Wall Street and the Gig Economy

Wall-Street-and-the-Gig-EconomyThe past few years have seen a major rise in a new industry: the gig economy. People are empowered to be self-employed with easy access to jobs like Uber, Lyft, Door Dash, and Postmates, providing an opportunity to work for yourself and create your own schedule.

This is an appealing prospect for many Americans who face hurdles when trying to access other job opportunities throughout the country. It is also an opportunity for those who are unable to commit to a full-time or regular working-hour schedule.

Wall Street and the gig economy haven’t always gotten along. In fact, the relationship between the two can be described as rocky. But for most of 2020, the gig economy has been one of the very few industries to remain strong and even see a rise in stock prices. Does this change major stockholders’ views on the gig economy? What does the future of the gig economy look like?

Gig Companies Vs. Gig Workers

One major reason why Wall Street is typically sour on the idea of the gig economy is because of the ways that the companies can get away with treating their workers. Individual contractors who are a part of gig jobs rarely get paid any benefits, insurance, or protections, and end up spending more money to fuel their own cars than they can save up, making gig jobs meaningless efforts.

A few years ago, Wall Street Journal reported on the new standards being placed on huge gig economy corporations such as Uber and Postmates. While some gig companies have been slow to adapt to new workplace changes, they have proven to pass the test of time as they are now some of the few companies making a profit in our post-pandemic world.

Gig Impact on Economy Cannot Be Denied

Since 2017, Wall Street has come a long way in recognizing the benefits and usefulness of gig workers and the gig economy And since the release of the federal relief stimulus package in April, the status of independent contractors has changed forever.

Previously, gig workers would never expect to receive unemployment benefits or any form of federal aid, since they are classified as independent contractors under a 1099 instead of employees under a W2. Without a W2, workers cannot get benefits and must pay self-employment taxes each year. Wall Street Mastermind goes in much deeper about how the gig economy is starting to change the world and what investors on wall street might be looking for to get more exposure from this market.

The stimulus package and allowance of federal unemployment help has put gig workers on the same level as employees and professionals, cementing the gig economy’s place in society and even on Wall Street. Gig company stocks continue to rise, especially those involved in food and grocery delivery services.

Without gig workers, life in quarantine would be nearly impossible. Now, there is an app for just about anything you need, from food delivery to virtual medical help. While many people are still slow to accept the necessity and value of gig economies and the gig worker, it is undeniable that this industry is currently one of the strongest on the market.

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Ways to Get Help after a Truck Accident

Ways-to-Get-Help-after-a-Truck-AccidentHave you been involved in a collision with a truck? If so, are you badly injured? And, is your motor vehicle totaled? Therefore, the question that begs is, what recourse do you have in the event that the accident is not your fault?

By way of answering this question, let’s consider the following points:

Road accident statistics

Road accidents are expected to become the fifth leading cause of death in the USA by 2030. It must be noted that this forecast was made before the novel coronavirus swept across the globe. Current US infection and death rates, as quoted by John Hopkins University, are 1,467, 884 infections and 88,754 deaths, respectively. Thus, it stands to reason that, by the time the COVID-19 pandemic has burnt itself out, road accident deaths will more than likely no longer be the fifth leading cause of US deaths by 2030.

Collisions involving trucks tend to be more severe for the occupants of the passenger vehicle that has collided with the truck. 2018 statistics show that 96% of passenger vehicle occupant deaths occurred in a road accident between a large truck and a passenger vehicle.The reason for these high numbers is that a truck is much heavier than a passenger vehicle. A big semi-truck and trailer can weigh up to 40 tons while a light motor vehicle only weighs 2.5 tons. Therefore, trucks need 20% to 40% longer distance to brake successfully. This discrepancy is greater on wet surfaces than on dry surfaces. Truck brake failure and driver fatigue are two of the most common reasons why truck accidents occur.

Navigating a truck accident If you’ve been involved in a truck accident recently, it doesn’t matter how injured you are or aren’t, the most important thing to do is to contact one of the Atlanta truck wreck lawyers. They specialize in helping you mop up the aftermath of a truck accident. This statement is especially relevant if you are injured or are in hospital.

A specialist attorney will contact your insurance company or broker and file a personal injury claim on your behalf.  Your lawyer will also collect witness statements, police reports, and even hire a private investigator, should witnesses need to be traced, and additional information about the accident’s cause be sourced.

One of the most challenging aspects to deal with after an accident is the lack of disposable cash. Your medical bills will be higher. You might not be able to work due to the injuries and subsequent rehabilitation and healing time. If your car hasn’t been totaled in the accident, your vehicle’s repair bill will be high. Otherwise, you might have to purchase another vehicle.

All of these aspects add additional stress and anxiety to your life. The good news is that your attorney will negotiate with the truck company’s insurance in order to arrange a settlement as soon as possible. This will help you pay for interim medical bills as well as for your monthly costs.

A Semi-Truck Totaled My Car: What Should I Do Now?
Common Damages That Follow a Car Accident 
Safety Tips to Help You Avoid a Vehicle Accident

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Oh My Heartsie Girls Wonderful Wednesday

Whew this has been a whirlwind week, I have started sewing again. I found a group on Facebook that started making masks locally and it turned into a nationwide project. I have been making masks to donate to several groups. There are thousands needed still not just for health care workers, but organizations like the Walker River PIAUTE Reservation, to protect the families on the reservation. Just this one alone needed 650, but with some requests, there are thousands of masks requested. The group, Sew You Care has sent out over 140,000 masks and still has many more to go. They were recognized by our local news, channel 8. And have team captains all over the US. If you know of anyone needing masks, or want to get involved, you can go to the website and make a request. I hope you all stay well and get to enjoy some good outdoors fresh air! Here is an example:

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5 Tips On Buying Jewelry That Will Last

 5-Tips-On-Buying-Jewelry-That-Will-LastDid you know there are 1 in 3 women that if you ask would say they would like jewelry for any occasion but only 1 in 5 will buy jewelry for that special person in your life.

Buying jewelry like diamonds can be a complicated process because there are so many options.I cover tips on what to look for in my article:  4 Ways You Can Successfully Buy Diamond Rings

  1. Avoid the well-known stores

But for those that are looking for something more simple and as a gift the first thing is to stay avoid jewelry stores with prestige names

Tiffany Cartier Zales or Jareds

  1. Get referrals

As buying in these stores could mean hundreds of dollars for a silver bracelet. First, you might want to talk with friends get referrals then consider local jewelry stores.

  1. Silver is a trend

There has always been a thing for gold and we should settle for silver, but silver is very popular these days, the reason is that gold is so high in price and you can buy quality silver that has a 92.5 percent of silver.  If you see something like “nickel silver” or German silver” they have no silver at all. So keep that in mind. Looks for quality silver that has the content of 925 stamped on jewelry.

  1. How about pearls

Pearls are an all-time classic and very versatile to wear, women are wearing them with mixed media jewelry from chains to other types of stones and even adding with watches, very classy. But when buying pearls keep in mind there are 3 kinds of pearls; natural, cultured and imitation which are used in costume jewelry. Imitations are the best bet and you would choose a high luster; shiny surface and avoid cloudy or dull.

  1. But let’s talk diamonds

It isn’t nearly as hard to buy diamonds as it used to be because there are competent stores online that where you can buy with insurance to protect your investment, find quality and beauty and one of the finest is Michael Arthur’s for diamond engagement rings where you can browse their jewelry to find inspiration to help narrow down your choices, what you like in shape, style size of stone and color; gold or platinum. 

No matter the occasion you can be assured that buying jewelry is always acceptable, it comes with thought and love to give to someone special. If you want to learn more about Diamond’s

Watch the 3 ½ minute video to learn more.

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