Ways to Maintain a Puffer Jacket

Ways to maintain a Puffer Jacket-SMA puffer jacket always comes in handy during the autumn and winter seasons. It is a stylish way to go for adventures, dates and any other occasions you are invited to. You can pair it easily with denim pants and hiking boots and a hat for that hiking trip. Alternatively, you can layer it over a dress shirt with peep-toe heels for a coffee date look. However, it is important to take care and store your puffer jacket properly so as it serves you for long. Some of the challenges after going camping, hiking or on a coffee date with your puffer jacket that you may face are stains, tears, feathers poking out. And this affects how long your puffer jacket will serve you. As a great add on to your wardrobe, you must keep this jacket in top-notch condition. Here are some of the ways to maintain your puffer jacket to have it for many winter seasons.

 Cleaning the puffer jacket 

As an autumn must-have jacket. The puffer jacket is best maintained by knowing how to clean it. Understand the materials that were used to make your puffer jacket, and the fabric as well. This is by checking the label on the jacket to best know how to wash it. By going through the product description it will help you take important measures that will prevent any further damage. Well, most puffer jackets other than the silk-based ones are machine washable. They can also be washed by hand, however, separately from other clothes. Also, avoid harsh detergents like bleach and those that are highly scented. This will prevent any adverse effects on your puffer jacket’s technical functions.

Holes on a puffer jacket 

Depending on where you were wearing a puffer jacket. It can get a tear or a hole in it. If this happens to use a seam sealer or fabric glue that will help attach the edges back together. This will repair your jacket hence maintaining it. Sometimes, it is a larger tear and this is best repaired by using tenacious tape, for it is affordable, in many forms and it gives your fabric a fresh look for you can customize the look too. You can buy the customized tenacious tape with animal characters, flowers starts to give your jacket a unique look. This is the best alternative that maintains your jackets in comparison to having to stitch a puffer jacket for it will create more holes eventually.

Handling messy spots 

After hiking, shoveling the snow or doing some farm activities with your puffer jacket. Your puffer jacket from these strenuous activities can get some messy spots. Handling these troublesome spots effectively will help you maintain your jacket. For instance, grime and sweat is the most common. Therefore, you are required to wash using liquid detergent and water and after this solution is thoroughly dissolved. Spray the solution directly on stained spots and allow it to sit for half an hour. Do this in the specific areas then wash your puffer jacket to keep it clean and free off this troublesome spots. However, avoid soaking the puffer jacket as most would it is not necessary unless it is really dirty.

Feathers poking out 

When feathers are poking out your puffer jacket. It is such a frustrating experience knowing how your trusty jacket serves you. Fortunately, stiff quills can easily return inside the jacket. This is done easily in a less complicated way to repair it. However, avoid pulling them out no matter how tempted you are, for it will create a bigger hole. To solve this problem and maintain your puffer jacket. Turn your puffer jacket on the opposite side and grip the feather from this side and tag it carefully back inside. Plus, it will help you minimize any damage to the exterior fabric of the jacket.

Storing a puffer jacket 

Most people find storing a puffer jacket quite a challenge. However, there are some simple tips to follow to ensure that you store your jacket properly to maintain it longer. Firstly, you must clean your puffer jacket before you store it. Although you can wear it multiple times without washing. It is important in preparation for summer that you clean your puffer jacket before storage. Plus, do not stuff your jacket in a small space or wrapped in a plastic seal. It should air out and breathe in an open space. Otherwise, it will cause the feathers to clump into lumps and the jacket will lose its puffy effect. Cover the top of the jacket with a paper to prevent dust and light damage.

Machine washing techniques 

To maintain the signature puffy look of this jacket. You need to know how to maintain the down and the air that they contain as well. Therefore, if you opt to wash it by machine and not hand. Push the jacket down to prevent it from floating. Ensure the water is warm not hot to avoid melting seams and the outer shell fabric through a wool cycle setting. For drying set to tumble use as delicate. Then for the redistribution of the jackets filling and preventing any clumping add a tennis ball to the dryer. Do this in half-cycles and then ensure you hang it in a well-ventilated area to prevent it from smelling stale.

In summary, by following the above-mentioned ways you are sure that your jacket is well maintained to serve you for several years. Whether your jacket is new or old keep it in good condition. If it is mishandled it will cause unevenness and lumps and also it decreases its insulation potential. This will lower its quality, function, and style. It is therefore important to avoid any mistakes that can destroy your puffer jacket at all costs. It is a simple task to maintain a puffer jacket with proper procedures. This will maintain them from one winter to another and it will last as an essential jacket during freezing weather. 
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A Guide For The Summer Bride In Choosing Her Wedding Jewelry

Guide For The Summer Bride In Choosing Her Wedding Jewellery-SMIf you are planning a summer wedding, you only have a couple of months, as we near the great Australian summer, and among other things, your thoughts will turn to your bridal jewelry. Of course, it is essential that you look your absolute best on your wedding day, and with that in mind, here are a few summer jewelry tips to help you plan the perfect sparkling accessories.

  • Choose The Dress First – You can’t accessorize something you haven’t chosen yet, so make sure you nail the dress in good time. The wedding gown is the cornerstone of your look, and once that is in the bag, you can begin to think about jewelry.

Guide For The Summer Bride In Choosing Her Wedding Jewelry                                                       Image Source: Pexels 

  • Don’t Overdo It – The bridal gown should always be the focus of the occasion, so keep the jewelry to a minimum. Check online for some stunning Brisbane wedding rings, and you can select a pair of earrings and a necklace that match the wedding ring. Elegant pearl drop diamond earrings are the perfect accessory, and they go well with any updo, but keep the diamonds to a minimum, as the wedding ring will surely have the sparkle factor.


  • Don’t Forget You Can Mix Old, Borrowed And New – Everything is game with summer bridal jewelry, so take a look at family heirlooms, mum’s jewelry collection, and don’t forget the pieces owned by your good friends, who would always be happy to lend a bracelet or necklace for such a special occasion. Friends can certainly help if you make a shortlist of jewelry items you are looking for, and they can send you images of specific items, which will help you to choose.

Don’t Forget You Can Mix Old, Borrowed And New                                                       Image Source: Unsplash

  • Think About Skin Tone – Your skin tone should influence your choice of jewelry, with either gold or silver being the metal of choice. Don’t be afraid to add a touch of rich colour with some amber, emeralds or rubies, as this will add small touches of deep colour that match your skin tone. This is a time to ask a good friend for her honest opinion, and don’t be afraid to experiment. Silver goes well with medium to dark skin tones, while rose gold is the ideal choice for a lighter skin tone. There are articles you can find online on how to choose the right jewelry for your skin tone, which definitely is recommended readings for a bride-to-be.

  • Matching The Focal Jewellery Item – If you have a say in choosing the wedding ring, you can bear in mind the jewelry that you have, and in the event you have yet to acquire the wedding ring, check out the custom jewelers online, who would have an extensive catalog, and if you would like something unique, the jeweler can customize the ring. Buying the wedding ring from an online jeweler will also save you some money, as you are not paying extra for a ritzy retail outlet.

Matching The Focal Jewelry Item                                                       Image Source: Unsplash

Make sure you allow enough time for a full-on dress rehearsal, complete with hair, make-up and, of course, jewelry. Ask a good friend to advise, and after some experimentation, you should be able to nail the accessories, and get ready for what will be the most amazing day for you both!
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