A Guide For The Summer Bride In Choosing Her Wedding Jewelry

Guide For The Summer Bride In Choosing Her Wedding Jewellery-SMIf you are planning a summer wedding, you only have a couple of months, as we near the great Australian summer, and among other things, your thoughts will turn to your bridal jewelry. Of course, it is essential that you look your absolute best on your wedding day, and with that in mind, here are a few summer jewelry tips to help you plan the perfect sparkling accessories.

  • Choose The Dress First – You can’t accessorize something you haven’t chosen yet, so make sure you nail the dress in good time. The wedding gown is the cornerstone of your look, and once that is in the bag, you can begin to think about jewelry.

Guide For The Summer Bride In Choosing Her Wedding Jewelry                                                       Image Source: Pexels 

  • Don’t Overdo It – The bridal gown should always be the focus of the occasion, so keep the jewelry to a minimum. Check online for some stunning Brisbane wedding rings, and you can select a pair of earrings and a necklace that match the wedding ring. Elegant pearl drop diamond earrings are the perfect accessory, and they go well with any updo, but keep the diamonds to a minimum, as the wedding ring will surely have the sparkle factor.


  • Don’t Forget You Can Mix Old, Borrowed And New – Everything is game with summer bridal jewelry, so take a look at family heirlooms, mum’s jewelry collection, and don’t forget the pieces owned by your good friends, who would always be happy to lend a bracelet or necklace for such a special occasion. Friends can certainly help if you make a shortlist of jewelry items you are looking for, and they can send you images of specific items, which will help you to choose.

Don’t Forget You Can Mix Old, Borrowed And New                                                       Image Source: Unsplash

  • Think About Skin Tone – Your skin tone should influence your choice of jewelry, with either gold or silver being the metal of choice. Don’t be afraid to add a touch of rich colour with some amber, emeralds or rubies, as this will add small touches of deep colour that match your skin tone. This is a time to ask a good friend for her honest opinion, and don’t be afraid to experiment. Silver goes well with medium to dark skin tones, while rose gold is the ideal choice for a lighter skin tone. There are articles you can find online on how to choose the right jewelry for your skin tone, which definitely is recommended readings for a bride-to-be.

  • Matching The Focal Jewellery Item – If you have a say in choosing the wedding ring, you can bear in mind the jewelry that you have, and in the event you have yet to acquire the wedding ring, check out the custom jewelers online, who would have an extensive catalog, and if you would like something unique, the jeweler can customize the ring. Buying the wedding ring from an online jeweler will also save you some money, as you are not paying extra for a ritzy retail outlet.

Matching The Focal Jewelry Item                                                       Image Source: Unsplash

Make sure you allow enough time for a full-on dress rehearsal, complete with hair, make-up and, of course, jewelry. Ask a good friend to advise, and after some experimentation, you should be able to nail the accessories, and get ready for what will be the most amazing day for you both!
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