Low Maintenance Yet Beautiful Gardens

There is a common perception that it is not possible or at least it is very hard to have a garden that is beautiful all year round and yet is low maintenance. For those who enjoy spending time outdoors or simply enjoy looking out of the window to a nice landscape, it is important to have a nice garden. Low-maintenance-Garden

Low maintenance gardens are also great if you have a house that you rent out or a holiday home where you don’t spend time there all year round. The whole purpose of having a holiday home is so that you can go there to relax, not to tackle 8 months of garden growth! Another downside of gardening is that it can actually cause you health problems, with people suffering from knee joint issues after spending years kneeling or squatting in the garden.

So, if you don’t have the time, ability or inclination to maintain your garden then you may benefit from some of these tips:

 Choose your plants carefully (if you really must have them)

Some plants take much more care than others. Of course, the best way to take away the pain of plant care is to not have any plants at all but not many people go for this option. Plants that are easier to maintain include Heather, Azaleas, Crocus and Jasmine. Repeat flowers are also a good idea so you won’t have to plant new flowers each year.Bright-Beautiful-Flowers-For-Spring-Gardens

Another way to ease garden maintenance is by choosing native plants that naturally prosper in your area. If you’re unfamiliar with plant types, there’s a plethora of information on the web to leverage. For example, Lawn Starter’s St. Louis page features a list of native plants and flowers for novice gardeners in the area to use as a reference for choosing local native flora in their garden.


Don’t have grass

Source: Artificial Lawn UK

Grass looks good but it needs mowing frequently or else it quickly turns into an overgrown jungle. Also, lawnmowers are pretty bulky so you need lots of space to store it in. So looking at alternatives to grass –  you could have a nice set of decking, or use gravel or paving. Another alternative is to have artificial grass. More and more people are turning to this solution, as it is so much easier than having real grass. Installation is fairly straightforward too, especially if it is just going in a square or rectangular area. You can get artificial grass that looks really realistic and it is perfect if you have kids who keep wearing bald patches in the grass! For more information, check out this website.

If you do insist on having grass then try and keep it square in shape to make it easier to cut. Also, consider leaving the grass clippings on the lawn rather than going back and forth to dispose of it. You can also get edging shears that have a collection box to make it easier for you.

Avoid fast-growing hedges

If you are ever thinking about growing a hedge, make sure that you avoid a fast-growing one as trimming hedges can take a long time and they very soon look out of control again. Fences are sometimes a better option and you can get some very attractive fencing to compliment your garden without the level of work required with trimming your hedges down.

Source: Wayfair

Get UPVC fence panels

Wooden fences often need to be treated to keep them intact. Heavy winds are also a pain as you can find yourself needing to replace fence panels after a windy day. You can get around this by having UPVC fence panels fitted and you will never have to replace panels again. You can even get brown ones that look like they are wooden if you are worried about the appearance. It costs a lot less in the long run as well to have UPVC fence panels.

So for whatever reason you can’t or don’t want to spend your time gardening, there are some very good solutions out therefore you to try.

How To Find the Right Doctor or Physician

People find themselves in need of a new physician for a number of reasons. For some people, getting a second opinion after a major diagnosis may help them make a well-informed decision on the course of their medical care. Others may be in need of a specialist to consult on a specific medical condition. Whatever your reason for needing a new physician, following these five guidelines will help you find the right doctor/surgeon for your specific medical needs.

1. Can they meet your specific medical needs?


As an individual, your age, medical condition(s), gender, and sexual orientation affect how you feel about your health, body, and your interactions with medical care providers. As you consider what you will need from your doctor, consider whether their practice can accommodate your needs. They should also be able to answer any questions you may have, such as, do penis enlargement supplements work?

If you’ve been newly diagnosed with cancer, as another example, and are therefore either seeking cancer treatment, finding the right oncologist can help you receive effective medical care. An oncologist is the primary medical care provider for a cancer patient. They have a medical degree majoring in the treatment of cancer and can diagnose and treating cancer using chemotherapy and other specialized therapies.

A medical oncologist will also coordinate their patient’s care with other specialists, as oncologists are trained to treat different types of cancer. If you’re looking for an oncologist, MediFind is an online database that helps you find top specialists for a number of health conditions. To find a medical oncologist through their website, simply type, “best oncologist near me,” and their algorithm will help you find the best oncology treatment in your area.

2. Consider their experience level.


A trained physician must have a medical degree and will have completed an internship, residency, and fellowship. You may also find it helpful to ask your doctor if they have participated in any clinical trials or medical research projects. Their participation in clinical trials could indicate that they are involved in developing novel and advanced medical treatments.

If you’re seeking rehabilitation therapy for stroke-related complications, ask your doctor if they offer exoskeleton rehabilitation. Exoskeleton technology is a new technology developed by Ekso Bionics to treat spinal cord injury. This wearable robot suit is used in rehabilitation therapy to help stroke patients or individuals who have suffered spinal cord injury regain their natural gait by improving muscle activity. Exoskeletons by Ekso Bionics are the only FDA-cleared exoskeleton technology and are currently being used in over 270 rehab centers around the world.

3. Find a practitioner covered by your insurance plan.


To avoid any uncomfortable surprises, make sure your prospective doctor is covered by your medical insurance. Ask if they cover your consultations, medical procedures, and medication. In most cases, your physician may not know exactly what your insurance covers. Plus, there may be too many variables like co-pay and deductibles. If you find yourself in this situation, contacting your health insurance card member service representative is a good place to start.

4. How easy are they to get to?


Consider the distance between your prospective doctor’s practice and your home/office. What’s more, how affordable will the parking be? If you have to use public transport, how long will the commute take, and how expensive/affordable will it be? Given that primary healthcare services are not evenly spaced out, they could be abundant in some neighborhoods and limited in others.

5. What hospitals are they affiliated with?


If you need to be hospitalized at some point, and you carry a preference for one hospital (or contempt for another), you may want to keep these preferences in mind when searching for your next doctor. Doctors tend to be affiliated with a number of hospitals in their area of practice. Knowing this, you may want to find out (beforehand) which doctors are associated with your preferred choice of hospitals.

If potential hospitalization is a possibility for your medical care, you may even want to choose your hospital first and then your doctor.

Are Boxelder Bugs Bad: Should You Be Eliminating Them?

Are-Boxelder-Bugs-Bad-Should-You-Be-Eliminating-ThemMost people don’t want to see any bugs in their homes. It’s understandable, you come home to relax, unwind, and enjoy life. The last thing you want to be worrying about is bugs, whether they are carrying disease and if they are likely to walk over you or bite you during the night.

That’s why, if you’re dealing with boxelder bugs you should contact a reputable specialist in pest control and get the problem sorted.

The Boxelder Bug

The boxelder bug originated in North America and is often seen on the boxelder tree; hence the name. It also likes to target ash and maple trees. The bug is approximately 12.5mm long, which’s half-an-inch. It’s dark brown with red markings on the wings.

They are meant to feed on the developing seeds of the boxelder, maple, and ash trees. However, they are also known to eat fruit, you’ll notice where they have been by the dimples and scars on the fruit.

Boxelder bugs enjoy the sunshine. They are known to group together in the summer in warm spaces and simply sit there. Of course, their love of heat does mean they need to search for warmth during the colder months. That’s when they are likely to enter your home.

They will hide in cracks and gaps around your home. However, your heating will warm the space, encouraging them out in the search of food. You may find they are nibbling at your fruit and house plants. They also tend to leave stains on carpets, curtains, and even your sofa. That can be difficult to remove.

Is Elimination The Right Answer?

If you notice these bugs living in your home then you should find out more info from your local experts. It’s a good idea to eliminate them from your home for your own peace of mind. However, you should be aware that when these bugs feel threatened they release a foul odor.

The aim of the smell and the fact it tastes bad is to keep predators away. But, the smell can linger for an extended period of time. That’s why you don’t want to simply squash the bugs, you’ll be reminded of them for some time via the scent.

Instead, you should vacuum them up as you see them. This won’t give them the opportunity to release the smell. At the same time, you should go around your home and seal u any cracks and gaps you find. Pay particular attention to areas around the doors and windows. Sealing up gaps will prevent the bugs from getting in.

Remember, that while boxelder bugs aren’t harmful, dead bugs will attract other bugs, such as the Dermestid beetle which is considerably more destructive. That’s why it’s important to remove all traces of the boxelder bugs as soon as possible. Simply re-homing them outside isn’t enough unless they are a good distance from your home and you have blocked all potential entry and exit points.

Benefits of Online Worksheets for Children

 kindergarten-worksheets-by-No-Fuss-Tutors.For many years now, using worksheets for kids has become a trend for educators all over the world. In fact, worksheets have become the number one choice of parents and teachers when it comes to supplementing children’s education. Worksheets have proven to be helpful in developing problem-solving skills, logical thinking, and analytical capability.

Categorically, writing worksheets are super useful for improving kids’ handwriting, reading worksheets for nurturing their imagination, and math worksheets for sharpening their minds, but the list of benefits of worksheets does not end here. For example, online worksheets are an effective tool for teaching complicated concepts with ease as well. They are especially valuable for young children in elementary school, who have just recently begun learning fundamental concepts and are still in the process of building a foundation for subjects.

Another benefit of worksheets is that they are perfect to be considered as short-term learning goals for kids. Every time your child completes a worksheet, they experience a sense of achievement and this is great for pumping in some motivation and instilling confidence. To make things more fun, you can also give your child a treat (like candy) or a reward (like stickers) every time they solve a worksheet correctly. It offers encouragement to solve more worksheets, ultimately helping your child study more – every parent’s dream!

Also, worksheets are not at all time-consuming. One worksheet usually takes between 10 to 20 minutes to solve, depending on the difficulty level. So, when children have to revise five subjects every day and are pressed for time, they can easily cover all subjects in just a few hours. This leaves them with plenty of time for extra-curricular activities, allowing your child to shine not just in academics, but in all areas.

The fact that worksheets are ideal for all age groups, is an added advantage. For example, colorful worksheets for kindergarten children make learning fun while the crisp, concise, and to-the-point worksheets for high school children are useful for quick revision. There are further divisions within the grades as well. So, if you are searching for worksheets for grade 1 children, you can further choose whether you want an easy level or hard.

Lastly, worksheets are also a great way to spend some gadget-free, quality time with your children. It would not be an exaggeration to say that worksheets bring families closer. Watching your children learn new things right in front of your eyes is a great feeling for every parent. You directly contribute to their growth and help them eliminate academic struggles. When they get better grades, you feel proud of the efforts you have helped them put in, and the whole journey feels rewarding.

It is crucial to ensure that when you are giving printable worksheets to children, they perfectly match the kid’s IQ level. If you are downloading a worksheet for grade 3 children, but the worksheet includes some concepts from grade 4 as well, it can create confusion in the child’s mind and make things tough for you to explain. However, busy teachers and working parents can’t possibly scrutinize each page of every worksheet. Finding a reliable worksheet from where you can download and print is hence very important. To get started, you can browse kindergarten worksheets by No Fuss Tutors.

Introducing your child to worksheets from an early stage can have a great impact. So, make sure you begin as early as you can. If you’re not giving daily worksheets to your young one, then he or she is surely missing out on a lot of learning. You should do everything you can you avoid this. Since the worksheets are free and easily available on the internet, try to download them regularly and keep your child engaged with solving them. Happy learning!

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