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From Flips Flops To a Prom Dress

A prom isn’t just one special night in a high school student’s life. The outfit you wear to prom will forever be immortalized in photos for future generations to see. And now that we have Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and all sorts of other technology, you can’t just hide the photos by shutting your photo album anymore. From Flip Flops To a Prom Dress and Where You Can Shop

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of tips to make sure you look stylish at prom.

1) Consider colour and style.Think about what colour and style flatter your complexion and figure best. There’s no point in wearing coral orange if your fair skin and blonde hair go better with pastel blue. And if you have super-toned arms and shoulders, why not show them off in a halter-neck style instead of covering them up with sleeves?

Plus if you’re going to prom with a date, you might want to talk about coordinating your colours. For example, if you’re wearing a blue dress, he may wish to wear a blue tie. It’s worthwhile having this conversation before he turns up to the prom in a fluorescent yellow suit while you’ve chosen to stay conservative in a little black dress.

Continue to the website for some ideas on where to start looking for prom dresses. Whether you’re more interested in a dress that’s classy and elegant, or a style that’s a little more daring and flirty, you’re sure to find something inspiring here.

2) Up or down? Long or short?

How you decide to wear your hair will also affect the type of dress you’re looking for. If you choose to wear your hair up, you may find that a more elegant dress that shows off some shoulder or neck would suit an up-do better. On the other hand, if you’re thinking of wearing your hair down, you might be able to get away with a more playful or daring dress where the focus might be more on your legs than on your upper body. 

And if you’re going to curl your normally straight hair or straighten your normally curly hair, don’t forget that it might rain on prom night. Try to stay undercover where possible and bring some smoothing serum in case of any emergencies.

3) Be prepared.

Once you’ve chosen your dream dress, you need to start preparing for prom night emergencies. Make sure that you’ve picked out the correct underwear to go with your dress (strapless bra for a strapless dress, slip for a full-length dress, etc). You may not be able to fit much into your little clutch purse but you’ll want to make room for emergency supplies such as safety pins and Hollywood tape. There’s nothing worse than dancing your heart out on the dance floor and your dress starting to fall apart as a result. That would NOT be a very stylish look! Preparing For Your First School Dance and Need a Prom Dress

4) Keep it classy.

You might be tempted to splash out on that hot leopard-print number with the plunging neckline but remember that this is prom, and your teachers and classmates will be there. And current trends don’t last long, so if you want to look stylish, you should stick to the classics. Shy away from wild patterns and stick to monochrome colours.

Conservative doesn’t need to mean boring. If you shop around carefully enough, you’ll find classy dresses that still manage to look attractive and won’t break the bank. That way, you might even get to wear your prom dress more than once!

5) Makeup and accessories.

Use minimal makeup if you can get away with it. You’ll presumably be dancing during prom and you’ll sweat through thick makeup easily. Unless you want to be excusing yourself every half an hour to repair it, you’re better off going as natural as possible. Basic foundation, a simple lip gloss or lipstick, and something to highlight your eyes is all you need.

With accessories, it’s best to either pick out one standout piece or keep them all minimalist. For example, a pair of stud earrings and a delicate bracelet would work well together if you want to keep it simple. If you want something a bit more flashy, a colourful necklace that complements your dress would do the trick.

We hope these tips will help you pick out the perfect outfit for prom. Happy shopping!  Its Time For The School Prom Where Do you Look For a Beautiful Dress

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