Top 5 Things You’ll Learn from Dating a Single Parent

Top-5-Things-Youll-Learn-from-Dating-a-Single-ParentSingle parents are a special breed of people with superpowers that transcend far beyond what mere mortals consider physically possible. Dating them will show you that you too are pretty special regardless of the fact there is lots of room for improvement, such as with your overall managerial skills. Whether you’re looking to meet single parents online or there is already someone in your life that you see yourself with, read on to find out about the top 5 things you’ll learn from dating a parent who is raising kids on his or her own.

#1: You’ll Learn to Prioritize

Single parents can prioritize better than your CEO. Their time is limited, it belongs to someone else, and they may or may not have help, which means most of them to rely on themselves to get through the day. They’re facing potential crisis situations pretty much 24/7, and have to do their best to prevent problems. Between making meals, giving baths, dropping their kids off and picking them up, and spending some quality time with them, a single parent can make the right decision when faced with a dilemma in a split second. The more time you spend with them, the more you’ll learn about prioritizing and recognizing which tasks require your immediate attention, and which ones can be put off until later.

#2: You’ll Improve Your Time Management Skills

A hectic day at the office is like a regular half-hour in the life of a single parent. They have to manage their time down to the very nanosecond to be able to get everything done. Single parents do this by always putting someone else’s needs first, and they have nobody to share the responsibility with. Anyone who’s ever had to take care of a child by themselves knows that the one thing you can’t explain to yourself is what did I spend all my time on before I had a kid? Is it possible I was so inefficient? Yes, it’s possible. Nobody knows efficiency better than a single parent. If you’re wondering how they could ever find any time to date, the answer is this: they can’t. They make it the time provided you’re super special.

#3: You’ll Learn What You’re Super Special

Single parent dating literally does wonders for your self-confidence. When you know the insane schedule of a single parent, all the things they have to do in a day’s time, and all the responsibility their every decision brings with it, you can’t help but think they’d be crazy to waste their time on such a petty thing as dating. However, the fact that they want to make room for you in their busy lives, and spend time with you instead of napping, getting some shut-eye or dozing off means you must be pretty freaking special. Just keep doing what you’re doing and stay true to yourself, and the single parent who’s elected to date you will be genuinely happy next to you.

#4: You’ll Find New Respect For Your Parents

If you don’t have kids yourself and don’t know the struggle of raising a family first-hand, you’ll have front-row seats to it if you date a single parent. Most parents try to hide this struggle from their children because it’s not the children’s fault so they grow up not knowing what it really took to raise them. If your parents managed to do this with you, you’ll find new respect for them and everything that they did.

#5: You’ll Learn to Date Responsibly

Notwithstanding the fact that dating parents is extremely rewarding, single parents go through a tough time raising kids on their own and trying to have a social or romantic life. That’s why if a single parent likes you, only date them if you think you’re up for the task. Dating a busy person with a ton of responsibilities takes a lot of maturity, and if you don’t think the two of you are on the same page when it comes to expectations, don’t waste their time. Dating is supposed to be a filter, not an additional burden, and a single parent simply doesn’t have time for you to make up your mind whether you like them or not, and whether you want the same things.
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Where to Purchase Good Hair Weave from Online Weave Stores

Where-to-Purchase-Good-Hair-Weave-from-Online-Weave-StoresThere are many places to buy Hair Weave online, but the only best place you can get high-quality one is Luvs hair. This online platform is tested and trusted. It is not a scandal but a mere fact! A thousand of reviews from different customers from different origins has solidified this fact. However, before I talk more about Luvs hair, I will discuss what brand of human hair is the most excellent weaving hair? On this page, you will discover a variety of types of human hair available in the market nowadays. Virgin texture hair is widely acknowledged, and renowned as the best grade of weave hair for it is 100% unprocessed human hair. This piece can be curled, colored, dyed and beached. The most popular types of human hair are Peruvian, Brazilian, Indian and Malaysian Hair. So this article will discuss each type one by one.

Different Types of Human Hair Weave

Peruvian Human Hair Weave

This type of human hair weave is soft, lightweight, free-flowing, thicker and luxurious. That is precisely why some beauticians and hairdressers labeled it beautiful bouncy hair. It is somewhat coarse hair and more viscous than Brazilian hair and Indian hair. You can find this hair in a variety of textures from natural wavy, curly to straight. You can go for whatever surfaces that suit your preferences. It blends well with relaxed hair textures.

Brazilian Human Hair Weave


Brazilian hair is durable, thick, and luxurious. It shines on its own and regarded by every woman of all ages as arguably the best textures for African American women. Without a doubt, Brazilian hair is the most versatile and popular textures nowadays. Its surface is soft and medium-coarse, and it blends well with all types of hair ethnicities from Caucasian to African American. Its color varies from dark brown, light brown and even natural to dark colored black. The most famous Brazilian texture has been body wave, which can be styled bone straight, or just wet to wear a curly or wavy look.

Indian Human Hair Weave

Indian hair is also thick, light and bouncy. It is the best weave hair types. On what grounds; it has the most gelatinous texture and offers various hairstyles like the curly, wavy and straight style. It curls and straightens very quickly. Besides, it shines with its low luster. Indian hair varies from body wave, curly, loose wavy and straight textures. It fits almost all women of all ages since this hair is much textured and comes with a very natural luster which makes it most-sought-after hair and must-have for every classic woman.

Malaysian Human Hair Weave

There is no much difference between Malaysian hair and Indian hair. They are very alike! The only difference is that Malaysian hair is silkier and softer than Virgin Indian hair. It has medium to high luster and shine, can seem too gleaming at first but when the hair is cleansed a few times thus the initial shine wears off, and it carries a medium gleams that resembles very healthy hair. Malaysian hair always comes in naturally curly, straight, and wavy textures.

Other human hairs that are not widely recognized include:

Russian Human Hair Weave is short in supply to go around. Due to that makes it the priciest of Virgin Hair extensions. It is not only amassed from European markets, Asian markets but has Caucasian descent as well. It is somewhat more beautiful and thinner than all of the other hair mentioned earlier. It is easy to style, but it may be challenging to combine with real hair depending on your actual hair texture.

Eurasian is a combination of curly textures and natural wave which hold its pattern, even after straightening. It is the most exquisite mixture.

Mongolian and Cambodian are very alike as the textures straight on its own. The hair does not naturally come in wavy or curly textures which make the hair best for wearing straight styles. Also, this piece does not have a curl pattern or natural wave when wet.

What is Good Hair Weave?

A Good hair weave is 100% unprocessed virgin human hair that you can only find on Luvs hair’s platform. It comes in different types of human hair such as Virgin Peruvian, Virgin Brazilian, Virgin Indian and Virgin Malaysian Hair. They are distinguished by a particular texture and available in various wave patterns which include wavy, straight, tight curly and deep wave.

Qualities of the right hair weave

  • It must be 100% unprocessed virgin human hair.
  • Its donors must be traceable.
  • It must look like natural hair.
  • It must blend perfectly and spotlessly with your actual hair.
  • It must seem to shine, curl, and wave.
  • It must speak fashion and rock the world of beauty.
  • It must be bouncy.
  • Coarse must be its feature.
  • It must last at least a year.
  • It must be of high-quality.
  • It must be something you can dye, color and beach.
  • It must be lightweight and free-flowing.

Where to purchase the right hair weave?

The only best online platform to buy right hair weave that will last between one to three years is Luvs hair! Luvs hair offers a unique and globally-renowned texture of different types of Virgin Human Hair such as Peruvian, Brazilian, Malaysian and Indian hair that blend very well with every natural hair ethnicity. Here at Luvs hair, we want our shoppers to straightforward understand the qualities of hair without being bombarded by just a brand name. Our shoppers love the real flexibility and versatility of our 100% unprocessed human hair, and they are relatively easy to blend with any natural hair texture. So putting on hair leave-out in a sew-in is never a problem to mix when it comes to hair products from Luvs hair. Shop now at, and you will be glad you did.
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Anti-Inflammatory Mango Smoothie and CBD Oil

Anti-Inflammatory-Mango-SmoothieIs pain normally a part of aging, or from past injuries? After reading some interesting articles and searching for how to get rid of pain, either through physical therapy or using OTC meds or even prescriptions I stumbled on a smoothie made using Mangos, Bananas, Turmeric powder, almond milk. I was all for trying the recipe as I can’t take ibuprofen as it started hurting my stomach, a good sign it’s a bad thing. I will do anything to alleviate the pain I am experiencing without the use of drugs. The natural way is the best way.

Turmeric comes from the root of the plant and is considered an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. In an article in 2018 (1) “Science has started to back up what Indians have known for a long time–it really does contain compounds with medicinal properties.” These compounds are called curcuminoids, the most important of which is curcumin.

Curcumin is the main active ingredient in turmeric and has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and a very strong antioxidant. However, the curcumin is best eaten with a fatty meal like my recipe has coconut oil for the body to absorb into the bloodstream, and I have read that adding “black pepper” helps the absorption of curcumin. (So to be clear, and not confusing, curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric.)

I’ve been looking for more alternative ways to help my pain, recently I had a flair up of Bursitis in my left leg while dealing with lower back pain from accidents years ago. So this recipe is just one that I have made exclusive for inflammation and just one way I am getting relief.  I found the original recipe on Pots and Plants after she shared her recipe on one of my Wordless Wednesday Linky Party 

After attending a class at Oasis To Zen Wellness Center in Las Vegas, and to learn more about CBD oils and tinctures, since then I have been using CBD oils creams, lotions and tinctures and I am liking how it is working. You see you can add CBD oils and tinctures to any smoothie you make for its benefits, just follow the directions. And you can use creams, lotions, and ointments topically in relief of pain, which I am finding useful for arthritis in my hands and neck and the Bursitis I mentioned. 

Note: If your not sure about the use of CBD oil products you can catch a couple of my articles for insight, CBD oils do not have THC in them and are not derived from Marijuana, they are extracted from a Hemp plant and have a plethora of uses and work on the Endocannabinoid system in our body. ⇐ I’ll tell you this website has a plethora of information about the endocannabinoid system.

Here is one I wrote, 7 Reasons CBD Oil is Great for Anti-Aging and there is mounting research into CBD oil products even the medical community is getting on board and products can now be found in stores, however, what I have found is that they are not as potent as products you would find at a store that sells CBD oil and tinctures exclusively and offers education about CBD oils and uses. I found a great article here CBD Oil

What are your thoughts on the use of natural products and have you tried CBD oils yet, I would love to hear about your experiences  in comments.

Disclaimer: The information found in this article is intended to help my readers to learn a bit more about CBD oils, Turmeric and Curcumin and my use and results, however, it is recommended that you consult with your health care provider for your health care decisions to determine if using CBD would be beneficial for your health.

This article does not contain any affiliate links to products that I use or recommend.
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