Adaptive and Comfortable- The Tuft and Needle Pillows

Adaptive and Comfortable- The Tuft and Needle PillowsSleep is one of the most treasured things that we humans get to enjoy in the daily struggles of life. Our lives are too busy and getting a good night’s sleep is extremely important for us and for our bodies. It helps us to get through our days and perform tasks properly without feeling lazy, drowsy or sleepy. Sleeping well has numerous positive effects on our health, bodies, and minds altogether. You must have often received a good night text saying, “good night, sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite.” Bed bugs are an indication of a poor mattress or pillow. Yes, where and how you sleep affects your sleeping cycle and determines the amount of sleep you will get. A bed with good quality mattress and pillows is the catalyst to a good sleep. However, we often make mistakes while buying the correct mattress or pillow and end up suffering through the night without any sleep. We blame ourselves for not being able to sleep, but a bad quality mattress or pillow can be the real culprit.

Disadvantages of a bad quality mattress or pillow are many, some of them are listed below: –

  • Pain: back pain and lower back pain caused by a bad bed
  1. A low-quality mattress can force you to sleep in an uncomfortable position throughout the night. This causes you to change positions continuously in order to achieve the perfect one and ultimately disturbing your sound sleep. This also leads to a number of injuries like back pain and lower back pain.
  2. Similarly with a low-quality pillow, adjusting your headrest position throughout the night can disturb your sleep and give you neck and head pains.
  • Soreness:

A firm mattress or pillow is usually preferred by some whereas some like to sleep on softer materials. Firmer is considered to be better but might lead to joint soreness as it gives pressure on various body parts like tailbones, shoulders, and arms. Firmer products which are supportive should be used.

  • Illnesses: Sleeping uncomfortably with a bad pillow or on a bad mattress can lead to many illnesses

Sleeping uncomfortably with a bad pillow or on a bad mattress can lead to many illnesses. Lung and throat infection can be caused by dust mites. Sometimes bed bugs can also infest your bed and cause a chaos. Heart conditions, obesity, weakened immunity system and premature aging are problems caused by sleep deprivation. If you are trying to figure out why you are suffering from insomnia then checking your mattresses and pillows once would be a good idea.

So, what is Tuft and Needle?                            

Now that you have understood the importance of good quality mattresses and pillows, Tuff and Needle is a relatively new company solely based on producing high-quality sleeping products like mattresses and pillows at lower prices for us.  The company was founded by two software engineers Daehee Park and John-Thomas Marino in 2012. This company has gained a lot of positive reviews about their products in the mattress industry.

The Tuft and Needle pillows should be number one on your must buy list, why?

  • Material: Tuft and Needle Pillows

The Tuft and Needle pillows are not made from materials like fiber or shredded and molded foam. Pillows made of fiber usually sink in when the head is rested on it thereby creating small pockets which are uncomfortable whereas pillows made from foam may be stiff and have a reduced breathability factor which again affects the resting head. The fabric used in Tuft and Needle pillows is made from a 90-year-old family textile mill. The pillows contain special foam called T&N Adaptive Foam which provides stiffness and support to the resting heads that ordinary pillows fail to offer.

  • Breathability: –
  1. The breathability factor impacts the moisture and heat content in pillows. If it is low, then the pillow is unable to breathe in the air, thereby making its surface hot. This is one of the reasons why we keep on tossing and turning the pillow to find the “better” side. The outer skin of these pillows is made up of Tencel fibers and the inner core is made up of breathable T&N Adaptable Foam which keeps the pillow well ventilated.
  2. The Tuft and Needle pillows are also made with special graphite and cooling gel. This, along with the T&N Adaptive Foam together helps to keep both the sides of the pillow cooler all-throughout the night thereby ensuring you a good night’s sleep.
  • Shape: –The Tuft and Needle pillows are available in two sizes, standard size, and king size

The Tuft and Needle pillows are available in two sizes, standard size, and king size. Both these sizes have the same shape. These pillows have been given a firm shape and they do not lose their shape when the resting head comes in contact. They never go flat. Instead, they react to the pressure, provide support and still remain firm. These pillows are designed to provide extra support to everyone’s neck and head without them having to adjust which most firm pillows often fail to offer. This reduces the chances of any joint soreness or back pain.

  • Easy cleaning: –

We are often lazy to wash or dry clean our pillows however cleaning of these pillows has been made easy by the founders. The pillows are safe inside a soft outer cover with a zip. The pillow’s outer cover is made of good quality materials. It can be easily removed and washed without any hassle; however, the core of the pillows should not be washed.

  • Additional benefits: –
  1. These good quality pillows are available at lower cost than pillows which cost a ton, but do not give any real benefits.
  2. They support and relieve pressure from necks and do not cause any health issues.
  3. All the pillows are tested under health and environmental standards before being used by the general public.

These pillows are available with a 100 night trial before actually purchasing them. If you have been suffering from uncomfortable sleepless situations every night then it is high time to start using the Tuft and Needle pillows which has numerous advantages to relieve you from your bed struggles.

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