Make Christmas Easier on Yourself

Christmas-is-exhausting-give-your-self-some-timeYou want to enjoy Christmas. For many people, the holiday holds a special place in their hearts and evokes treasured childhood memories. As we become adults, the magic of the season sometimes fades as we feel burdened with the demands of Christmas. By taking a few shortcuts to make things easier on yourself  to put the joy back in the season.


You don’t need to plan ahead and make a feast entirely from scratch. Save yourself the headache and spare your kitchen the mess. Prepare a few family favorites ahead of time then let someone else do the rest. Many restaurants and grocery stores offer full traditional holiday dinners that you can pick up in-store or have delivered straight to your door. Choose turkey or ham, a combination of the two—or even vegan alternatives. Then sit back and enjoy a delicious stress-free meal with everyone else.
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There may have been a time when you lovingly crafted homemade treasures for everyone on your gift list. Today’s lists are often too long for that and selecting special items for each recipient can quickly become expensive, not to mention difficult. Yet gift cards and cash seem too impersonal. The solution: order gift baskets for Christmas, Hanukkah or even New Year celebrations. You can find selections in every price range and please everyone from close family to new acquaintances. Order early and select a ship date closer to the holidays so you won’t have to worry about your favorites selling out.


Photo cards are much more personal than ordinary boxed greeting cards. For about the same price as most boxed options, you can showcase your family, featuring the year’s travel highlights and show off the new family pet, all with a personalized holiday greeting. Just a few cents more will save your hand from cramping, as many printers offer to address and mailing services as well.


This is often the most cherished part of the holiday season and can be fun for creative people. But not all family members help willingly and some years it seems like a huge chore. If you don’t feel like dragging out boxes of garland, lawn decorations and nativity scenes, don’t. You can make a big holiday décor statement with a fabulous tree and a wreath on the door. Rather than spending hours on a ladder stringing outdoor lights, use a Christmas light projector to add a festive touch to the yard with very little effort and no frustration at all. Now that is something to celebrate!
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Active Agility – The 5 Pillars To Remaining Strong And Flexible For Life


Two of the first things to decline as we age are our strength and flexibility. While you may think it’s a natural part of aging to no longer be able to get on the floor with the grand kids, consider this – the Dalai Lama is in his 80’s and he can still easily sit on the ground in the lotus position. He is living proof that flexibility doesn’t have to disappear with age. 

While inflexibility is detrimental to your health, hindering your ability to get around and making injuries more likely, fortunately, it’s entirely reversible. No matter how stiff you currently are, the following steps will have you making vast improvements in no time:

1. Get medical approval first

While your goals may be healthy, launching into a new fitness regime without professional guidance can end up doing more harm than good. Enlisting the services of an aged care physiotherapy practice will arm you with the knowledge you need along with the proper technique for each exercise you tackle. Once you’re confident, you can continue on your own and return periodically for evaluations and to take care of any aches and pains or concerns that may arise. 

2. Start your day with dynamic stretching

After a full night’s sleep, even the most sprightly person’s body will be stiffer and less mobile than usual. For this reason, everyone, no matter what age you are, should be doing a simple morning warmup before starting the day. All you need to dedicate is five or ten minutes, and the moves do not have to be complex or taxing. In fact, the simpler they are the better to get mobility into your joints and blood flowing through your muscles. If you’re unsure of where to start, there are plenty of YouTube videos that can give you a safe and easy-to-follow guide.  

3. Master your breath

Anyone who’s ever done yoga will understand how powerful the breath is in allowing you to push further with your flexibility. To use your breath to your advantage, the first and most important step is to not hold it while you exercise or stretch. Holding the breath restricts the flow of oxygen to your brain and body and tends to stiffen you up and make you less balanced. Instead, relax and take deep breaths as you work into each stretch. When you feel that you can gain a bit of range of motion in a stretch, take a breath and then let it out slowly as you push deeper. 

4. Do what it takes to stay engaged

While YouTube videos are fun at first, you may reach a point where you become bored with them. This is a completely natural phenomenon that can occur with any activity you undertake. It’s human nature to develop a tolerance for things, and with tolerance comes boredom. When this happens, don’t ditch your healthy routine! Instead, switch it up. Try taking your morning warmup outside or joining a yoga class at your local gym. Check bulletin boards and social media groups for your local area to see whether there are any free classes available. You may be surprised to find free Pilates, tai chi, yoga, meditation, and more. 

We’re all exposed to that subtle social conditioning that tells us it’s normal to become weaker and less flexible as we age. Instead of conforming, be a rebel and create new healthier norms by taking daily steps to improve your strength and flexibility. 
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Reno Redux – 6 Crucial Things to Consider When Planning Your Renovation

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Planning a renovation can be exciting and you may be tempted to jump right to the fun stuff like picking out paint colors and choosing new fixtures. However, in order for your renovation to be successful, there are a few things to consider before you even get started: 

1. Hiring Professionals

Even if you’re an avid DIYer, it may be necessary to hire a contractor to do things you cannot do. For example, you may consider hiring an electrician or a plumber if you aren’t sure about your skills in these specialized areas. 

Before hiring anyone, make sure to do your research. Ask for references from friends and family who have done renovations of their own or turn to the Internet for reviews and testimonials from customers who were once in your shoes. 

2. Obtaining Permits

Many homeowners fail to obtain building permits for their renovations because they think they are an unnecessary time-wasting burden. The reality is, building permits are extremely important as they ensure your renovations adhere to structural and fire safety standards. 

If you fail to obtain the proper permits, then you could be forced to rip out all the hard work you put into your renovation project. 

3. Sticking to Your Budget

Every good renovation starts with a solid budget. While it’s important to know how much you can afford to spend, it’s also important to plan for the unexpected because no matter how much you plan, something is bound to pop up.

When creating your budget for your home remodel, be sure to work in a contingency fund for unplanned costs and throw in a little extra for things like eating out or staying in a hotel while the renovation is underway. 

4. Meeting Deadlines

If you’re hoping to have your home renovation complete before a major holiday or some important family gathering, be sure to check the calendar and work your way backward. Plan an extra two weeks to a month after the estimated completion of the remodel in case the project takes a little longer than expected. 

The last thing you want is to feel disappointment when your guests show up to a half-finished home renovation during the holidays, so be sure you give yourself some wiggle room on the calendar. 

5. Protecting the Kids and Pets

A home remodel is stressful, to say the least, but for your little humans and four-legged family members, it can be downright dangerous. To protect the ones you love most, be sure to install safety gates to keep them out of work areas and be sure all tools are out of reach. 

It may make sense also, to ask a friend or family member to watch your pets while construction is underway. With workers coming and going, a door left ajar can be all too tempting for a stressed dog or cat. 

6. Plan for Plumbing Outages

If your renovation is of the bathroom kind, you may find yourself without water for a short period of time as your plumber does what he does best. You can help make this time easier by having water ready for drinking, cooking, and flushing the toilet. 

Buy or fill jugs of drinking water and place them in the fridge. Place jugs of water on the counter for cooking and fill the bathtub with water to use for flushing the toilet. Be sure to place a bucket next to the tub for easy flushing. 

Renovating a home is more than just picking out paint colors. Successful renovations require planning ahead and careful consideration. Using the tips outlined above will ensure your home remodel goes off without a hitch. 
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