3 Secrets to Designing Excellent Facebook and other Social Media Ads -Some expert tips!

Facebook has introduced some new strategies for the online marketers to use this platform for promotional purposes in a better way. Now, you can target your audience more precisely on this platform, and the worldwide spent on social network ads had increased several billion dollars over the last couple of years. Facebook, alongside many other social networking platforms following the suit, brings home a wide range of opportunities for online promoters.

Expert secrets to creating great ad designs for Facebook

3 Secrets to Designing Excellent Social Media Ads (2)

The competition for grabbing user attention is tighter than ever, and that is all that advertising means now. To help the promoters win over the fans who are much stringent now is to come up with fresh and innovative ideas on a daily basis to take your ads on to the top. You need to write a copy which can be highly appealing to the psychology of the target audience and choose the images carefully so that they are engaging.

Facebook ad making is tough and is getting tougher each day. More advertisers including big corporate to even the smallest kind of businesses are exploring the potential of this global platform and jump overboard every minute. This tight competition may quickly turn a thought-to-be winner and into simply a money-waster.

At the core, the critical success of any Facebook Ad, or for social media in common, comes down to two crucial elements as:

  • A wonderful design which attracts instant user attention and also creates a desire on the viewers.
  • Focused on perfect targeting by showing apt content to the appropriate audience.

A Facebook Ad pro will always be learning new tricks and adds more and more tools to their toolbox. The saying goes like “if you stop learning in this competitive world, you will fall behind much faster than you think of.” Here come the tips to stay on top.

1) Test different designs to choose the one working

It goes without saying. Don’t assume about social media campaigns. You need to test real-time and then decide. On thinking of promotional content, prepare multiple versions of it and then start testing one after one. No matter how expert you are in understanding the consumer psychology or how long you are into Facebook advertising, test with various combinations of your ad designs and targeting to decide further.

When you create a new campaign for Famed.co , make at least four different variants of the Facebook ad and then post each one. You can even test the craziest ideas to see the responses and then mix them up to give a fresh feel. You can vary both images and copy text to reduce the ad fatigue and also stay off a high ad frequency, which may decrease overall effectiveness.

2) Create ideal buyer personas

Different businesses and different industries have their unique sort of customers with varying needs. By creating an ideal buyer persona, you will be able to develop a strategic plan to fit their needs the most, and it will help in doing perfect Facebook Ad Designs which can serve to your customer needs the best.

For each potential target customer type, write down a unique persona by answering typical questions like.

  • Men or women?
  • Age group?
  • Demographics?
  • Professional background?
  • Geographical locations?
  • The major problem they are facing?
  • Possible solutions? Etc.

Once if you create a typical persona, you can design Facebook Ads with focused targeting for each of the typical buyer personas by addressing their primary problems.

3) Have social proofs

What is the most influential emotion in an individual’s purchasing decision?

It is nothing other than ‘fear.’

People used to resist buying products as they are scared of losing money by making a wrong choice. This is why free product and easy returns are so effective. However, it is not feasible for you to give away your product for free to win over customer fear. So, it is more about addressing the customer fears by adding real social proof on to your ad designs.

The ideal social proof is something which reduced the fear of the consumers, and the best approach to it is adding testimonials or real reliable people. You can have a VIP endorse your product or a common man to whom your typical buyers can recognize themselves attesting the reliability of your product or service. If you do not have any testimonials, you can try to leverage your user base even if it is smaller and profoundly something relevant to assist you in business promotions. On platforms like Instagram, it is much easier to conduct a hashtag contest or campaigns by giving your consumers an opportunity to participate in the event by posting images featuring your products with appropriate hashtags.

The tips, when used efficiently and insightfully can change the fact of your social media promotional campaigns, which ultimately can bring in significant results.

Author bio: Canton Berk is known as the Like4Like expert, who used to post many blog articles about social media promotions and to create compelling content for FB and Instagram ad campaigns.
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