9 Habits to Reverse Hair Damage and Get Your Best Hair Ever

9-Habits-to-Reverse-Hair-Damage-and-Get-Your-Best-Hair-Ever.Make 2020 the year of naturally beautiful hair! Our hair gets so much abuse every day: heat styling tools, sun exposure, chemical treatments at the salon, over-shampooing and vigorous overbrushing. Then we complain about bad hair days – well, what do you expect when your hair is weak and brittle?

This article will help you rescue your hair and bring it back to health, from how to trim split ends at home (including how to choose hair cutting scissors) to the gentlest way to wash, dry and style it.

Signs you have damaged hair

Do a hair test now to spot early signs of hair damage.

First, check the texture. Take a section of your hair and hold it up. Run the tips of your hair across your palm. Does it feel rough? Are the ends drier and rougher than the rest of your hair?

Second, tightly twist a section of your hair from root to the tip. Are any hairs sticking out? Those are split ends that have traveled up the shaft.

Third, look at your hair in a brightly lit room. Is it shiny or dull? Does it reflect light well? Rough, damaged hair loses shine because the cuticle is no longer smooth and intact. Over time, the cuticle gets so damaged that it can’t retain moisture – which leads to dry, brittle hair.

Fourth, think about whether your hair has become more frizzy and tangled, and if you have noticed more hair strands clogging up your brush or the shower drain. These are all signs that you are beginning to experience hair damage and hair loss.

Get rid of split ends

Don’t wait until your next hair appointment to get rid of split ends! Use hair cutting scissors to snip off the damaged ends before the split ends get worse and travel up the hair shaft. Never use regular scissors to trim hair, since the blunt edge can actually make split ends worse! High-quality hair scissors are very sharp and precise and will give you a clean cut even if you’re trimming the thinnest strands.

To trim split ends, section your hair. Then, roll your hair tightly from the roots to the tips and trim off any hair that sticks out like a straw. Then, trim off a bit of the end. It’s better to do it this way than wetting your hair and then trying to chop off an entire inch.

Stop using your blowdryer

Heat is the enemy of hair! Try looking for alternative ways to style your hair. For example, you can braid damp hair the night before – the next day, when you release your hair, it will fall into pretty beach waves. You can also use hair rollers. Unlike the uncomfortable plastic rollers that our grandmothers endured, the latest hair rollers are made of soft materials like memory foam or silicone that hold hair without feeling bumpy or hard when you sleep. You can also get different shapes and sizes to help you achieve every hairstyle, from subtle voluminous waves to adorable ringlets.

Use Sulfate-Free Shampoos and Conditioners

Sulfates (sometimes listed as sodium lauryl sulfates in shampoo labels) strip moisture from your hair. They also make hair colors fade faster, which means you need more frequent salon visits. There are many affordable sulfate-free hair products, and many of them use all-natural ingredients. The fewer chemicals you use on your hair and scalp, the better!

Make your own conditioning masks

Every week, treat your hair to a nourishing hair mask. While you can buy them at any beauty store, consider whipping up your own hair mask with ingredients you can find right in your own kitchen! You can use avocado, any organic oil (like extra virgin olive oil or extra virgin coconut oil), egg whites, apple cider vinegar, lemon and more.

The best thing about DIY conditioning masks is that they are natural, easy to make and use, and are just as effective as many expensive hair treatments. Just remember to use the hair mask immediately after mixing them (they can spoil easily in heat and sunlight). To double their efficiency and reduce mess, wear a plastic shower cap. It not only keeps hair in place, but it traps heat and helps the ingredients absorb better.

Use hair oils

Hair oils and leave-in conditioner form a protective barrier around the cuticle and protects the hair from environmental damage. You can use coconut oil or castor oil, or buy hair serums that contain plant extracts and argan oil. Apply on the hair tips or any areas where your is most damaged.

Don’t wash your hair every day

Over shampooing can strip your hair of its natural moisture. It’s best to wash hair about three times a week, and control grease with dry shampoo.  Another important thing to remember is to always wash hair with lukewarm or cold water – never hot water! While those steamy showers are quite relaxing, they can damage the hair and the scalp.

Protect your hair from the elements

UV rays and environmental exposure can damage the hair and scalp. Wear a hat or a scarf when you’re outdoors during peak hours of 10 am to 3 pm. Use a spray sunscreen on your hair and scalp.  And if you’re swimming, wear a swimming cap or apply conditioner to your hair before jumping into the water. The conditioner acts like a shield that protects your hair from absorbing chlorine or sea salt.

Follow A Balanced Diet

Crash diets deprive your body of nutrients that your body needs for healthy hair. Eat a balanced diet that has 50% fruits and vegetables, healthy proteins, and healthy fats. You may also want to take a hair supplement with biotin and omega-3 fatty acids that encourage hair growth.
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Ultimate Guide to the Best Bachelorette Party

Ultimate-Guide-to-the-Best-Bachelorette-PartyIt’s party time! Your BFF is tying the knot, so show her a hella good time with the rest of the squad. From creative invites to must-have apps, this guide will help you plan the perfect bachelorette party. 

Creative Invitations

For invitations that will help set the mood for the party, go beyond the standard group email or note card. Instead, buy vintage handkerchiefs, print the party details on sticker paper, and iron the message onto the hankies. Other cool invitation ideas include lace-wrapped cards, undies with the party details screen printed on the bum or Polaroid photos. Invitations can be created for bachelorette party invitations or design your own at Canva Studio

Location Ideas

If your bestie is tired of the “Viva Las Vegas” theme, try a less traditional location. Reserve an Airbnb with plenty of bedrooms and a pool for an on-site party, or stay in a penthouse suite in a glitzy downtown hotel with lots of nearby bars. Alternatively, opt for a more remote location like a vineyard or cabin in the mountains.

Party Favors

For Insta-worthy photo ops, gift personalized party favors that also function as decorations and photo props. Buy martini glasses etched with the words “bride” or “bachelorette”, silky hair ties, custom T-shirts or (temporary) tattoos. Other gift ideas that make for great photos include party pins and mugshot signs.

Must-Have Apps

It wouldn’t be a party in 2020 without going app crazy. AirDrop photos, designate a shared photo album or use Google Drive or Amazon Photos to share everyone’s party pics. If you decide to split dinner or drinks, use Splitwise or Venmo. For group texting, especially if some people have Android phones, go with GroupMe. And don’t forget to download Uber and Lyft apps ahead of time so everyone makes it home safely. 

Bridal Gifts

One of the most exciting parts of a bachelorette party is giving the bride fun, sexy gifts. With that in mind, consider shopping for a bustier set or teddy for the bride, as well as sexy jumpsuits for the bridal party to lounge around the house in while celebrating with wine and champagne. Other bride-appropriate gift ideas include massage oil, candles or books.

Games and Activities

You can’t drink 100 percent of the time (well, maybe…), so definitely plan some fun activities and icebreakers for the group. Dirty Mad Libs is a fun one, and a scavenger hunt that sends the group around town is always an oldie-but-goodie. For the thrill-seeking bride, take the group to a pole dancing class, karaoke bar or casino. If the group is all about relaxation, try a spa day, wine tasting or dinner cruise. Whatever you decide, whether it’s for the car ride or partying at the house, don’t forget to set the mood with a couple of really awesome playlists.


No matter the activities planned, no bachelorette party would be complete without certain necessities. Stash an emergency kit filled with accessories like a bottle opener, pain reliever, cups and straws, tape and scissors, a Bluetooth speaker and a universal cell phone charger. Hey, it never hurts to be prepared for whatever the night brings.

Plan the Best Party Ever!

No matter the gal or the group, every bridal party deserves a lit bachelorette party. Get off on the right foot with some creative invitations and party favors, and reserve an awesome location like an Airbnb or penthouse. Then, enjoy the evening with sexy lingerie, games and fun music. It will be a party you’ll never forget! 

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5 Reasons to Visit the South

Rich-History-of-The-Great-Northen-Smokey-Mountains.The Southern states can be great destinations for an extended vacation or a quick trip to one attraction for a variety of reasons. If you’ve never been, then it can be interesting just to experience the unique atmosphere of the South. There’s a unique blend of European and South American style that makes the South stand out from other destinations. There’s also great variety in the landscape and Southern culture, not to mention the unique history. If you’re looking for a memorable trip, you could certainly do much worse.

Gorgeous Coasts 

The East Coast region of the US has no shortage of great places to visit, and you’ll find many of them in the South. Coastal cities are popular tourist attractions thanks to easy access to the beach, not to mention the delicious and (usually) reasonably priced seafood you’ll find as you travel the Southern coats. There’s more than summer fun to be had as well. The Crystal Coast and other beaches in NC maintain warm water throughout the fall, making them great destinations for most of the year. There are plenty of charming waterfront towns to explore as well as state parks, including the region’s famous dune systems.

Picturesque Mountains

If flat beaches and warm weather aren’t your cups of tea, you can always have the exact opposite. The South offers several mountain ranges from the Great Smokey Mountains National Park across TN and NC to the relaxing trails and zipline routes in Alabama. To make sure you capture the moment, you can find iPhone repair services in Homewood, AL at uBreakiFix, 1919 28th Ave S #141 Homewood, AL 35209. Give uBreakiFix a call at (205) 870-8858 and let them know your device isn’t surviving the trip.

In addition to the abundance of parks, the adventurous can always go for strenuous activities like skiing, snowboarding, or mountain climbing. Mountian areas are among the best to relax since they tend to have lower populations, and mountain properties are excellent for privacy. Renting a cabin out in the woods can be a great experience for your trip thanks to the gorgeous views and varied wildlife. If you fall in love with the landscape, you can find plenty of land for sale in North Carolina in the mountain regions.

Rich History

History buffs, or those with a passing interest, will have no trouble finding historically rich sites. The US has seen settlers and immigrants from all over the world, and everyone has left their mark in some way. This can be seen in architecture, food, culture, fashion, and music. The Southern states have multiple sites dedicated to country-shaping conflicts like the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and the Civil Rights Movement. Colonial Williamsburg in VA is the largest living history museum in the country and well worth a visit.

Noteworthy Food And Festivals

Of course, the South is vast and varied enough that you can’t really pin down one style of cooking. Shrimp is a common staple in most areas, but you’ll find it prepared in various unique ways depending on the area. Options can range from barbeque chicken (with a vinegar base in some states) and fried sausage to gumbo and alligator.

Of course, food always goes best with a celebration, and Southerners know how to handle that. Louisianna’s famous Mardis Gras festival is an especially great one to experience if you’re able. This week-long celebration features music festivals, parades, intricate float designs, and shows off some of the best the area has to offer.

Striking Architecture

It would be hard to visit the South without noticing the impressive and gorgeous architecture, particularly present in the mansions. From the great plantation houses to the vast winter homes built by Northerners, the South’s history and evolution are on proud display. Some of these homes have been turned into hotels or other attractions, so you can plan an extended stay. It would be a crime not to mention Biltmore House, which is the largest house in the US and boasts the most visited winery.

No matter your interests, the South offers abundant reasons to come visit during your next vacation.
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Reviews Of The Blu Phone- What are the Benefits?

Reviews-Of-The-Blu-Phone-and-the-benefits>Smartphones have revolutionized the world we live in, by aiding people’s lives in every possible aspect. Their features are becoming more advanced with every new model entering the market, testing the limits of technology, which doesn’t cease to surprise humanity.

Smartphone owners have an incredible gadget in their possession, providing them with everything they ask for. These gadgets have the power of replacing digital cameras, maps, actual books, laptops, and computers, fulfilling all the needs of users into a single item.

Most importantly, smartphones can be afforded by the largest part of the population as they come in a variety of models and prices. Their price range is quite extensive, thus providing everyone to find a model matching to its budget.

These are some of their essential benefits.

Various means of communication

The biggest leap of smartphones compared to the previous basic phones people used is doubtlessly in the field of communication. If in the past you were only able to make a call or write a message to someone, nowadays you can do just about anything in terms of getting in touch.

Moreover, you are just supposed to install some of the applications such as Skype and commence communicating with people who are thousands of kilometers away, without experiencing any obstruction during the process. Smartphones are beneficial for businesses as well, as they’re the most efficient option of having all the employees connected while being available for the clients at all times.

In addition, people hold meetings and video conferences on their cellphones, without going through the trouble of long flights in order to meet at a specific location. It’s particularly beneficial for companies whose employees are from various parts of the globe and can’t afford the luxury of having regular meetings in person. Read more about the other advantages of using smartphones in your business on the following link: https://www.business2community.com/tech-gadgets/advantages-of-using-smartphones-in-your-business-0375741.

Access to the web

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of smartphones is being able to access the web at any time as long as you have an internet connection. In the past, it was mission impossible to use the web unless you are seated in front of your PC, which meant using it only within your home.

Nowadays, smartphones enable you to access the web while being at work, while commuting on the bus, when going out or traveling; basically everywhere, only not in places without network coverage. Acquiring information has never been easier, as every thought which crosses your mind can be explored, just by typing the words into an internet browser. It’s like taking a whole encyclopedia with you, aiding you in every possible aspect.

Taking photos

Apart from communication and information access, the benefit of another incredible smartphone is taking amazing photographs that are similar in quality to the ones taken with a digital camera. You no longer have to fear whether you took the camera with you, as your smartphone is equipped with one.

In this era, when taking photos is on everyone’s daily menu, you’re enabled to take photos on the go and immediately post them on your favorite social network. Thus, you’re saving precious time of transferring photographs from your digital camera onto your computer and afterward uploading them on the web.

Although digital cameras are specially designed for the purpose of making top-notch photos, most smartphones don’t fall behind, owing to their amazing features, which if used properly can make them look professional. Visit this website to read some reviews of the Blu phones with the best camera.

Using GPS

Imagine the times when people had to use a map or ask for directions whenever they hit the road to some new destination. They had to study the map attentively in order to memorize their route, as opening the map while driving is not exactly a piece of cake.

Fortunately, nowadays smartphones are equipped with GPS which aids people to find a specific location in any part of the globe. Therefore, getting lost is no longer an issue, as long as you have your cellphone with you. Although you need an internet connection in order to track your route, there’s an option of downloading the map beforehand and use it when convenient without being online.

Furthermore, GPS is also convenient in cases when you misplace or lose your phone, as by tracking the signal, you can easily find its location. Naturally, you need to have the GPS turned on, otherwise, your cellphone won’t be sending any signal.

Variety of applications

Smartphone users are overwhelmed by the number of applications that don’t cease to appear on a daily basis. There’s an application for literary every task or entertainment you have in mind. You can use apps for online banking, booking tickets, keeping track of your health, downloading music, reading e-books, watching movies and many more.

These applications enable you to keep up with your everyday routines, make your payments, do your shopping, remind you of important events, etc. They make all life aspects more convenient, thus saving you precious time, otherwise wasted on waiting in queues to get your turn in the bank or store. The mobile apps importance in daily life is simply undeniable.

Help you learn new things

Smartphones aren’t just enabling you to use the web for entertainment purposes, but also as a way of educating yourself on multiple topics. You can use your cellphone for watching educational videos, attending online courses or learning DIY skills. 

In addition, you can even learn a foreign language by using apps for mastering foreign languages. The education opportunities are endless for everyone who wants to use them, as you can find most courses and applications for free.

Wrap up

Having a smartphone means having a tool for communication as well as access to the internet world.

You’ll take great photos, learn useful information and set off on journeys without worries of getting lost.

As long as you have your cellphone, the world becomes more convenient to manage!
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