5 Ski Resorts That are Easy to Access from Geneva Airport

If you ever plan a ski trip check out the tips on Geneve as a great place to visit

Geneva is well known for being a place that is just perfect if you want to go and have a wonderful time skiing. It is a special place for people that have this passion or are really curious about how this experience might be. Geneva is located between Germany, France and Switzerland and it is a beautiful destination that everyone should visit at least once in their life, especially if they enjoy winter sports. 

5 Ski Resorts That are Easy to Access from Geneva Airport
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Nowadays, Geneva offers really cheap flights for people that are interested and they offer really easy access to the resorts directly from the airport. If you are interested in this subject, on how can you actually get to the resort from your airport, then this article is written just for you! If you thought it is a difficult process, you were wrong, because it’s way simpler than you imagined! Keep on reading this article to find really cool resorts that are close to the airport and that will make your trip much easier.

We will present a list with the 5 easiest ski resorts to access from the Airport.

  • Massif des Aravis (La Clusaz)

This place is really popular among tourists and it is only seventy kilometers away! It is one of the closest ski resorts and the easiest to access. It’s an area in France and it is suitable for every type of skier. For instance, if you’re a beginner, do not worry, because this place has a big range of slopes that would most definitely fit for every type of skier. It’s easier to get to this resort by getting a Geneva airport taxi, because you will not be bothered by driving there on your own. Moreover, it’s great when taking a taxi that you shouldn’t be worried about following a certain road that maybe your GPS is telling you and then get lost because your taxi driver will most definitely know the shortest way there.

  • Evasion Mont-Blanc

This is another close ski resort that might just be perfect for you! It has almost 400 kilometers of pistes that are spread on multiple resorts. Furthermore, as the other resort, this one is also popular among families and beginners and it is only 90 km away from the airport!

  • Chamonix Mont-Blanc

Lying at the bottom of Mont Blanc, this resort is another perfect area, being only 100 kilometers away, which is like an one hour drive from the airport. It is really easy to get there, especially if you do your research beforehand and look for best airport transfer companies in Geneva so that you would make sure that you get the best services and deals for you.

  • Les Portes du Soleil

This ski resort in France is one of the biggest areas worldwide, offering almost a 600 kilometers pistes. Moreover, you can get to the Swiss side by heli-skiing and also snowboard, if you are interested in this sport. This place it is only 1 and a half hour drive from the Geneva airport.

  • Gstaad

Even though this location might be a little bit pricey than the other ones, is more sophisticated and has a lot of activities for you and your family to enjoy. You can enjoy the 250 kilometers of pistes and it’s perfect for any type of sport you’re interested in. This resort is a two hour drive from the Geneva airport.

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