Birthstones and Their Meanings

Learn-About-Birthstones-and-Their-MeaningThere are twelve semi-precious stones that have been designated, one for each month, as the stone that represents that particular month, which is believed to possess certain powers. If you are unsure of your birthstone or would like some more detailed information, here is a list of the 12 birthstones and some details about what they represent.

  • January – Garnet

This attractive stone is usually a shade of red and offers the wearer a level of protection, while also increasing self-esteem and boosting energy levels.

  • February – Amethyst

This stunning purple gem is associated with a balanced mind and can bring peace and tranquillity to the wearer, plus the amethyst is said to help a person stay focused. February-Amethyst-Birthstone

  • March – Aquamarine

This stunning bluestone has associations with the ocean and many mariners wore aquamarine to ensure a safe return to land. This stone stands for love, hope & friendship and is ideal for the creative person who wishes to boost their positive energy.

  • April – Diamond

Yes, this is the month of the most precious stone of all, and if you are planning to design a unique diamond engagement ring, there are specialist jewelers that offer a high level of unbiased service, making sure that the ring is exactly what you have in mind.

  • May – Emerald

This stunning green stone represents wisdom and good health, while some believe that a person who wears emeralds can have an insight into the future. The emerald is also thought to help the wearer develop tolerance and patience.

  • June – Pearl

The pearl has long been a firm favourite for people from all walks of life and is said to represent passion and purity, which can also reduce fear and anxiety in the wearer.

  • July – Ruby

This deep red stone symbolizes harmony and offers the wearer protection. It is believed to offer a level of energy to the wearer. In ancient times, the ruby was thought to offer protection against evil spirits and was often worn by those who have a deep spiritual sense. If you would like to view some stunning jewelry that includes a ruby, check out the amazing selection to be found at, who happens to be one of Australia’s leading jewelers.

  • August – Peridot

The least known of all the birthstones, the peridot is a beautiful lime-green stone that offers the wearer spiritual protection, especially at night, when the stone seems to glow. This unique stone symbolizes peace, happiness, and good fortune and is said to reduce feelings of anger, bringing a level of calmness to the wearer.

  • September – Blue Sapphire

The symbol of purity, wisdom, and faith, the blue sapphire is a popular choice to combine with diamonds in an engagement ring. If you would like to design your own engagement ring with an assortment of diamonds and blue sapphires, talk to a custom jeweler, as he can design and create a ring that is truly a one-off.

  • October – Opal

This stone can change colour, depending on the light and is a symbol of happiness and hope.

  • November – Topaz

This stunning stone offers the wearer strength and intellect and comes in many colours, including red, blue, green and orange.  Topaz-offers-the-wearer-many-different-colors

  • December – Turquoise

This stone brings the wearer good fortune and happiness, while also symbolizing friendship.

If you are planning a surprise gift for your partner, why not include her birthstone in an exquisite piece of jewelry for that perfect gift?

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How You Can Select the Ideal Venue for Your Business Conference or Seminar

How-You-Can-Select-the-Ideal-Venue-for-Your-Business-Conference-or-Seminar.Planning a business conference or seminar isn’t easy, particularly if you are looking to make your participants not only comfortable but motivate them with good surroundings as well. Conference and seminar participants can be quite choosy, and your chosen venue will have a big impact on whether or not your event or conference is successful. There are many details which are also reliant on your choices of venue, such as the dates of your conference, the number of people you are planning to include, and the entertainment options or facilities you would like the participants to have. When it comes down to it, therefore, the venue is of prime importance. Fortunately, you can avail of expert help. Here is how you can select the best and most ideal venue for your business conference or seminar.

Determine your proper budget

In terms of choosing a venue for your business conference or seminar, your budget takes precedence. You want to keep your budget in mind when dealing with your event’s logistics, and this includes finding the proper venue. If you have found a venue and its price is more than your projected budget, it would be worth asking if you could get a lower price or deal in exchange for, say, a multiple-year contract or agreement. You can also be more flexible when it comes to your dates, as there are always days and dates which can be more expensive than most, such as holidays and weekends.

Think about the location

Granted, there are many wonderful locations from which you can choose, but when choosing your venue location, think about how you can maximize the attendance at your event. Is the location convenient enough for the participants? Is it near major transport links such as railways and bus stations? You should also think about parking for the attendees as well as valet services, and if there are restaurants and other entertainment options nearby, even better. There are plenty of large houses to rent in various locations in the UK, but what’s important is to find the right location which is accessible, convenient, and has charm and plenty to offer.

Assess the venue’s capacity

Of course, the capacity of the venue will depend on how many guests or attendees you are expecting, but make sure as well that your attendees will be comfortable in the space allotted for them. You would also have to allow space for break times and refreshments but bear in mind that the size shouldn’t be too big, either. You don’t want your attendees to be overwhelmed with too much space, and a conference or meeting room which is too big may give the impression that half your participants never showed up.

Look at the features and amenities

The features and amenities of the venue are also essential, depending on your needs. The features often include audio/visual equipment as well as microphones, kitchen facilities, and so on. Be extra mindful when it comes to the set-up, and pay attention to areas for sponsors as well as seating arrangements. Ask the provider if you can utilize rooms for various activities and if you can hire a caterer if you so choose. Happy planning, and good luck!


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