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Temptu Airbrush MakeupBeauty makeup isn’t the only sector where an aspiring makeup artist can start a tidy little side business. Cosplay is gaining an increasing amount of attention thanks to geeky conventions becoming more popular and shows like Heroes of Cosplay airing on TV. Whether someone is dressing up as a character for Halloween, a convention or a YouTube video, you can offer your services to bring their look to life. Here are the cosplay-specific tools you absolutely must have on hand.

1. Fake Lashes

Most people don’t go for fake lashes even for prom or wedding photos, but a huge amount of cosplayers love them, especially if they’re cosplaying an animated character who tends to have much more prominent eyelashes than most people do in real life. A set of fake lashes can really make someone’s eyes pop with their costume, so make sure you always have some on hand.

2. Airbrush Makeup Kit

Cosplay often involves unusual looks that you wouldn’t get anywhere else, like a face painted entirely blue for those dressing up like characters from James Cameron’s Avatar. While you can just brush or sponge this paint on, you’ll get a much more even look if you use an airbrush. With unusual colors, it’s easier to notice rough patches, so airbrushing is the best way to make someone look like that’s their natural skin color.

3. Fixing Spray

If you’re just shooting senior photos or headshots for an hour, chances are the makeup will stay in place that whole time, but cosplayers need their makeup to stay perfect all day long. Some sort of finishing anti-shine or fixing spray will help keep the look solid for hours on end, and your toolbox wouldn’t be complete without it.

4. Spirit Gum and Nose Wax

Plenty of cosplayers like to focus on non-human characters, and if you’re called upon to add horns, a distinctive scar or Klingon facial features, you’re going to need some special effects items. Spirit gum and nose wax are the most common, allowing you to create some impressive prosthetics and attach them to a cosplayer’s face. This is the kind of work that really catches the eye and puts your talent on display!


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