5 Ways to Start the Year with a Healthy Smile

5-Ways-to-Start-the-Year-with-a-Healthy-SmileA healthy smile means you’re looking after your teeth. However, it’s much more than that. Research shows that good oral health gives you the confidence to smile and smiling inspires confidence to tackle anything.

In short, starting the year with a healthy smile can help you to have the confidence to undertake new activities and achieve new heights of success.

In addition, good oral health, which leads to a healthy smile, can improve your overall health. In fact, this is why more and more people are turning to their local holistic dentist for treatment. Holistic dentists don’t just fix problems with your teeth, they take into account everything that is going on in
your body and plan your treatment accordingly.

Of course, you need to do your part as well, here are 5 easy steps to help ensure you have a healthy smile at the start of the year and right the way through it.

1. Brush Daily
The most important thing you can do to look after your smile is to brush your teeth at least twice a day. You should brush for two minutes at a time and use a circular motion at this maximizes the amount of debris that is loosened and removed.

2. Floss
Complement your brushing skill with regular flossing. You can do this just once per day but you’ll want to floss between all your teeth. It removes the plaque which, if allowed to build up, causes gum disease. This can result in loose teeth or even in them falling out, which will definitely affect your smile.

3. Eat Right
You may not think much about what you eat and your smile but the two things are directly connected. For example, eating food with strong odors will prevent you from opening your mouth when you smile. Eating sugary food will increase the amount of acid in your mouth, potentially causing tooth decay Alongside thinking about the visible effects on your teeth, you should also consider what you’re eating. A balanced diet helps to ensure your teeth are strong and healthy, decreasing the likelihood of cavities.

4. Avoid Drinking & Smoking
Smoking and drinking alcohol are not good for your general health. They are also both effective at staining your teeth. The more stained your teeth become the less confident you’ll feel about smiling. It’s a simple equation but one that can be easily avoided. Stop smoking and either give up or minimize your drinking. This will help to prevent your teeth from being stained and you being afraid to smile.

5. Regular Checkups
Of course, if you really want to keep your smile looking great you need to have regular checkups with your dentist. This will help to spot any issues early, giving you the best chance of them being resolved.

Your dentist can also provide tips regarding tooth care, stains, and how to maintain your smile. All you have to do is get in the habit of visiting them.

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