Enhance Your Writing With Metaphorical Language

You probably use metaphors every day when you speak in conversation. Even if you don’t realize you do, these small pieces of comparative language help us contextualize our world. The power of these comparisons engages parts of the brain that evoke emotion making us love the written word or hate a piece of prose altogether. Learning how to wield these valuable tools can transform your writing regardless of the format. Vocabulary


The human race has relied on stories for thousands of years to relay important information, warn others about particular events and pass down morality tales. From Aesop’s Fables to the Bible to the current latest genre book, metaphors help us relate to our world and transform the written word. A metaphor compares two ideas or things that may seem completely unrelated or be similar. The figurative language tool adds deep layers to your writing. Similes are similar to metaphors but use comparative tools like or as to make the comparisons. Metaphors are much deeper and creative than similes.


When you strike the right balance between clarity and interesting, the language excites and engages the reader. Figures of speech like metaphors can enhance the power of the writing when wielded effectively. Here are some examples of what a metaphor looks like. He melted her heart of ice. Her image danced upon the water. A river of tears washed down her face. 


Learning how to properly wield the tool can evoke longing, sadness, joy and anger in the reader. Metaphors can spur someone to take action that they may not have otherwise such as finally getting on board with recycling or adopting a child or regularly brushing their teeth. Poetry, fiction, memoir, creative nonfiction, short stories and even blogs all benefit from using metaphors to spice up the writing. Adding visual elements to your writing


Overusing the figures of speech can bog down your writing and create confusion. While metaphors are a great way to address complicated topics to help readers understand, they can also confuse the reader if the comparison is off or too many are used. Forcing the figures of speech into your writing slows it down and pulls the reader out. Cliches are metaphors that are overused such as it’s raining cats and dogs. Steering clear of them can enhance your writing. Sometimes they can add a cheesy element if that is what the writer wants. Some cultures and parts of society may not appreciate metaphors. When using metaphors to pertain to certain cultures, be sure that the metaphor comes across as intended. Certain metaphorical language may go over the heads of your readers or confuse them on the meaning.


Figures of speech can have a positive impact on your writing. Whether your child turns in a short story or an essay on environmental pollution, well-placed metaphors can impact the reader in ways other forms of speech do not. Use them wisely to help the reader understand a complicated topic or engage their emotions.
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How to Choose a Travel Companion

How to Choose a Travel CompanionAre you tired of traveling alone and prefer to traveling with a companion that will make your trip more engaging, then do not worry? There are very different sources where you will find them. Or go online, where you can definitely find many travels associated sites, or simply travel around your area and look for an alternative friend if he/she wants to travel with you. These are the different factors that you would like to think about if you want to look for a travel companion:

The age of your travel companion

Would you rather have a travel friend elder or younger? There are different advantages and disadvantages of your options. If you are traveling with a younger person, you are more likely to be young and enthusiastic; There is more fun when you have a younger traveling companion. However, you must be content with your volatile mind and your childish behavior.

On the other hand, older people can have huge data and even a travel experience that certainly has no negative aspects to discover. However, they can act as a mother or father rather than being a traveling friend. Better yet, why not agree with someone your age?

Travel experience of your companion

If you do not like your travel friend destroying your mood with countless travel stories, you should find someone who does not have travel experience. Also, you can explore new areas and experiment together. However, if you want to have fun with your trip and do not waste time trying to decide which way to go, in which hotel to stay or how to combine well with the culture and perspective of foreigners, it is better to choose a traveling companion that is abundant. Trips experienced.

Spiritual Companion

This can be best expressed as you wish during your trip. There are groups of world-class elite companions who love the search for a good spiritual companion during the trip. Therefore, you should consider how willing your travel partner is to share a romantic relationship with you during the trip or once. You will not want to offend someone with your strange movements all the time filled with whoever you are on the road. Otherwise, you are sure to spend the rest of the travel time struggling with your traveling companion.


This can be an area that you should not forget when looking at a traveling friend. If the reason you want to obtain a companion while traveling is that someone shares travel with the expenses. Above all, he/she should be open about the types of costs that he is willing to endure and crave for any negotiation.

To find an excellent travel companion for you, go to the websites with the advanced search option. This can practically make you choose the simplest travel companion based on your considerations or standards. Once again, you are interested in owning your life.
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A Guide to New York City Fashion Events

If there’s a prime location in the United States for fashion, New York City is it. With September arriving, it’s the perfect time of year with the coming of NYC’s bi-annual Fashion Week. People planning to attend any of these events may be a little overwhelmed as there is just so much going on. Here’s a rundown of what can be expected from Fashion Week.

 Image via Flickr by 1000heads

The Beginning

There’s a lot to see during any fashion event, and NYFW boasts a series of different ones. The week officially begins on September 4 and 5 with designers and influencers discussing their works. The first runway shows begin on September 6 with Art Hearts Fashion and Style Fashion both starting the first of a full weekend’s worth of runway shows.

After September 6, NYFW really takes off. It features multiple shows a day from different designers and their companies, and there’s not one that any enthusiast or buyer would want to miss. This is, after all, the place to see the newest fashions from the top designers in the industry. The weekend NYFW takes off is arguably the most exciting time. Make sure to check out the shows and not miss a single one that sparks your interest.

Not Just Clothing Fashion

There’s much more to NYFW than just clothes and runways. There are events dealing in accessories and make-up. September 12 and 13 will see the Make-Up in New York exhibition where professionals will share the new trends.

The Berta Trunk Show New York is a must-see for any bride planning the perfect wedding. This show is specific to weddings with a wide array of dresses, veils, bridesmaid collections, florists and their art, decorations, cakes, and everything else for the perfect wedding.

Men’s Fashion

The Metropolitan New York Footwear, Apparel and Accessories Marketplace in the Meadowlands on September 12 and 13 is the perfect place to go when searching for the newest in men’s fashion. Companies here will unveil their newest in boy’s and men’s clothing, sportswear, footwear, and more. Don’t miss this amazing event to stay up-to-date on fashion, guys!

The Style Fashion Show previously mentioned will also be showing off some men’s party wear. It is the perfect place to see the next dapper suit to blow away any admirers at your next dinner party.

Riveted and Tired

After a long and exciting day, there is nothing nicer than retiring somewhere comfortable for the night and resting up for the next day. The Meadowlands is the perfect place to book overnight stays, offering many different choices. The rates are affordable, and with it being right outside of the city, it’s a quieter place to get some sleep. With all of these options, the likelihood of all the rooms being occupied (from all the traffic coming in for the shows) is also low.

NYFW ends September 14, but there are events that run through October that deal with the fashion industry. There’s no way to bring in the fall like exploring all the new and trendy fashions.
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Cities Less Traveled: Visit Montclair Like a Local

Uptown Montclair NJJust visiting the Montclair township for the first time, and don’t know where to go? There are many great activities that you can do in Montclair which will make you feel at home like a local, even if you’ve never been to New Jersey before in your life. Below are some of the interesting things you can do when next you visit this less-often traveled city.

Visit the Yogi Berra Museum and Learning CentreYogi Berra Museum

This is one of the best places to visit whenever you travel to this New Jersey municipality. Whether you’re a young person or just young at heart, you’ll find the learning center interesting. This is because you’ll be sure to learn new things that’ll shape your character and motivate you to explore the various exhibits on display. Another plus for this awesome location in the town are the values of respect, social justice, sportsmanship, excellence, and other forms of culturally diverse practices which it promotes.

Explore the Rose Garden at Brookdale ParkEssex Country Rose Garden

 Image via Flickr by Christian Ferrer

In June 1959, this garden of roses was established in the community. One remarkable thing about this garden is the way it’s been maintained by volunteers in the community. This they do by ensuring that the natural fragrance and appearance of this awesome sight isn’t tampered with. Take for instance, instead of making use of herbicides and fungicides to weed the garden, they do it mechanically.

Although it started operations with about 650 rose bushes consisting of about 85 varieties, it’s grown amazingly over the years to a garden with about 1,500 bushes of over 100 varieties. This means a lot to anyone who loves to explore the beauty of nature.

Have a Taste of the Local Dishes at Mundo Vegan Mundo Vegan Restaurant

If you’re just visiting the town for the first time, it’s awesome to choose a centrally located hotel accommodation. One, this helps you to be in the center of the city, hence making it possible for you to visit great places in the community easily. Not only that, you’ll be able to have a taste of the local dishes at Mundo Vegan.

Still wondering what Mundo Vegan is all about? It’s a vegan and gluten-free restaurant serving local dishes in the center of the city. Some of the dishes you’ll find here include cashew cheese, black-eyed pea stew, hummus platter, Massitas, organic lasagna, and so many more.

Watch a Performance at the Wellmont Theatre wellmont-theater-montclair-nj

Are you a fan of live shows? Then the Wellmont Theatre is the place to be when you visit this township. Here, you can have a taste of what a traditional theatre is all about. With its live movies, concerts, and performances, you’ll never get bored coming here after a hectic day.

Montclair town is also the home to the campus of the Montclair State University. It’s known for being the town of writers, artists, and musicians who add to the vibrancy of the community. The activities mentioned in this post will make your stay in this community a memorable one.

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