger sharks are known to hide and due to the large numbers of the fish in the diving center, seeing them looks normal. Also, it is a place whereby you can be assured of smooth navigation as there are close to no hindrances as you scuba dive. This characteristic makes the center a perfect place to hone penetration skills, especially for scuba diving newbies. Beautiful beaches and a great light house.

The above locations are just fascinating places, you should make a point of visiting at least two and enjoy the environment. You may come to discover a new way of experiencing time together with your loved ones that you never thought about before.

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