How to Not Annoy Your House Cleaner and Send Them Packing

Paying for a service means that you are owed excellent service. You should even expect it. However, sometimes expectations can go overboard. There have been people who express frustration at every little evidence of imperfection they see.

There are a few errors you can gloss over just because perfection and human do not belong in the same sentence. If it is not glaring, let it go. Hiring a competent cleaning company can ease some frustrations. Your computer can bring up a site like where you can find information on cleaning companies and services offered. How to Not Annoy Your House Cleaner and Send Them Packing

What to avoid

Chatting with few cleaners will give you some insights on what to avoid. Consider the following:

  1. Avoid unrealistic expectations

You have an 8-bedroom mansion with three floors and you want the cleaning done in two hours. That is not possible. Give your cleaner enough time to do a stellar job.

  1. If you prefer specific products, then have them

No cleaner will appreciate getting to your home only to go running errands for you. If you have scheduled the cleaning beforehand, ensure you have all the supplies that you need.

  1. Do not over-negotiate

Consider the work done and the time needed to do it. As well, think about the quality of the work done. Do not have this attitude that is is easy work and the fee should at least be half of what you are being charged. Always remember that the cleaners make their living from this.

  1. Soak some sticky dishes for ease of cleaning

Make work easy for your cleaner. After all, you want them in there and out as fast as reasonably possible. If they have to sit around for some dirt to ease off, they will there longer than either of you would wish.

  1. Avoid being too messy

The fastest way to discourage even the most resilient of cleaners is presenting them with a house that looks like a hurricane ripped through it. If you see their shoulders droop at the sight of all that awaits them,  you should know you have done them wrong. Yes, you are paying for the service, but that does not mean that your house should look like you have regular wrestling matches with mammoths in it.

  1. Have the cleaning equipment ready

If your cleaner does not come with their own equipment and you hired them with this knowledge, have it ready for them before they arrive. The buckets, mops, brushes, rags and brooms needed should be set out and ready for use. Avoid a situation where you spend the first one hour hunting for the equipment or directing them all over your house in search of the cleaning aids.

  1. Avoid being snappy

If something has not been done to your satisfaction, point it out patiently. It most likely was not done deliberately. They would like to work for you again and you do not want to go looking for other cleaners either.

Also, if something got broken or lost, point it out quietly. If they have insurance, they will replace it. If not, you can negotiate a replacement.

Get a cleaning company that will give you the services that are listed down, and you can easily do that by running a check on the internet on such sites as to avoid acute disappointment.

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