5 Simple Tips For Lasting Energy All Day, Every Day

5 Simple Tips For Lasting Energy All Day, Every DayWith so much to do, and only 24 hours (minus sleep time) to do it in, it comes as no surprise that people are constantly stressed out and chronically exhausted. It’s a complete catch-22 – you need the energy to juggle everything that’s on your plate, but the previous day has left your batteries completely dead. So, what to do when you find yourself in a vicious cycle – break it. You create healthy habits, that are not at all difficult to adopt, and once you start feeling the energy being poured back into your body, you will never think of abandoning those habits.

The goal is to have the stamina to handle everything life and work throw at us but to also have some strength left to enjoy life, and that is what this is all about: discovering ways to beam with energy and good vibes, every day, all day long.

Wake up with a purpose Wake up with a purpose

In the spirit of your overall wellbeing, adopt one of the techniques of mindful living and start waking up with a purpose. What does this entail exactly? Well, first of all, stop hitting the snooze button as it only decreases your level of energy by completely messing up your final REM cycle. After you have awoken – immediately, visualize your day and bring good thoughts. Visualizing that your day will go great can actually make it happen because the brain is a powerful thing. If you can think it, you can do it. Now, it’s vital that you get up thirty minutes before you usually do as meditating should become one of your regular morning routines. Meditation is all you need to shed the present and even incoming stress, find balance, fight anxiety and even fatigue. It makes you sharper and focused, full of energy, and most of all acceptance and awareness, and this will all help you jump all the daily hurdles in your life.

The importance of a good head start
The importance of a good head start
After you’ve completed your ritual and are done with meditation, it’s time to go and make yourself a true power smoothie – one made out of all the delicious superfoods, which thanks to their ingredients will give you just the energy kick you need. Keep in mind that meal skipping is not an option and that you simply have to carve out the time to put good, nutrient-packed meals into your body every day – no excuses. There are super easy recipes that you follow and master in no time, and you can even bring your own healthy meals to work so you don’t have to spend your entire lunch hour waiting for food. The importance of this will be discovered later.

Take your vitamins, dear
Take your vitamins, dear
Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, they can all be found in the food we consume. However, there are times and meals that simply don’t contain a sufficient dose of all these goodies so we simply have to ‘pick up the slack’ by resorting to our trusty supplements. There are amazing CoQ10 supplements, packed with antioxidants that fight the free radicals in our body and keep our energy where it’s needed – inside. Vitamin and mineral complexes are also important, so never forget to take these. Trust us, after only ten days of diligent micronutrient use you will begin to feel changes in your mood, and your energy levels will positively spike.

Hit the road (or stay in)
Hit the road (or stay in)
You don’t need an entire hour for your lunch. So, make a habit of packing a lunch, and also keeping your exercise gear in your office or car. Use at least some of the afternoon free time to either hit the gym or do effective and invigorating exercises in the confines of your office. Any form of exercise is proven to elevate both your energy levels and enhance your mood, not to mention what regular exercise does for your heart and even libido. The afternoon is a perfect time, because after the first half of your day is done, you may feel a slight dip in concentration, and a little workout will pick you right up.

Hit the hay

Not only is beauty sleep the closest thing to the fountain of youth for your skin, but for the body too. You see, the night is the time when both your body and skin go into self-repairing and rebooting mode, which is why it’s absolutely paramount that you get at least 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep – emphasis on quality. Lying in bed with your phone in your hands doesn’t count as sleep. What’s more, studies have shown that evening screen time only stimulates the brain and hence hinders sleep, so plug your phone is far away from the bed and forget all about it. If you’re a troubled sleeper get a sound machine, sprinkle some lavender oil on your bed, lower the room temperature, and you should fall asleep like a baby, especially since you didn’t nap during the day, you’ve meditated and exercised.

We said it wouldn’t be hard, and we delivered on our promise. Change does take some getting used to, but once you start reaping the benefits and start waking up with a rested smile on your face, as said, you will never go back. So, start practicing these rituals as of tomorrow, because the sooner you begin, the sooner there will be a whole new you.

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