Romantic Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary

Romantic-Ways-to-Celebrate-Your-AnniversaryIf you’ve got an anniversary around the corner, you may be looking for an exciting way to celebrate this milestone. Each anniversary should be a true celebration because it means the commitment you made still stands. Thankfully, according to the New York Times, the divorce rate is actually down. Nonetheless, every anniversary is a great accomplishment and should be commemorated accordingly.

It’s important to show how much you care about your partner throughout the year, but make sure you also pull out all the stops for your special day. Here are a few romantic ways you can celebrate your anniversary.

Dress to impress

No matter what you end up doing, you’ve got to make sure you look incredible. If you and your spouse have a family now, things are probably pretty chaotic most of the time. You might just be rocking whatever’s comfortable, and that’s totally fine for everyday wear, but your anniversary should be different!

If you know you’re going to be going somewhere nice—or even if you’re just celebrating with dinner and a movie—buy yourself something that you feel amazing in. For women, consider an outfit that’s simple, but chic, like a black blouse, straight-leg jeans, and brightly-colored shoes or sparkly jewelry. For men, maybe surprise your spouse with something fun, like a nice button-up shirt and fancy bow tie. Even though your spouse probably thinks you’re lovely just the way you are, putting a little extra thought and effort into your look for the evening is a great way to show how much you still care.

Spice up your love life.

Marriage is a life-long partnership, and sometimes things in the bedroom can get a little stale. For your anniversary one romantic way to celebrate is by booking a private suite and whisking your loved one away for the night. If you’re worried about the kids, you don’t need to go very far, consider supporting a local bed and breakfast.

Although the best intimate encounters are often spontaneous, a little planning can go a long way. You don’t have to be too adventurous to spice things up. Consider going online and surprising your significant other with some sexy lingerie. From adorable lace teddies to crotchless panties, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for on Spicy Lingerie’s website. Pick something that your spouse will love and that will embolden you to have the best anniversary yet.

Go out to dinner.

If your spouse usually handles the dinner reservations, consider taking the reins this time. Check out your local culinary guide. It’ll have the latest foodie news, including whether there’s a new restaurant opening or a guide to delicious places that are lesser-known. If you want to get your spouse involved, just ask what style of food they’d like to eat. How fun will it be to experience a brand new restaurant together? Having new experiences can really keep the romance alive. If you’re worried that the new restaurant won’t live up to expectations, make sure you have your spouse’s favorite ice cream parlor or bar planned for afterward.

Take a theme to the extreme.

You might have just cringed when you read the suggestion of themed anniversary date, but just keep reading and you might change your mind! The 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s often get romanticized in movies and on TV. If your significant other has a favorite decade, run with it. Ask your spouse to dress as vintage as possible, and go out on the town.

If there’s a historic bar or restaurant in your area, like the Green Mill in Chicago, grab drinks and listen to some jazz. See if there are any old movie theatres playing classic movies. If not, play a classic movie once you get back home and eat some popcorn. Record your whole night with photos, and then have them printed in an album in black and white. Your significant other will swoon at your creativity.

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Tips for Being a ‘Cool’ Mom Even in the Summer Heat

There’s nothing like the summer heat that wilts everything from your hair to your energy, especially when you’re a mom doing double duty keeping yourself and the baby cool. Not only do you want to stay cool, you also want to look cool while doing it. In this article, you’ll find a few tips for staying cool, looking cool, and keeping you and your little one safe in the extreme heat of summer.

Turn on Those Fans

Whether it’s in your home, in the backyard, or out with the baby in her stroller, fans can go a long way toward keeping you both cool. The heat is dangerous for a baby, so it’s best to keep them as cool as possible on your walks. listed their top stroller fans here for mothers to be able to choose only the very best for their bundles of joy. These fans work to keep your little one cool no matter where you are. As for when you’re at home, turning on those window fans will go a long way toward keeping Mom and Baby cool in the heat of the summer as well.


Dress for Coolness

While it could be tempting to dress in jeans and a T-shirt when out and about on a hot summer’s day, you’re better off dressing to be cool. You can look great in a nice pair of tailored shorts, a nice tank top and a pair of chic (and comfortable) sandals just as easily. Better yet? Wear a cute sundress. You do want to be careful once the sun sets, however, since it might get nippy in some areas. Make sure to take a blanket for the baby and something to cover your own arms. A ruana is perfect for those chilly nights or even for an early morning stroll with the baby. A ruana is similar to a poncho, but lighter. Ruanas are cozy enough to wear even in the summer months.

Shed Those Socks

Opinions vary on this tip. Some people swear by cotton, breathable socks to keep them cool, while others swear by no socks at all. The choice is yours, but shedding those socks in favor of flip-flops or going barefoot seems to have its advantages. Going barefoot helps your feet from getting sweaty, which in turn helps you from getting hot. Make sure that you put shoes on before you head out on the town or to take a walk around the block with the baby.

Put Up that Hair

Long hair is amazing, but during the summer, it’ll feel like it’s giving you a heatstroke. Of course, you don’t want to cut it, because winter will come again. Instead, purchase some barrettes, and fashionable hair ties to keep it off your neck. You can find bows, ties, and other accessories to match any of the summer outfits you have.

Stay Hydrated

One great way to stay cool and look cool during the summer is to stay hydrated. The more water you drink, the cooler you’ll be, and the better you’ll look. Not staying hydrated is not only dangerous, but it’s also bad for your skin. Make sure that you and your little one stay hydrated during the summer months, so that both of you are safe and happy.

These are just a few of the top tips out there for staying cool and looking cool doing it as a mom. Remember, it’s extremely important for you and your baby to take every precaution when out and about during the summer months. Dehydration and sunstroke are no joke and need to be taken seriously.

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Strappy Heels Or Flip-Flops- Right Footwear For Right Occasion

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The Heat Wave Heeled Sandals are anything but average

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When you intend to dress to impress, it isn’t just about wearing a perfect outfit that drapes your form effortlessly and feels comfortable. You need to think about the whole ensemble, right from top to bottom. So your footwear deserves as much attention as your attire, jewelry, and other accessories. Is there a proven formula for choosing the perfect footwear for a specific occasion? How do you opt for a pair that looks good and gives you all the comfort you need? What factors should you consider while picking a pair from your shoe rack for today’s dressing? Here are the answers to all your footwear queries so that you can nail the choice every time you step out.

Invest in the essentials

Even before you start guessing perfect picks occasion-wise, you need to have some essentials in your shoe rack. These are the basics that you cannot afford to miss out on- a pair of sleek black heels, colorful flip flops, strappy stilettos, classy high boots, and basic running shoes. Apart from the basics, you can shop a few colors and styles that match the outfits in your wardrobe and your personal taste. For example, you may pick a pair in animal prints if you love dressing your feet that way on special occasions.

Match with your outfit

When it comes to creating a complete look for any occasion, matching the footwear with your outfit is the key. After all, you cannot expect to match a pair of sneakers with a formal gown and flip flops won’t work with a professional office suite. Getting some wardrobe inspiration from JustFab is a great idea while you can just listen to your instinct to nail the look. And there are some basic casual and formal matching rules that you can follow to make the choice easy and fun.

Choose according to season

The choice of footwear also depends on the season because that is the practical side of things. Obviously, you would want something easy and airy for the summer and warm and comfortable for the winter. Casual loafers and moccasins are ideal for summer outings, while vibrant flip-flops are just right for a beach holiday or a shopping trip. For a night out, strappy heels make the perfect companion for any outfit. During the freezing winter, your fancy sandals and pumps won’t be good enough. Rather mules and knee-high boots are great for keeping your warm.

Comfort should be the top priority

Even as you want to pair your attire with an ideal match in footwear and get it right for the occasion as well, do not compromise with comfort for style. If you expect a busy day at work or outdoors, walking around with high heels may not be practical. Look for something that fits nicely and is soft on your skin so that you don’t end up with a show bite. Don’t hesitate to carry an extra pair and change if you need to.

The choice of the right footwear for the right occasion may take some good thinking but is still easy to handle. Just find something that blends a good match with your outfit, comfort, and awesome looks and you are good to go!

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