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Despite the direct purpose of a billfold, the storage of money, everyone agrees that a women’s wallet is also a stylish accessory and an important addition to your image. Usually, wallets serve their owners for many years, but only if they know how to spot a really good option. Here are some nuances you should keep in mind when choosing a women’s wallet.

  1. Material.

Since a wallet is used all the time, you should pay attention to the material it is made from. It’s better to opt for a billfold crafted of genuine leather. Such an item will serve you for many years and will not lose its attractiveness with time. Before buying, be sure to check how buttons, zippers, and clasps work. They should not seize up or be difficult to use. Also, examine the seams carefully. Straight lines without protruding threads or loops guarantee that a product will last a lifetime.

Today, women’s wallets made from exotic animal skins are one of the most popular items. Their popularity is explained by appealing appearance and durability. Here are some reasons to buy a pocketbook crafted from a skin of a reptile, snake or stingray:

    • An exotic skin women’s wallet passes a test of time with flying colors. It is wear and tear resistant as well as waterproof. Real leather is very elastic, soft, and it does not require special care. Thanks to incredible durability, such an accessory, even bought a long time ago, will remain chic and attractive.
    • Beauty and uniqueness. A variety of products and a wide selection of options allow you to buy an exotic leather wallet of any size, shape, and color. With the help of modern technologies, leather is dyed in any color while preserving the quality of the material. Real leather has a natural pattern appealing for everybody. Moreover, each pelt is one of a kind so patterns are never repeated. You can become an owner of a unique product!
  • Prestige and respectability. Wallets made of crocodile, ostrich, python or stingray skin are prestigious accessories that have always been considered a standard of luxury. Such an accessory will not stay unnoticed. It is also capable of making the right impression. If you are a business person who often visits meetings and negotiations, you need to radiate confidence and demonstrate success. In this case, you can’t do without expensive and status accessories.

    Functional wallet for the minimalist
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  1. Functionality.

First of all, a wallet should be very functional, roomy, and easy to use. It ought to have a bill compartment, pockets to keep credit cards, driver’s licenses and other necessary items. The selection of a proper model really depends on your need to carry all these things with you. Therefore, you can opt for a compact wallet, a large pocketbook or a clutch bag.

  1. Color.

When picking up a color, it is best to consider your mood and feelings to a particular tone. Also, each color has a specific meaning that you should be aware of.

Black color corresponds to the water element. Water is responsible for wealth and prosperity. Black is traditionally considered the best color choice for a wallet.

White, gray, silver, and gold are the colors of stability and consistency. They will help to improve your finances. Gold is almost always associated with luxury and wealth. It is capable of drawing money into your purse.

The shades of green represent growth and development. A green wallet also aids with finances. Another reason green is often chosen for a billfold is that it is the color of the American dollar.

Yellow or brown colors are associated with the element of the Earth. They will add stability, reliability, and confidence so that your wealth could increase in the future.

Summing up, a good women’s wallet should be made of natural leather, be roomy, quality crafted, and feature a money-drawing color. Now you know how to pick up a great billfold!

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