A Step by Step Guide on How to Make Your Own Bridal Shower Invitations

A Step by Step Guide on How to <center>Make Your Own Bridal Shower Invitations
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When the average cost of an American wedding is over $33,000, you may be looking for ways to cut down on costs and be more hands-on. While it’s easy to just purchase things and be done with it, it can quickly add up.

In this article, we’ll tell you how to make your own bridal shower invitations so you can save some money and put your creativity to work.

Use Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a free program that lets you create cards and graphics for any event. You may be worried that you need to have experience in graphic design to use it, but that’s not the case at all!

Adobe Spark is designed so that any average person can navigate through the templates and customize them to make them their own. Read on to find out how to create your bridal showers invitations.

Select a Size

The size of your invitation matters. Thankfully, the program has many preset dimensions for things like social media and print. If none of the preset dimensions are to your liking, you can also customize them yourself.

Upload Your Photos

If you have pictures you want to put on the card, this is where to upload them. Otherwise, you can either choose from Adobe’s free stock photos or skip this step.

Design Your Card

In this section, you can go wild with creating your card. Put the text on, edit the colors and font, add icons and logos, and choose from a number of layouts. You can even resize the card if you decide you like another design better.

Send out Your Invitations

Once you’re done creating your card, you can do one of two things. First, you can download the card so you can either print it out or email it to your list.

The other option is clicking on the “share” button. Here, you can share to Facebook, Twitter, or Google Classroom. Or you can generate a link or send the invitation to your mailing list on Outlook.

If you feel like your design is particularly good, you can even publish your project. That way, others can use your card as inspiration, and Adobe may even feature your invitation on their Spark website.

Make Your Own Bridal Shower Invitations for a Personal Touch

When you make your own bridal shower invitations, not only do you save money, but you also add a personal touch to it. Your guests will appreciate that you’ve taken the time to customize your invitations and not send out generic cards.

So instead of splurging on bridal shower invitation cards, put away your wallet and save that cash. Put it toward something more important, like the wedding itself, your honeymoon, or a down payment for your new home. It may not be much money tucked away, but it’s definitely a start.

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4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Look Without Breaking the Bank

4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Look Without Breaking the Bank                               Photo by Igor Starkov on Unsplash

It’s human nature to want to look good, but when you don’t have an extra cash flow, everything else can seem far more important. If you don’t feel great within yourself, you’re not going to be the best you can be. It’s worth finding ways to make yourself feel better and if that happens to be switching up your look, then don’t leave your happiness on the back burner to melt away. Here are four simple ways you can look and feel good on a budget:

Be like the Cheshire Cat

Looking for a super simple way to improve your look without spending a cent? Smile. Smiling not only makes us more attractive, but it is also scientifically proven to improve our moods. Smiling is also great for meeting new people, as others are more inclined to approach you if they think you’re friendly. If you’re not overly confident with your grin, invest in some teeth whitening. It’s relatively cheap and can make a big difference.

Get your hair done

For many, there’s no better feeling than strutting out of the salon with a new do or some highlights. Don’t deny yourself this simple pleasure just because many stylists can be pricey. There’s actually quite a few budget options out there and, surprise, the hairdresser at the place that wants $50 went through the same training as the one at the salon that wants $500. If you really want a change but don’t want to drop the money on it, get a good natural box dye, but just be sure to follow the instructions exactly and get a leave-in treatment to repair your hair afterward.

Update your wardrobe

Updating your clothing can make a big difference in how others view you, and, more importantly, how you view yourself. Everyone should have their staples that define the basis of their look and a few timeless fancy outfits (hello little black dress / perfectly tailored suit) in their repertoire, but sometimes you just need to mix things up a bit. If your bank account is telling you that the stars just won’t align for a trip to the mall, consider hitting up your local thrift shop. You can often get tip quality for bargain prices and even find clothes that are on-trend but not identical to what everyone else is wearing at the moment.

Practice self-care

Are there things you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t had the time or motivation? Make time, get out there and do them. People who are happy and fulfilled naturally look better so even if the only thing on your self-care to-do list is to have a bath once a week, make sure you do it. Building a bucket list and actively working towards it is another way to fulfill this tip. What matters most when checking off bucket list items is how it makes you feel.

Looking good doesn’t have to mean spending the big bucks, it can be as simple as getting up a little earlier and giving your hair a deep treatment before work. We all strive for perfection but once you realize that the way you are is perfect for you, everything else should start it fall into place naturally. Do your best to change anything you don’t like, except that which cannot be altered and get out there and live your best life.
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This post may contain affiliate links and it is a way for the site to earn advertising fees and I might receive compensation at no additional cost to you if you click on an affiliate link.