5 Styles of Watches For The Stylish Man

According to many stylists, male fashion is all about the details. Often, signature pieces lack the color and variety of female garments, so it’s left to accessories to add a touch of personality. Central to this arrangement is the timepiece. Whether you’re heading out on a dinner date or to a big meeting, a good watch can transform your look.

It can be tricky to find one though, especially are there’s so much variety on the market. Is it best to opt for a watch with a leather strap or a striking piece in a classic metal? Should you go for something colored or stick with the trio of tan, black, and grey? While a lot of these decisions come down to individual preference, there are some handy style tips to follow. 5 Styles of Watches For The Stylish Man

For one thing, you should know how to differentiate between the five common watch designs.

1. Dress Watches

The ‘dress’ watch is as you’d imagine. It is designed to dress up and enhance a formal outfit. So, this variety of timepiece is most often worn with business suits or other kinds of official wear. It is most concerned with making a visual statement, so don’t be surprised to find many dress watches are poor at keeping time.

2. Field Watches

Field watches are made to be highly sturdy and rugged. Traditionally, they have stainless steel cases for durability. Many modern products also have super protective coatings for extra toughness. Check out this Akribos watch review to browse beautiful examples.

3. Aviator

The aviator style is hugely popular, but it has become extremely broad over the years. Today, there is no single design or style that defines an aviator. Generally, though, they come with a Type A or Type B watch face. The former has simple numbers and a delta index at the 12 o’clock mark. Type B watches contain larger minute numbers around the outer dial.

4. Dive Watches

It’s fair to say the dive watch is the most accurate when it comes to literal timekeeping. This is because these watches are designed for underwater use. When you’re miles from the surface, with nothing but a tank of air for support, precise timekeeping can mean life or death. So, if you want a watch that is always on the ball, opt for a dive design.

5. Racing Watches

The racing watch is one of the most daring and ostentatious varieties. This is where you’ll tend to find the most color and the most interesting designs. They can be very flashy, so if it’s bling you’re looking for, this could be the right choice. Although, it’s worth choosing a timepiece that is subtle enough to be worn with many different outfits.

Whatever style of watch you choose, make sure it fits well on the wrist. Even a very expensive timepiece can look out of place if it doesn’t sit properly on your arm. The most important thing is to feel comfortable and confident with your choice.

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