African American Hairstyle Trends for Summer 2017

African American Hairstyle Trends for summer 2017 african-american

Once their locks have borne the harsh weather, African-American women prefer to update their hairstyle with trendy new looks for the warmer months of summer. Some do this by changing their hair color, some get the ends trimmed, and some go for a totally new look with the support of accessories like hair extensions. It’s the ideal time to escape the winter hair rut and try something new.

With that in mind, here are the hottest summer hairstyle trends for black women.

  1. Geometric Cuts

Precision geometric-cut bob hairstyles are a suitable pick for anyone with a long length face. The full bangs can be swept forward and the side-partings can go deep to minimize the length effectively. Also, if the bob is kept face-length, the face remains the focal point making an elegantly balanced look. Then there’s the option of adding more shine to your hair with the use of products from Lumi Bloom. Specialized hair care for a short bob hairstyle that has a stacked section on the top of a nape is a blessing in disguise for luminous thick hair. Working with such items helps to fight breakage and fizz as you attempt to change your look.

  1. Shoulder Length Cut

Got thick, straight flows with plenty of natural volume? Opt for a shoulder-length cut supported by a splash of defined waves on the lower lengths. Center-parting can also be a choice for an oval face, but off-center parting also works equally well. And to make wings on either side, extra-long or straight-across full forward fringe is recommended. You can also add a touch of ash-brown ombré to infuse classy elegance in those jet-black glossy hair. A shine serum can also be applied throughout the hair for a polished look.

  1. Wavy Pixie

A solid, thick wavy texture for short length hair is classy and won’t take the focus away from your elegant face, especially if you have a beautiful smile and a bright set of eyes. Most females pick this hairstyle to create edginess and accentuate their appealing bone structure. You can also experiment with tapered sides to take it up a notch. The hair color is too an option; keep it natural with a jet black outlook or use vibrant shades to add boldness to the wavy pixie hairstyle trend.

  1. Double Buns 

A popular hairstyle trend from 2016, Double Bun makes it easy to change your hairdo. It just requires mini ponytails and two buns. The locks need to be divided into two parts and then secured high into a bun-like style. Head bands should match the color of your hair. The hairstyle is most appropriate for women with medium-length hair. Use the right makeup to accentuate your eyes and lips, and you’ll be ready to turn heads.

  1. Bangs on Short Bobs

Short is being considered as the new sexy. A new hairstyle trend is revitalizing the basin-cut bob. It involves having bangs on a short-bob haircut. The look can be achieved by applying a hair product on a towel-dried look and then a soft paddle brush can be used to style it while the hair is blow-dried. To make a stronger impression, consider dying the bangs in a vibrant color.

These hairstyles will keep you in the loop when it comes to making a style statement during the summer season.
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