Playing Catch Up – 4 Strategies To Employ If The Pandemic Has Interrupted Your Schooling


Has your kid’s learning schedule been interrupted by the need to isolate because of COVID-19? Falling behind is a whole new level of stress following the fear and concern of the actual pandemic. Fortunately, there are ways of catching up and getting back on track. It is important, however, that during the catch-up phase parents and teachers remember to pay attention to the mental health of learners too. The pandemic has placed considerable pressure on youngsters. These four strategies will help students to catch up faster and with less stress:

  1. Additional Support For Home-based Studying

Employing the services of high school tutors might be an added cost, but it’s the most effective way to support a child academically during the catch-up phase in a COVID-19 world. High school is the start of adulthood, so the way in which kids are taught to handle this pandemic and its effects will play an important role in teaching them how to stay accountable and focused on their goals. High school tutors will help the learners to understand complex concepts easier, ensuring they move through the syllabus faster without skipping a beat. 

  1. Form Virtual Study Groups

Virtual study groups don’t only decrease the chances of COVID spreading, they’re also easier on parents. Plan them well and they’re free of charge, with no transport involved, no time limit, and an open forum for the exchange of ideas. Virtual study groups can be hosted via Zoom calls or other platforms, like Skype. These online meetups need to be hosted by a teacher or a tutor in order to keep the class focused and engaged with the work. 

  1. Nurture Psychological Health

It’s been a confusing time for everyone. Even for learners who expressed joy at being home bound, the stress factors still exist and might be taking their toll quietly. Children don’t always possess the ability to tell parents that they are battling, especially if they haven’t identified their struggle for what it is. A child who is struggling to concentrate, frequently tired and unmotivated, suffering from headaches or stomach cramps, or someone who just isn’t their usual self needs emotional support. Look for a counselor who specializes in your child’s age-group. 

  1. Try New Learning Methods

In some parts of the world, a movement towards STEM education is proving to be incredibly helpful in times such as these. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and maths – this learning method focuses on tactical ways in which students can master their curriculum. STEM, and learning methods like it, are self-paced, enabling students to continue with their work regardless of the pandemic and lack of schooling. 

Staying On Track When Times Are Hard

Stress and pressure can have a tremendously adverse effect on learners and their ability to stay on-track with their academic progress. This is because the brain goes into stress mode which means it is disengaged from its cognitive abilities. You might not see this when you look at a child. In fact, it might simply look like a child is disinterested in the work, bored, tired, anxious, or battling to concentrate. It is essential to stay on track with the curriculum, but the mental health of learners is equally important. Work to maintain balance because strong mental health is as important as education in giving your child the ability to grow into a happy and successful adult. 

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