Would You Consider a Professional Dating Service

Before you start dating after a long relationshipWould You Consider a Professional Dating Service

The biggest obstacle and simply a mindset that you must be willing to learn. In doing research for my article I found that there is so much information online from other articles written, forums and groups on Facebook, actually all over the internet. I am not a psychologist or therapist so you may ask what do I know, well what I do know is that traditional dating is much different than when I was young or even after my divorce. After being married for 29 years of the 70’s 80’s and 90’s, I never dreamed I would be thinking about dating, but immediately I had friends that wanted to introduce me to men. Now in my business, I had opportunities to talk with men and it was easy to strike up conversations and learn about their lives but not from the standpoint of dating, but just having that type of relationship-friendship, “with men”. But when it came time to start dating I thought at the time, what do I do, how do I act? Crazy right, I was nervous and not at all at ease, so why was it so different, what made it so difficult. Well, I think it was a different mindset, that a man would see me differently somehow. You definitely feel like you are trying to make a good impression. But I had a few dates and realized it was not that hard, I had to think of the date more like a business relationship at first, then once I got more used to this new experience, I was more comfortable in moving forward. And everyone is going to be different in the way they approach dating after a long relationship, or maybe a partner passing. Some will tell you to wait for a period of time, especially if you have been in a long term relationship and there were unpleasant circumstances you would need to give yourself some time.

But moving forward into this decade its a whole new scene, there’s online dating and there are businesses like Yvonne Allen & Associates Unlike dating agencies and websites, Yvonne Allen™ and Associates provides consulting, matchmaking and search services for the discerning business and professional single.

As our consultancy is a boutique, we can tailor our approach to your needs and expectations. Our team is highly trained, caring professionals who ensure your confidentiality. Our profiling, interviewing techniques and one-on-one advice means that we are able to introduce you to people who are not only potentially compatible with you but who also share your relationship goals. Meeting our way gives chance a hand!

With an outstanding reputation, Yvonne Allen™ and Associates attracts successful, educated people who are passionate about life and wish to be more proactive when it comes to finding their partner.

And reading a bit about a dating service or matchmaking service, they can help make dating a smoother and easier time for someone just getting back in the dating scene when looking for someone to share your life with. There’s no reason to hurry, there is a quote: “Love is a friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses.”
By Ann Landers

And there might be a good amount of time before you find just the right person to fall in love with like me. But I also had some help, my friend introduced me to her dad and now she is my best friend and stepdaughter. I’ll bet you don’t hear that very often. But there have been some awkward moments if there are things in my marriage that don’t go well, so I just dont talk to her about it.

I found this fun post on Pinterest to give you some ideas “What to do on a first sate and 7 things to avoid”

What To Do On Your First Date and 7 Things To Avoid
Source: Pinterest What To Do On Your First Date and 7 Things To Avoid

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5 Cleaning Hacks for People who Hate Cleaning

5 Cleaning Hacks for People who Hate CleaningCleaning isn’t exactly the most exciting thing in the world is it?

When you’ve had a long day at work, the last thing you want is to get home and whip the vacuum cleaner out. However, we all want a home that’s clean and hygienic.

Having a tidy home isn’t just good for your health, it’s great for you too. Clutter and mess cause us to feel more stressed out. It reminds us of the things that we’re not doing and makes us feel guilty, so we can’t truly relax.

So, how do you find the right balance between getting on top of your cleaning, and still finding time to have a life?

It’s not as tough as you think, simply making a few basic changes to your cleaning routine can help to take the stress out of your chores. Visit clean4less – cheap cleaning supplies for the cheapest cleaning supplies available in the market.

Our Friends at Easyway Maid Service, who provide cleaning service in Austin share some of their best tips on a few hacks you can implement even though you might despise cleaning.

1.     Have a Clutter Basket

The first thing you’ll need to do when you start cleaning is to get rid of any trash left around the home. That means that you’ll probably have a trash bag in one hand, but in the other, find a basket or something similar that you can put small things without a home into. Spare batteries, scotch tape, and other things that you’re not using, but don’t know where to put can go into that basket for now.

While you’ll need to find a more permanent home for the things in your clutter basket eventually, it will help to clear up some much-needed space while you’re tidying in the meantime. What’s more, you may find it easier to track down the things you need in the future too.

2.     Know Where All your Supplies are

One of the main things that make cleaning last longer is having to run around your home looking for bleach, or window spray when you need it. Rather than just leaving your cleaning supplies in the last room that you used them for, make sure that you have a tub full of must-haves in a specific place. This will make it easier to find everything you need as and when you want it.

Make sure that your “essentials” tub is stocked up with microfiber cloths, rubber gloves, and even green cleaning solutions that you’ve made yourself. Ensure that you add any items that you run out of during your cleaning spree to your shopping list as you go. This way you won’t be left without the next time you reach for a sponge or spray.

3.     Do Ten Minutes at a Time

The more you ignore your cleaning ritual, the more things will start to build up. Eventually, it starts to feel as though you’re doing a spring cleaning session every time you get to work on your home. To avoid exhausting cleaning habits, try keeping on top of the little things. Setting a timer on your phone for ten minutes of tidying per day is an excellent way to ensure that things don’t get too out of hand.

You’d be amazed at how much you can do in those ten minutes. You might be able to put some clothes away, do the dishes, or even just clear up some clutter around certain rooms. If you have extra time in the day, you can always upgrade to two ten minute slots.

4.     Invest in an Upgrade

How much do you hate cleaning? Is your desire to avoid it enough to convince you that it might be worth buying some self-cleaning tools? For instance, there are plenty of robotic vacuums out there today that can keep on top of dust and grime without costing too much money. You can usually get a reasonably good one for $50 or less.

On the other hand, there are also self-cleaning bowl washes that clean your toilet bowl whenever you flush – those are pretty cheap too. Explore your options – even your cat can have it’s own self-cleaning litter tray these days. You’ll still need to do some things yourself, but there’s nothing wrong with having help.

5.     Set a Ritual and Stick to It

Most importantly, if you want to get on top of your cleaning, the best thing you can do is stick to a ritual. Write out a list of the tasks that you’re going to do each day if you need to and start there. It’s too easy to get overwhelmed when you decide to tackle everything all at once, and you’ve done no prior planning.

A good way to make your ritual more appealing is to add a small reward to it. For instance, save that show, you’ve been waiting to watch on Netflix until after your big cleaning session. That way you can sit back, relax and enjoy yourself after a job well done.

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4 Things You Need To Do After an Motorcycle Accident

4 Things You Need To Do After a Motorcycle AccidentAfter being involved in a motorcycle accident, once you’ve brushed yourself off and gotten back up to your feet, you have to take particular steps to ensure that you make a full recovery and get the compensation that you deserve. Even the smallest of actions could have serious repercussions going forward, so it is essential that you gather your thoughts, remain calm, and stay logical.

Put the following advice into practice as soon as you can in the wake of your motorcycle accident

Check yourself for injuries

 The most important thing that you must do in the aftermath of your incident is to check yourself for injuries and perform first aid if needs be. Everything else can wait at this point — your health is the most important thing. If you feel that you or anybody else involved in the accident are in desperate need of medical attention, phone for an ambulance right way.

 Rest assured, calling for help will in no way see you be held responsible for the incident that has occurred.

 Take photographs of the scene

Provided it is safe to do so, and you are not suffering from any ailments, you should take photographs of the scene of the accident. By taking snaps (from a variety of angles, if you can), you will provide yourself with stone cold evidence with regards to what has transpired. This means that nobody will be able to extort the truth should your insurance company or the courts get involved at a later date.

When taking photographs, it’s important that you do not tamper with the scene (either inadvertently or not). If you are found to have tampered with the evidence, not only will your claim be thrown out of the window, but you could also find yourself in hot water with the authorities.

Call the police

If you phoned for an ambulance, then the police will arrive on the scene as standard. If you did not call for medical assistance, however, unless they just so happen to be driving past at the time, the police would not turn up. You need them to be there, though, as the official report that they draw up will constitute as being a comprehensive piece of evidence. No matter how severe or innocuous you deem your accident to be, then, be sure to get the police on the scene as soon as you can.

 Get in contact with a motorcycle accident attorney

To give yourself the best chance possible of earning the compensation that you deserve (should you deserve it, of course), you have to align yourself with an attorney that practices solely in motorcycle accidents. This kind of lawyer, the likes of which can be found at 1800vincent.com, will have expert knowledge with regards to the ins and outs of this kind of case. This knowledge will no doubt make your life a whole lot easier going forward.

 As soon as you are clear of mind and ready to move forward after your motorcycle accident, you should put the above advice into practice.

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