4 Overlooked Items You Can Use As Collateral For a Loan

At various points in our lives, we need a little help on the financial front. Money tends to get tight for a variety of reasons. Maybe your hours as a customer service representative have been cut at work. Maybe your credit card payments have risen a bit higher, due to a change in your credit score. Or maybe you’re making extra payments on the engagement ring you bought for your upcoming nuptials. Whatever the reason, people sometimes find themselves in financial straits and needing extra money to help them out. In cases like these loans can come in handy.

When people receive loans, they often have to put up some form of collateral or security. Collateral is a borrower’s pledge of something specific to the lender. This will often secure the repayment of the loan to the lender. It’s a good example of a sort of “you give me something, I give you something” relationship. Security can come in a variety of forms when building such loan-centered relationships. Such partnerships show no signs of slowing down either. In 2021 alone approximately 51.3 percent of people in the United States stated that they have taken out a personal loan during their lifetime. So, what can we use as security for a loan? Today we’ll focus on four overlooked items that you can use as security for a loan.

1. Jewelry


One of the most cherished pieces of items in a person’s life is jewelry or trinkets. Jewelry holds importance on a variety of fronts for owners. Jewelry can be given to loved one’s, and can also be seen as an investment. For other people, trinkets can be passed down through families over time, and can also represent a social status for other individuals. Before using jewelry as security, definitely do your research to see how valuable it is. For example, look at Agape Diamonds reviews before using Agape diamonds as security for a loan that you’re seeking.

Lastly, jewelry can also be used as security for a loan because of the value such pieces bring. Some people use Agape diamonds, engagement rings, earrings, necklaces, diamond rings, white gold jewelry, and loose diamonds to receive confidential cash loans. Jewelry stands as a great example of what you can use for security when seeking out confidential cash loans.

2. Cars

Cars can also be used as security when trying to obtain a loan. If you’re looking to get a confidential cash loan in the state of California, or anywhere across the United States, using your vehicle is another good idea. As an owner of a vehicle, you can use that item as security for a secured personal loan, or an auto equity loan. After you’ve checked with the folks at Maxferd.com about putting up jewelry like Agape diamonds, engagement rings, earrings, necklaces, and diamond rings up for collateral loans, also consider the same option for your vehicle.

3. Future Paychecks


Another way that you can obtain a loan is by putting up money from your future paychecks as collateral. For a lender, this is a guaranteed way to receive something for their services. They know that they will receive collateral for the confidential cash loan which they’ve made available because they know the lendee is employed. With such an agreement you are borrowing money now which you will pay back when you are paid.

4. Collectibles

Another group of valuables that can be used as security for loans is collectibles. Though not as shiny as Agape diamonds, or an engagement ring, collectibles can be just as valuable. Some of the following items can also be included as high-value collateral for loans: Rare coins, comic books, trading cards, antique furniture, and rare stamps. Each of these can be used as collateral for those seeking a confidential cash loan.

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6 Tips How To Pull Off The Perfect Proposal

Proposing is undoubtedly one of the biggest moments in anyone’s life. It’s exciting, memorable, and downright terrifying. Not to mention all that pressure to get it absolutely right. To take a little stress of the entire occasion, here are some tips and ideas on how to make your proposal perfect. How-To-Pull-Off-The-Perfect-Proposal.

  1. Asking Permission

While it may seem old-fashioned, you should know whether or not your future in-laws would like it if you asked their permission before proposing. Rather err on the side of caution if you’re not sure and ask the parents before the proposal. If your future fiancée’s parents are no longer around, you could always ask someone who she looks to as a parental figure.

  1. Make it Meaningful

Make sure you know enough about your spouse-to-be to create a meaningful experience. You’re not going to want to propose in a vineyard if she’s sober or on a roller coaster if she’s terrified of heights. Think about what your bride-to-be likes and dislikes and then use that to surprise her.

  1. The Ring

Do you want to buy the engagement ring before or after you propose? While it may seem a little odd not to have ring to present, it’s okay if you’d prefer to shop for it together. It’s an exciting part of the engagement process either way. Also, decide if you want to purchase a ready-made ring of individually designed handmade diamond jewellery.

  1. The Timing

Take note of your timing. You don’t want to pop the question when your partner is overwhelmed or stressed.

  1. Set the Tone

Set a romantic tone for your proposal. If you’ve had an argument that day or something cropped up, you may want to postpone popping the question until you’re both relaxed.

  1. Don’t Be Silly!

Don’t try and do something silly, like tying the ring to a fishing line. But, do try and keep things light and fun. If you do want to do something a little silly, be sure your partner has a great sense of humor.

  1. Keep Things Simple

Keep the proposal as simple as you can. The more complicated the occasion, the more chances for things to go wrong.

  1. Know Where the Ring Is

While some people like to hide the engagement ring, make sure you remember where you’ve placed it. You may want to purchase insurance before you take it out of the store or have it delivered, just to be safe.

  1. Keep It Private

It’s better to keep your proposal private. Proposing in front of future in-laws or at a crowded sports stadium sure is exciting in the movies, but in reality, it’s better to create a very special and memorable moment just for the two of you.

A Few Things to Remember

  • Even the most well thought-out and planned proposals can backfire. Be prepared for things to fall apart and don’t be too hard on yourself.
  • Focus on the moment more than the engagement ring and external aspects around the proposal.
  • Try not to give your plans away by letting your nerves show.

That’s it. Now, create your plan, find the perfect location, and decide what you want to say to the love of your life.
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How Social Media Has Changed Wedding Proposals


Believe it or not, social media has changed a whole lot more other than the way we connect and interact with others around us. When you scroll through your Facebook, Instagram and even YouTube feeds, you can see that wedding proposals have become even more elaborate and thoughtful. Not to mention, almost everything and anything is captured today and posted for the whole world to see.                                                    

How Social Media Has Change Proposals

Image Source: Canva

As you can guess, this has had a big impact on wedding proposals. If you are planning to propose to your special someone very soon, you may want to check in with this article for any ideas. Also, if you are still searching for the perfect ring, check out reliable online jewellers such as Certified Diamond Network for unique engagement rings.

The bottom line is, however, even though it has changed the way we propose as a whole, it doesn’t have to affect the way you choose to propose. If you aren’t one of those who post about your relationship on social media, you can keep it that way, of course. This article is simply written to delve into the changes the big names have made to our romance.

How Proposals Are Different In The Age Of Social Media

Proposals, in general, have gotten much more over the top. You just need to look at the stats to see how many Facebook status updates have changed to ‘engaged’, spurring expectations among most women that their own partner will be pulling a massive romantic stunt soon.                                                How-Proposals-Are-Different-In-The-Age-Of-Social-Media               Image Source: Canva

Nowadays, there is also an expectation that everything must be ‘Insta’ worthy and if it’s not, couples may just go with it or shelve it entirely and start over.

We cannot deny the fact that social media has a big impact on our lives today, whether personal or interpersonal. Now, there are also clearer distinctions of wedding seasons due to social media. As a result, marketers also step up their game. This means from all angles, no matter where you are looking, you will see a spike in proposal-related material which can be positive or negative depending on your perspective.

When proposal season hits, there is usually a massive spike in sales and wedding planners normally get extremely busy, not to mention all the guys who want to really impress their woman and their whole circle of friends by posting their proposal on social media.

The bottom line…

It can be a positive thing and as always, there are two sides of the same coin. However, if you feel that the expectations cast by social media are getting in the way, you can always step back and go down the old-fashioned yet time-tested route, which is to get down on one knee, present the ring to your beloved and propose in private, sans social media posting.
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6 Popular Houseplants to Avoid When You Live With Pets

Plants-that-are-unsafe-for-dogs-and-cats-in-your-homePets are great, whether you’re a dog-lover or prefer the independent nature of a cat, they become part of your family. Most pet owners can’t imagine living without their pets. However, having a pet comes with responsibility. It’s not just walking them and feeding them, you constantly need to be thinking about what’s best for your pet.

You may not have considered it before but this extends to your current houseplants. Dogs and cats find some plants toxic although this isn’t enough to stop the chewing on them. These animals have a love of chewing on grass-like plants regardless of the ill effects they could have.

As they can avoid the plants, it’s up t you to make sure they are not in your home. Here are six popular houseplants you should avoid

Don’t forget you can still have high-quality plants delivered, you just need to avoid the toxic ones.

  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a lovely-looking plant that is surprisingly easy to look after. It is known to produce Aloe Vera gel which is good at helping people to heal.

Unfortunately, the gel is also toxic to dogs. They are likely to start vomiting, get diarrhea, tremors, and even feel depressed.

  1. Pothos

This is a very popular household and office plant as it requires minimal care. It can survive even if neglected for weeks at a time. Unfortunately, the plant contains calcium oxalates. These are toxic when ingested and can be a danger to pets and children.

They may look great but it’s one plant you should avoid if you have pets.

  1. Snake Plants

This is another popular choice for many people because they don’t need much light and they only need to be watered a couple of times a week.

However, the snake plant contains saponins. This is a chemical produced by the plant which protects it from insect attack. If your pet licks the saponins it is likely to cause it gastrointestinal upset. This is rarely fatal but it is uncomfortable for your pet.

  1. Dragon Tree

This is officially known as Dracaena and will make your dog or cat vomit. They are also likely to drool and develop a weakness in their body. You’ll want to seek help as quickly as possible.

  1. Devil’s Ivy

This is a very popular trailing plant inside and outside of homes across the country. It’s partly because Devil’s Ivy is surprisingly pretty, and partly because it’s easy to grow. However, if you have pets you’ll want to think twice. This trailing plant can make your pets seriously ill if they ingest it. The signs are noticeable almost immediately. Your animal will paw their face and start vomiting. The mouth and throat can also swell, making it difficult for them to breathe properly.

  1. Tomato Plants

It can be a lot of fun growing fruit and vegetables in your garden. Not to mention, you feel pretty good when you actually grow something. But, tomato plants contain solanine which is toxic to dogs and cats.

This is the green part of the plant and not the tomato. The good news is they need to ingest a lot to get ill, but you don’t want to take the chance

Top 5 Reasons to use Pet Trackers

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