6 Reasons Why Buying the Right Mattresses Matters – Boost Your Health!

It is a fact that we spend more than half of our life in bed, sleeping. However, the majority of the people complaining of not feeling adequately rested and properly relaxed even after a night’s sleep. There are many reasons why people are not able to enjoy a good night sleep with one of the primary reasons behind is substandard bedding they use.

If you are facing sleep issues and feel tired of waking up in the morning, it is essential to check your bedding and take a decision whether to change it or not. Ask the below questions to yourself.

  • Whether you tend to toss around in bed whole night?
  • Do you frequently wake up at night feeling your back and neck hurting?
  • Do you find it hurting on sleeping at your favorite position?
  • Do you feel the night was too short on waking up?

If you have to answer most of the above questions with a straight ‘YES,’ it is time to change your mattress.

Troubles with old mattresses

Old mattresses may cause unhealthy stress on different body parts, which ultimately cause pain, discomfort, and a long run it may end up in chronic orthopedic symptoms. Appling imbalanced pressure on the sleeper’s body will cause unnecessary tossing and reposition on the bed throughout the night, which will cause lack of proper stress and thereby loss of energy, which may adversely affect day’s work and the chance of happy living.

Memory foam mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are the favorite choice of many across the globe lately as it offers much more comfort to the users when compared to the other types of conventional mattress materials. The technology of Memory Foam Talk is developed by NASA to be offered to the spaceship travelers, with which memory foam can self-contour the surface by sensing the heat of the body and cradle your body to offer extreme comfort at any position. 

Let’s further review a few major benefits offered by memory foam.

  1. No pain – Memory foam mattresses can keep your spine in the most natural and relaxed position, which help eliminate back problems.
  2. Better immunity – A restful night sleep will help boost human immunity.
  3. More energy and better productivity – If you wake up fresh in the morning by recharging your energy resources, you can apparently perform better at work by ensuring more productivity and quality.
  4. Efficiency tested – As we discussed above, memory foam mattress technology was developed by expert scientists, which has tested and proven the ability to muscle, bone, and circulatory ailments.
  5. Recommended by doctors – Chiropractors and physicians now highly recommend memory foam mattresses to their patients suffering from back, neck, shoulder pain, etc.,
  6. Non-allergic – Mattresses are the favorite spot for germs and dust to accumulate, but memory foam structure will not allow these harmful substances to accumulate on its surface, which further eradicates the possibilities of any allergies, itching, skin irritation, sneezing, watery eyes or so.

Above all these, you can find varieties of choices in memory foam regarding size, shape, color, and other preferences. These are available in affordable pricing, and many manufacturers offer significant discounts and warranty options too on these.

There are mattresses that work best for back pain and side sleepers, but if you have back pain as I do then I suggest to consider shopping at best mattress for back pain to get the best nights sleep.


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