5 Lawn Pests and How to Fight Them

 5-Lawn-Pests-and-How-to-Fight-ThemWhen you’ve spent hours looking after your lawn the last thing you want to see is a pile of soil, a dugout hole, or some other damage. Yet, despite your care and attention, there are several lawn pests that don’t care!

If you come across the damage they cause the first thing you should do is call your local pest control firm.

They’ll help you to establish what the issue is and the best thinking to do about it. They’ll also be the exterminators if that’s what you need.

To help establish the best route you should know what you’re dealing with:

  1. Ants

You may be surprised to consider ants as a lawn pest bit they are! Despite being small they are capable of creating ant hills. These are small mounds of earth that rise out of your lawn and get bigger and bigger as time passes.

They won’t damage your grass but they will cause unsightly lumps across your lawn. Plus, if you live in an area that has fire ants you’ll need to approach any of these anthills with caution.

  1. Groundhogs

The groundhog, which is also known as the woodchuck is technically a rodent of the same family as the common squirrel.

Unfortunately, groundhogs live in the ground and generally live in a group. They’ll create tunnels connecting underground chambers. These tunnels have a pile of earth at the entrance. That’s the first sign that you have an issue.

The interconnecting tunnels will damage the roots of your grass and can weaken the ground, especially if you have children and pets running across it. That’s when they become less than a nuisance and more of a danger. Of course, they’ll also eat your plants, vegetables, and even flowers.

  1. Hornets & Wasps

Hornets are a type of wasp but both can be dangerous if they are near your lawn. The good news is that they don’t normally damage your lawn. But, if their nest is near the edge of your lawn you’re going to have to remove the nest or ignore that part of the garden temporarily.

They are territorial, if you get too close they’ll see you as an effect and attack.

It should be noted that if you have bees don’t kill them, a beekeeper will take the bees and the hive away for free.

  1. Leafhoppers

Leafhoppers are not very common. In many cases, they won’t cause any harm. But, if there is a large group of them they will quickly turn your green grass yellow or even gray.

They are small and easily overlooked until you see the damage they’ve caused.

  1. Snails & Slugs

You may not consider a snail or a slug a pest to your grass. But, these creatures generally move around at night, finding food and looking for breeding opportunities. They can, and do, eat almost anything.

While they won’t usually be an issue for your lawn it only takes one hungry snail or slug to eat a considerable amount of your lawn.
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