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Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday Linkup #230, we have a great lineup for you. Everyone is in the mood to cook and bake good things for their families and I could not resist to share lots. And a fun fashion post and a touchy subject Racism from the Bible’s point of view. We hope you will find a post of interest and dont forget our hostesses blogs that they share as well, we would love to have you comment!
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3 Ideas To Update Any Backyard

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Indah Nuria Savitri // My Purple World
Breathtaking Ubud, Bali
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Clearissa Coward // Command Center
Six Ways to Transform a Simple Candle
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Kaycee Mason // My Crafty Zoo
DIY Nightmare Before Christmas Wreath
Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | PinterestSuzan White // Country Crafting
Life Goes On
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The-Painted-Apron-Fall-Table-for-all-occasions. Feature Chosen by Karren Haller // Oh My Heartsie Girl
The Painted Apron // A Fall Table For All Occasion’s
The Star of the show is the pumpkin with tiny lights
 The-Kitchen-is-my-playground-2-Cheese-Macaroni-Cheese-Serving-Spoon.Feature Chosen by Suzan White // Country Crafting
The Kitchen is My Playground //
2-Cheese Baked Macaroni and Cheese recipe

I love a good mac n cheese but this sounds more delicious made extra creamy & delicious with 2 cheeses and an easy-to-make white sauce slathered on top.
Marilyns-Treas-Recipes-of-Chicken-and-Sausage-PaellaFeature Chosen by Clearissa Coward // Clearissa Coward’s Command Center
Marilyn’s Treats // Slow Cooker Chicken and Sausage Paella
Three spices, bite size peppers with Paella Rice make up this recipe.
Pumpkin-Surprise-Marble-Cake.Feature Chosen by Indah Nuria // My Purple World
Seasonal and Holiday Recipes // Pumpkin Surprise Marble Cake
Inside you will find PUMPKIN SHAPE hidden inside and a double drizzle of Orange and Chocolate Icing.
 Karins-Cottage-How-to-Make-Easy-Quick-Fresh-Pear-TartFeature Chosen by Karren Haller // Oh My Heartsie Girl
Karins Kottage // How to Make Easy Quick Fresh Pear Tart
Karin uses a spring form pan for this tart, lots more picture in preparation all the direction on her blog.
nancyc-double-glazed-pumpkin-sconesFeature Chosen by Karren Haller // Oh My Heartsie Girl
Nancy C Blog // Pumpkin Scones as good as Starbucks (or maybe even better)
I love a recipe that is a copy cat made at home, saves a ton of money!

A colorful image of a group of diverse teenagers putting their hands together as friends as a symbol of support and teamwork.

Feature Chosen by Kaycee // My Crafty Zoo
Dr. Michelle Bengtson // What Does the Bible Say About Racism? 8 Things to Consider
Very prolific story and explanation about Racism
This-weeks-fashion-feature-on-Oh-My-Heartsie-GirlLucy-Bertoldi Feature Chosen by Karren Haller // Oh My Heartsie Girl
Confessions of Montreal Styling Diva
From print mixing heave is what I’m aiming for all the time! How good is this top with all this animal print glory?!!

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Tips On How To Dye Your Hair At Home

Tips-On-How-To-Dye-Your-Hair-At-HomeLearning how to dye your hair at home can not only be a real time saver but very rewarding, no more expensive salon trips and sitting in a salon seat for hours on end. Whilst, your may not be able to create complex colors at home without the help of an expert, you can experiment with different colors, go a few shades darker or add some extra highlights. You’ll also need to decide on the type of hair dye: permanent, demi-permanent, semi-permanent or temporary, and the shade of color. Picking the best at home hair dye for your hair can be challenging with so many products on the market, luckily there are sites such as silqy.co that help users decide which hair dye box to pick.

If you’re thinking of dying your hair at home, here are some tips that can help you get that desired salon results at home.

 Tips-On-How-To-Dye-Your-Hair-At-Home.Credit: @ayahya09

Don’t trust the model

When picking a hair dye box, don’t assume that the color depicted on the box will reflect your final results. Everyone’s going to have slightly different results, as your natural hair color will affect how well the hair dye mixes with your natural hair color. It’s important that you perform a strand test, to get an idea of what to expect.

Follow Instructions

The most important rule when dying your hair at home, is to carefully read and follow the instructions on the dye box. They are there for a reason! Re-read the instructions and be extra careful, if it’s your first time doing it at home.

Buy an Extra Box of Hair Dye

If your hair goes down past your shoulders, then it’s advised to buy two packs of hair dye so that you can cover your entire head. Imagine running out of hair dye halfway through the application process, only to be left with the other half unfinished. If you do end up needing a second box of hair dye, then apply the hair dye straight away once it’s been mixed and developed, as the longer you leave it, the less effective it becomes.

Test Before Applying

When trying out a new product, it’s recommended that you do a quick patch test to see how it reacts on your skin. Test at least 24 hours beforehand, so that if the product contains any harmful chemicals that may trigger allergic reactions, you can write it off. Never skip this step, even if you’ve done it before or trust the product.

You should also do a strand test when trying out a new shade of color. Mix a small amount of hair dye and apply it to an area that isn’t easily noticeable to test how well your hair absorbs the dye, as well as getting a feel of how long the process takes for your desired color.

Prepare Your Hair

You want your hair to be in tip-top condition before applying the hair dye. You can and should apply a deep condition mask a few days before the application process. Make sure not to wash your hair on the day as the extra sebum and natural oils on your scalp will act as a barrier that protects your scalp from irritation.

Before applying the hair dye, make sure your hairline is clean and you’ve given your hair a good brush so that any knots are untangled before beginning.

Section your hair into four parts using a clip so that it’s easier to apply: two in the back, and two in the front. Next decide which section’s you want to dye first, as it will end up being a little darker due to it having more time to process.

If touching up roots, apply the color starting at the bae of the roots and process.
If changing the color of the whole head of hair, apply to roots first, then comb through to the ends and process according to time in directions.

Be Patient

It takes time for your hair to absorb the hair dye, thus it’s important that you be patient. Follow the instructions carefully and enjoy your new look!

To finish, was with a gentle shampoo and condition, sometimes the product you purchased will have a conditioner to use after washing hair. Use as directed to finish you at home hair color process.

9 Habits to Reverse Hair Damage and Get Your Best Hair Ever
Coloring Your Hair For The First Time? Essential Things To Keep In Mind

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5 Signs That Choosing a Healthcare Career Is Right for You


Whether you’re looking to enrich your life through education, to get a degree in a specific field, or to help your own little ones navigate the world of options that lie ahead – medicine is not a field one chooses on a whim. Working in healthcare can mean being a neurosurgeon, a nurse, or a therapist, and it can entail everything from high-stress emergency care, to working in less intense environments such as elderly care centers.Chosing-a-career-in-the-medical-health-care-field.

Depending on your personal traits and preferences, as well as your desire to invest years of your life in specialization and continuous learning, you can pick a field within medicine that suits you the most. However, healthcare in general requires a few unique traits that you need to succeed and enjoy a career in medicine. Here, we’ll list a few of those signs that life sends you in the form of your own capabilities and passions that will help you see if medicine is a good fit for you or your kids!

In-a-medical-field-career-the-key-is-strong-communication-skillsGreat communication skills

Strong listening skills, body language, and transparency all remain essential for medicine. A large part of working in healthcare means communicating effectively with patients, other medical professionals, and the public, as well. Education in medicine means improving these skills to be more specific to the field, but if you’re a natural when interacting with people, you listen and provide guidance in an unbiased, non-judgmental way, you stand a great chance in this field.A-desire-for-lifelong-learning-in-the-medical-fieldA desire for lifelong learning

Medicine constantly advances, and innovation is at the very core of this industry, inspiring healthcare workers to constantly learn new skills and adapt as the field changes with new discoveries. Then there’s the need for continuous certification to ensure that your knowledge meets the latest standards of your field of work. Obtaining regular ACLS certification, for example, helps workers qualify to handle advanced cardiovascular and life support procedures, which are vital for so many medical professions.

This and other skillsets represent the core of working in medicine, and they help institutions recognize the best staff available, as well as those who need to update their knowledge. If you’re eager to keep learning throughout your career, then medicine is a good choice for you.Teaching-your-kids-when-they-are-young-about-empathy-goes-a-long-ways-in-healthcare-jobs-High levels of empathy

Among so many life skills you want to teach your kids, you need to enable them to master the art of empathy as they’re growing up and building their other skills and knowledge. This is an invaluable skill that will help them in life as well as work, and if you notice that they have a natural tendency to feel for others and recognize when they can help someone in pain, this is a good sign that they might be good with healthcare jobs.

The same applies to yourself – as a parent and as a human being, if you’re attuned to other people’s feelings and needs, you can be a true asset in the world of medicine, with the right ongoing education, of course.Teaching-children-about-handling-stress-for-a-future-in-healthcareAble to work in stressful environments

Although not all medical work requires you to be in emergency rooms and under tons of stress non-stop, the simple truth is that working with people can be stressful even without heavy bleeding or injuries. Healthcare calls for resilient people who can manage stressful environments and fast-paced situations.

When you teach your kids about handling stress and how to be more resilient to it, you might also consider this issue a relevant lesson for their future work. Your emotional stability and your capacity to handle working under pressure will come in handy when you’re in medicine, no matter the branch you choose.A-strong-sense-for-doing-whats-right-can-you-cope-with-responsibilityA strong sense for doing what’s right

Coping with the inevitable, such as death and disease makes a large portion of why someone might be uncertain if they should work in healthcare to begin with. However, in addition to events that are entirely out of your hands, how well can you cope with tremendous, life-altering responsibility, and how likely are you to always take the ethical route?

Doing the right thing is far from a dilemma for some people, but in medicine, the dilemma is so much more complex than you can imagine. In addition to specific legal requirements such as doctor-patient confidentiality and the Hippocratic oath, you also need to be able to discern between right and wrong and make decisions that are exceptionally difficult.


Although working in healthcare means investing your life in the learning process and you constantly need to master new skills, it’s a noble, rewarding profession that will always come with unique, lifelong benefits. If you’d like to help your kids decide on the best road ahead, perhaps talking about these skills will also help them see if they’re on the right track or if they need to work on some of their capabilities. You never know where life will take you, but building your career in medicine is one of the most remarkable decisions you and your little ones can make to leave the world a better place one day at a time.

Utah is a State Full of Opportunities for Surgical Technicians and Medical Experts

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