Science Series: 5 Science Degrees for Kids to Get Excited About

5 Science Degrees for Kids to Get Excited About
Tomorrow’s generation of bright minds has a lot to get excited about in the field of science. The future of science and technology is filled with new types of discoveries and new ways of creating innovation. Kids who love science, engineering, technology, or math can look forward to a future of new ideas and new ways to study these fields. Here are five exciting science degrees that kids can get excited about.

1. Environmental Science
Learning about the environment is one of the top fields that is expected to grow in the future. Today’ students can truly make a difference in tomorrow’s world if they opt to study environmental science. This field of science involves biology and physical science. Those who want to focus on the study of the environment may end up working in animal conservation, resource management, or climate study.

2. Bioinformatics
Another exciting field that looks promising for the next class of undergraduates is bioinformatics. This field combines the study of biology and analytical data from computer programming. Those who have a knack with numbers and statistics may find the study of bioinformatics fascinating. Bioinformatics is a popular degree for those looking to study genetics of human or animal physiology. It’s also gaining speed in research of certain types of diseases.

3. Robotics
Next, degrees in robotics are aiming to surge in popularity. As more companies seek individuals skilled in this field, the demand for graduates could increase. Automated robotic technology may be the future of many different types of tasks that are performed by humans at this time. Individuals working toward a degree in robotics can be part of the future of industry and artificial intelligence, which keeps them at the top of many different fields. degrees-in-robotics-are-aiming-to-surge-in-popularity

4. Geospatial Intelligence
Geospatial intelligence is another field that is expected to see more growth. This subject combines the use of technology, geography, science, and intelligence gathering. Workers in geospatial intelligence study movements on the earth from satellite data and create an analysis from it. Students interested in enrolling in a geospatial intelligence program can find what they need at programs like USC Online, which offers graduates exciting opportunities in this unique and expanding sector. The excitement from this degree comes from the idea that there’s a little bit of intrigue in the technology that goes along with intelligence and satellite data.

5. Aerospace Engineering
The last type of exciting degree that has lots of potential for the future generation’s prospects is aerospace engineering. Tomorrow’s aerospace scholars may be designing new ways to get to far off places, such as Mars or other parts of deep space. In addition to space travel, aerospace engineers may also work to harness items like asteroids for resources, with mining projects. This line of work could have some of the most exciting developments of the future.

Get Them Started Early

There’s no better time to get your kids started on a productive career in science than now. Engage them with exciting activities that can train their scientific thinking. Facilitate learning by orchestrating enjoyable exercises that will allow them to ask questions and device strategies for solving these questions and by creating an environment where they can actively execute their strategies.

A good way to do this is to craft learning-by-doing activities like manipulating a microscope. A microscope exercise is a great starter as it opens the children’s perspective to possibilities beyond their visual reality. Once you get them asking questions, you can help them learn how the device is used so that they can carry out experiments on their own

Earning a degree in science or technology may look entirely different in the next twenty years or so. Students entering school today may have a wider variety of fields to choose from, but most people agree that some of these tops fields are making the most advances that could potentially change the world of tomorrow.


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