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Something Old is Something NewWelcome to all bloggers that want to boost your blogs by getting out old posts/stories shared again. Everyone seems to be enjoying the opportunity to share those old posts that your blog has archived, gone off the screen, buried unless you clean them up, refresh with a new message in your post and new pictures and message.  Then they’re ready for sharing on our “Something Old Is Something New” Linkup Bloghop!

By resharing old blog posts, a seasoned blog post can generate organic traffic. And chances are if a new blogger happens to stumble on your blog they haven’t seen the other 99% of your content. According to Neil Patel, it makes sense to make the most out of a “seasoned post“. But don’t take my word for it, read here Bring Old Blog Posts Back to Life: 5 Strategies that Work So with that let’s get busy and share those “OLD” posts. This week I have put them in order of the oldest starting back in 2012.

Bloggers are some of the most creative, imaginative and talented women and sometimes men. Whether you bake, sew, create crafts, recycle, upcycle or make home improvements, renovations, write about blogging, saving money, health, dieting,  how you built a business, or sharing an idea from an old post, this is going to be a great way to share those buried stories, archived stories!!

I love helping bloggers and promoting them, that’s why I came up with this event. I hope you will support the event each week, signup for early notifications and other upcoming announcements!

Get Ready For Sharing Old Post from 2015 2016 2017 2018
… Now I’m here to help you reinvigorate your blogs and help your SEO generate organic traffic.

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I hope that you will enjoy this new event,  as this week I am featuring a few blogs that followed the rules.

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Treat N Trick Nutella Yeast Bread Oldest Post 2-5-2012 Well, today this is our Oldest post shared, congratulations to Gale, I appreciate that you are sharing an old post, it will help generate “Organic Traffic” in Google!!

Treat N Trick // Nutella Yeast Bread Oldest Post to date was 2/5/2012
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Purple Hues and Me Faux Succulent and Woven Newspaper Napkin Ring 7-5-2014Purple Hues and Me // Faux Succulent and Woven Newspaper Napkin Ring 7-5-2014
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Comfort Spring Station Mango-Salsa Posted 4-20-2017 Comfort Spring Station // Mango-Salsa Posted 4-20-2017
This looks like a very refreshing salad, I always struggle cutting up mangos and I know there’s a trick, so I buy frozen
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A Day of Small Things A Little Love around the house Posted 2-11-2018A Day of Small Things // A Little Love around the house Posted 2/11/2018
Amy always has the cutest things in her home, some very small and always colorful.
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Our Unschooling Journey Through Life Pasta Salad with Grapes, Broccoli, and Olives Post Date 4-28-2018Our Unschooling Journey Through Life // Pasta Salad with Grapes, Broccoli, and Olives Post Date 4/28/2018
Fresh crispy vegetables in a mix of pasta with a delicious dressing, sounds good for outdoor meals
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5 Important Questions to Ask Your Plumber Before Hiring

What you should know before hiring someone to perform services in your home

You need the expert help of a professional problem with any complicated plumbing fixture defect. From clogged drains and sewers to leaky faucets and backflow of wastewater, an expert plumber is the only solution on offer. However, there are a few key questions that you need to ask your expert before hiring him.

 We have compiled a list of 5 important questions for you to ask your plumber to ensure you get deal for your buck. Plumbing is a difficult and tricky job, and since the workers will be working inside your property, it is important that you make your decision regarding Sewer line repair Virginia Beach only after favorable reviews from previous employers of the service.

So let’s have a look at the questions

Are they licensed?

This is the big one. A license holder ensures that the service and the workers are legal, trained workers and insured. Never miss out on the point of the valid certification for your expert plumber. Always ask first and make sure that you review at the very least three plumbers with respect to licensing and quotations.

What is the total cost?

Most of the professional services offer free estimates, but you should ideally get it in writing. A visual check is essential for an accurate quote so be wary of services who want to do this over the phone. Some estimates might look good on paper, but the cost goes up with the requirement of materials and fixtures.

Is it an hourly rate or flat rate?

You need to make sure of the payment policy for the plumbing service you are thinking about employing. There are two structures at work, the flat rate, and the hourly rate. The second one might be unfavorable for some as the longer the work continues, the higher you have to pay. So make sure you know the details to avoid unwelcome surprises later on. 

When is the payment due?

You need to ask the plumber when he expects to get paid. The payment protocols are different for various services and plumbers. If your expert is asking for the full payment before the job, you should be walking away. Most plumbers use a system of “milestone” which means paying off a certain percentage once a significant part of the work has been completed. Some will use the “number of day” system and ask to be paid after a certain number of days at the job. Always ask your questions before investing in a service. 

Who will be doing the work?

When you are going for a professional plumbing service chances are they will have a number of plumbers at their service. There will be a fleet of experts and work laborers working with the service. You need to ask about the plumber and workers who will be working at your property and about their experience, levels of professional courtesy and punctuality. If you do not feel comfortable with the personnel and they don’t not match up to your standards or the service cannot provide the details, you should keep looking.

Always invest in thorough research before investing in plumbing service. This will help you save time and money in the long run.
Professionals Every Homeowner Should Have Listed in Their Contacts
Are You Ready For The Plumbing Emergency?
Checklist for Having a Smooth Home Renovation Process
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