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3D Print Week Fashion Show Looks to Ocean Life for Inspiration

The era of 3D-printed fashion is here. Enabling wild and whimsical designs that would be far more time-consuming to create by hand, 3D printers have ushered in a new world of creative possibility. At the well-attended 3D Print Week in New York, there’s even a 3D Print Design Show, where fashion icons like Melinda Looi, Aaron Trocola, and Francis Bitonti all shared their 3D-printed clothing this year. Looi’s collection, titled “Gems of the Ocean,” emulates the seafloor’s diverse ecosystems with crystals and shiny gems. Made up of five unique pieces — which includes a set of Swarovski-encrusted shoulder pads called “Coral Boleros” — the collection definitely veers toward the conceptual, while still being undeniably gorgeous. As Looi said about her pieces, “I want to bring the enchanting underwater world to the land above,” and 3D printers have brought her much closer to that artistic vision. In the following graphic, you’ll learn more about the designers who are excited to create bold statements with 3D printing technology.
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