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T-shirts are made of different kinds of fabrics. Each kind has its own characteristics and own advantage and advantages. Choosing the right one for your own use can help you enjoy the quality and comfort of your clothes. T-shirts are a staple garment for all kinds of people. There could be no person, in this lifetime, who has not worn a t-shirt at least once. Men, women, adults and children wear t-shirts.

The T-shirts are comfortable and casual. Anybody can wear them, of course with consideration of the appropriateness of the occasion. It would not be proper to wear t-shirts, no matter how comfortable and chic they are, in weddings, cocktails, or a formal event. Still, just like any apparel, these are worn in proper places and occasions.


The fabric used is paramount to the quality of t-shirts. It also matters in its designs and prints. Some are super design and print friendly, while some need more special handlings. If you know the difference in fabrics used to make t-shirts, you can make better decisions relative to the creation and care of a good t-shirt. Click here to learn more about fabrics and textiles.


Cotton is the most common fabric used in making t-shirts. There are also different types of cotton that are used in creating this clothing.

  • Combed cotton – this is after the fabric is rid of short strands and combed to straighten the fiber strands. It becomes smoother, softer, and stronger; this kind is good for printing.
  • Organic cotton – is a popular option, it is comfortable and softer. It is also more expensive, softer, more comfortable and a preferred option. It cost more than regular cotton.
  • Pima cotton – is said to have the highest quality. Fibers are extra-long fibers that make very soft fabrics. It is durable and will resist fading, stretching, and pilling.
  • Slub cotton – is created before weaving cotton. It is unique, airy and light. Fabrics made of this need no ironing.

Advantages of cotton fabrics are as follows:

  • The material is natural;
  • The source is renewable;
  • It is good for those who have sensitive skin;
  • It is breathable so it is not warm to the skin;
  • It is soft.

The advantages are:

  • Production is expensive;
  • It needs more water during production;
  • Growing it needs land;
  • Products made of cotton are more expensive for customers.

Other Fabrics

  • Linen – comes from flax plant (Linum usitatissimum) which is intentionally cultivated for its fiber, as discussed in It has a textured weave and is best for summer clothes because it is lightweight and breathable, it dries of moisture quickly, but it can easily wrinkle.
  • Polyester – this dries quickly and is not prone to mildew. It can maintain its shape without being stretched. This is often used in athletic clothes. It is synthetic and has nylon, acrylic, and acetate in it. It is fast dry and durable; cost-effective, flexible, can blend nicely with cotton, and it is recyclable.
  • Rayon – this is also used in athletic clothes and is affordable than silk but it can be an alternative. It is made of fiber made from trees, cotton, and plants. It is breathable, silky to the touch and drapes with less effort. It also is dye friendly and is absorbent.
  • Lycra – in reality, is Spandex. It is used to made t-shirts more stretchy and is found in athletic wear more than anywhere else. It allows moving so easy.


Manufacturing fabrics are costly so products are therefore expensive. But some manufacturers cut corners to keep their prices down. Either they pay their workers with low wages or skip steps in the process of manufacturing. Forcibly low-priced fabrics create affordable t-shirts, but they compromise the quality of the product. This is often noticeable after several washes. This also means some factory workers were oppressed and unjustly paid. Realizing all these, perhaps you are wondering now how much wages were cut off form how many workers.

Some individuals always go for famous brands and whatever is in the current trends. But do we know if the fabrics used in these clothes are of good quality or not? What is meant here is that, expensive does not always mean quality, and quality products do not always have to be expensive. There are many small manufacturers and designers that offer products with so much more quality than the famous brands but do not cost as much as the price of the branded ones. You just have to be an intelligent buyer.
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7 Must Have Cleaning Tools and Products for Home and Commercial Cleaning


For someone who is in the cleaning business for quite a while, I have an equal share of cleaning products and tools. Over the years, I learned how to pick my favorite. There are so many products and tools out there. I cannot write everything about all the beautiful products that we can use for cleaning. I will share with you my seven favorites must-have cleaning products and tools that we can use either at home, in office cleaning, or commercial cleaning. 

  • Castile Soap

At first, I thought it was weird because it is vegetable-based. I saw how amazing it was. The thing I love about Castile Soap is that it gets to the surface squeaky clean. You can use it pretty much on anything in your office. It is very neutral and very safe. It is an excellent replacement for dishwashing liquid. 

You can also get unscented Castille Soap, and you can mix up the scent that you would like to have in your office or your home. It is very safe for you, your office cleaner and, your commercial cleaner. You can also use Castille Soap as a hand soap. 

  • Sponges

It is hard to imagine that you are cleaning without a good-quality sponge. Sponges work well with grime that you need to breakthrough. Over the years, I have come across hundreds of sponges to test. I came across a couple of my favorites. 

The first one is a flat scrub pad. You can find this in-home organizing stores, or you can get them online. They are great. They are easy to use. They are easy to clean with plus they do not get that dirty. Flat scrub pad scrub without scratching. You can trust your office cleaner not to leave any scratches on the stainless sink. 

The second one is the non-scratching cellulose sponge. I like these because they do not stain and they do not hold on to odors. They are also a lot way more comfortable to keep clean. These are fabulous for doing a wipe down or any general cleaning where you do not need to use anything thorough or heavy-duty. 

  • Enzyme Cleaners

It has many amazing uses for each application for it that you can think of. Vegetable-based enzyme cleaners are safe. Enzymes work a little differently than any other cleaning product. For example, soap has surfactants which means it can raise dirt to the surface, which will make it easy for you to wipe away. Acids used in cleaning products etch away some of the dirt or build-up or soap scum. 

Enzyme cleaner softens the build-up. The effectiveness of the enzyme cleaner depends on its sitting time. You need to let it sit for a few minutes for it to do its work. It eliminates dirt, bacteria, germs, grease, and grime. Enzyme cleaners are tough to come by. I recommend that you search and purchase it online. They are natural and safe to use. You do not need to remind your office cleaner to wear special gloves when handling these chemicals. 

  • Disposable Gloves

Use this when you need to clean the toilet or any corner of the office where you think dirt and germs are deeply-seated. We also suggest our commercial cleaners to use a pair of this whenever they need to empty the bins. They are straightforward to put on and to take off in a very sanitary manner, and you can toss it in the bin after using it. 

  • Essential Oils

These oils are vital. You may want to mask a specific smell when you make up your cleaning products. Most cleaners do not have the most pleasant aroma in the world. Sometimes, cleaners smell nice, but it is still considered as synthetic scent. You can always mix essential oils to your cleanser to achieve the smell that you would like your home or office to have. 

Find a combination of essential oils that you love. Just dash in a few drops of this essential oil into your cleaning solution before you start cleaning. Not only that they smell great. The essential oil has many properties that are quite helpful when it comes to cleaning. They are anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. Just look for a 100% pure essential oil. 

  • Spray Bottles

These are essential if you enjoy formulating your own cleaner. Every commercial cleaner needs to have a good-quality, reliable spray bottle that will not break easily. A good spray bottle needs to fit right in your hand. It will be painful if the spray bottle does not fit. The next thing that you need to inspect is the quality of the trigger. Give it a few pulls and see how good it works. If it does not feel right, it may fall off very quickly. Also, check if the thread holds to the bottle nicely. Leaks can bother you when you are cleaning. 

  • Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners had come a very long way. These days, a cordless vacuum is easy to find. This is one of my favourite cleaning tools. It easy to maneuver and you can work your way through your cleaning without worrying about the cords or other hindrances. It is sturdy and convenient to use. The cordless vacuum cleaner is not expensive. There are extensive selections and brands that are affordable in the market.
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Hotel Review: Westgate NYC Hotel

Westgate-New-York-Grand-Central-HotelThere are many reasons why New York is an internationally acclaimed vacation destination. From the Broadway shows and Times Square to the Statue of Liberty and traditional New York pizza, The Big Apple offers something for everyone. If you want to ensure a great first visit, there’s one thing you should be sure to do: make sure you stay in a nice hotel in a central location. If you can stay somewhere that’s located near public transportation, that’s even better. Although several hotels meet these requirements, there’s one, in particular, that stands out: The Westgate NYC. Westgate-Hotel-NYC-Exterior

Westgate New York Hotel Location

Usually, realtors are the ones who say “location, location, location”, but if you’re working with a travel agent, they’ll probably tell you that same thing about hotels in New York. Having a centrally located hotel in New York can make all the difference in the world. The Westgate is located in Midtown East Manhattan and is within walking distance to several local attractions. It’s also right next to the renowned Grand Central Station, which provides transportation to most of New York’s most popular areas. If you can’t find a direct route to where you’re headed, chances are you can get to a transfer point. Even if you’re not going anywhere, you may still want to take a look at the historical landmark which has been featured in hundreds of movies over the past several decades.WGNYC-Tudor-City-Marketplace-004

Westgate at a Glance

The Westgate was originally built in 1931, so it has the classic old town New York feel, but it was completely renovated in 2012. The interior is both modern and comfortable. The hotel can accommodate large events, such as conferences, weddings, and reunions. The conference room is approximately 3,500 square feet. There are a total of 300 guest rooms available. The hotel is also pet-friendly, though an extra fee may apply.WGNYC-Tudor-City-Marketplace-Breakfast

Hotel Amenities

One of the things you probably look for first when trying to find a hotel is their amenities. Rest assured, the Westgate offers several amenities for their guests to enjoy.

  • 24-hour front desk
  • Elevator
  • On-site fitness center
  • On-site restaurant
  • Marketplace and bar
  • Complimentary newspapers are available
  • ATM
  • Free WiFi in the hotel lobby
  • Laundry and Dry Cleaning available
  • Valet parking available for a fee WGNYC-Tudor-City-Marketplace-Breakfast

Rooms and Suites

The rooms at the Westgate Hotel were designed with both comfort and convenience as the two highest priorities. All of the rooms feature Serenity Beds and triple-pane windows to lessen the noise of New York’s busy streets. There are several different kinds of rooms to choose from, there are one bed and two-bed options. There are also accessible rooms available upon request. Their signature Queen and King rooms are approximately 250 square feet, they each include work stations and can sleep up to two people. The Signature one-bedroom King Suite is approximately 420 square feet. It includes a separate living room with its own wet bar. It has a full private bathroom with a bathtub. There are a workspace, coffeemaker and flat-screen TV that comes with premium channels. The balcony provides a private outdoor space where you can see views of the city. According to google’s hotel reviews, the rooms at the Westgate are much more spacious than the average hotel room. Westgate-Hotel-NYC-Exterior

Destination Fee

There is a nightly destination fee that can enhance your stay. The fee is $30 plus tax and includes a $20 food and beverage credit that can be used at the onsite marketplace and bar. It also includes in-room WiFi, all local calls, access to the Fitness Center, daily newspapers in the lobby and the ability to print out your boarding passes before you head to the airport.

Friendly and Attentive Staff

One of the most common things that guests have to say about this hotel is its friendly and attentive employees. Because New York is commonly referred to as “The City That Never Sleeps”, it’s important to stay somewhere that has 24/7 front desk staff available. Not only does the Westgate ensure staff availability at any hour of the day, but they also ensure their staff is respectful and courteous at all times. Management takes pride in catering to their guests’ needs to the best of their ability.
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Know The Benefits Of Customized Wardrobes For Your Home

Nobel Heir Wardrobe Unit
Nobel Heir Wardrobe Unit
Veronica Wardrobe With Loft
Veronica Wardrobe With Loft Unit

In the trending era, customized wardrobes have started replacing the importance of readymade wardrobes. You can avail of the wardrobe design catalogue and then can change the design as per your wish. So, if you want to buy a new or refurbish your bedroom wardrobe, then this is a good thing you can start with. Wardrobes no doubt considered to be one of the most useful furniture which you can’t complete your bedroom interior. But if you won’t choose it wisely, then it will increase your hassle to keep your bedroom look tidy.

Cellana Wardrobe With Display Unit
Cellana Wardrobe With Display Unit

Buying a readymade wardrobe is a common practice among most of the people, but it might not significantly choose with your bedroom décor. So, before customizing your wardrobe, you might have a look at the wardrobe design catalog so that you know how to proceed with your customization. So, this will help you not to experience any issues, and you can flawlessly start using it. You can also be able to maintain proper harmony in terms of purpose and looks. A customized wardrobe is a perfect solution for these sorts of problems. You can yourself design it precisely as per your requirement within the space granted for the furniture and without compromising the appearance.

Advantages Of Customization

Marissa 6 Door Wardrobe
Marissa 6 Door Wardrobe

There are multiple benefits of customization; primarily, you can design as per your preference. Even after looking into a wardrobe design catalogue, you can able to design drawers, shelves, handles of the wardrobe in your way. Even you can easily able to choose the size and shape of the wardrobes along with its accessories. This also means that you won’t need to put all your clothes in a jam-packed way in your furniture and you will get proper space, and for every new item as you can make the storage area like your way. Also, there are several things which you can incorporate in your wardrobe as per the convenience. If you plan to install a customized wardrobe, then it will help you to save your space smartly. You won’t have to be unhappy related to your space issue because customization can solve this problem effectively. You can design the wardrobe absolutely the way you want and as per your required size too.

Different Types Of Modernized Wardrobes

These are not the days when the actual purpose is to buy the wardrobes only for storage space. Nowadays, people choose from the wardrobe design catalogue so that they can get additional units to keep like for beautiful dressing unite, study units. But it is also true that you will still get people who like to buy regular wardrobes which are still available in the market. Though the modern functional wardrobes nowadays dominate most of the market. By integrating both kinds of units, you can able to reduce space consumption and functionality. If you include bookshelves and study tables in anyone’s wardrobe, then it will lower down your budget. Given below example of top-rated models:

  • Wardrobe, along with a dressing Unit-This, is one of a popular wardrobe model that can be integrated with a beautiful dressing unit along with a large mirror. You can also view it from a wardrobe design catalog. The main benefit of this wardrobe is that this dressing unit is available without a hover around the bedrooms so that you can quickly get the makeup accessories with the clothes. A perfect dressing unit just attached to the wardrobe helps you to keep everything only within your reach.
  • Wardrobe along with a study table- This particular model consists of a beautiful as well as a functional study table along with the three-door wardrobe. This design is more suitable for a house where a kid can utilize the same because it has every critical furniture required for any kid’s room. The significant benefit of this wardrobe is that you can have plenty of space in your room. If you have a small bedroom, then this type of wardrobe could be suitable for you as it will have plenty of space.
  • Wardrobe along with LCD unit- Many people like to have a TV inside the bedroom but cannot install it due to lack of space. So, to make it affordable and spacious, you can create a customized wardrobe where you will have a specific place in the wardrobe to install the LCD TV. It can be installed either at the side of or the center of the wardrobe depends as per the size of the room.

How Can You Buy A Customized Wardrobe For Yourself?

The best possible way is to get it designed by a good designer who has also designed your house. This will help you to have a sync with the interior of your home. This will also ensure that your wardrobe is safe hands and your designer will able to understand your proper taste.