Behavior Therapy, Before Medications for ADHD

Children with ADHD show behaviors which are troublesome to others.ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It is also known as ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder ). The official name which is used by people and doctors are ADHD.  People suffering from ADHD cannot pay their attention to just one thing. They cannot keep their minds on just one important thing. They are always in the state of being distracted. Their minds do not focus on the thing and keep on jumping from one thing to another. People suffering from ADHD do not like to wait in lines, they get impatient very fast.

Example: Person starts to do homework, then indulge in playing with toys and forgets about doing the homework.

It is estimated that 1 in every 20 people is suffering from ADHD. ADHD is not only confined to adults- kids and teens also have an equal chance of getting ADHD. People of every walk of life can suffer from ADHD such as factory workers, doctors, office workers, lawyers, athletes, teachers, etc. Thomas Edison who invented the movie camera, record players, and the light bulb had ADHD.

Kids who suffer from ADHD are conscientious, diligent, and hyper. They cannot sit still for long, they feel fidgety or antsy. Sitting still is hard for them, they get bored if they have to do one work and sit still in one place. Moving from one place to another and time to time makes them feel better. The kid with ADHD is hard to slow down. The body and mind of the kid are very active and parent or teacher is always yelling at a kid to sit in one place and do all the work. On the other hand, some kids with ADHD are not hyper at all, they just have a hard time paying attention.

Treatment of ADHD

ADHD can be easily treated and managed. There are many treatment options. People who take part in the treatment process are therapists, healthcare providers like Health2Delivery, coaches, family members, and teachers.

The treatment options for ADHA are:

  • Behavior therapy
  • Medications
  • School accommodations and interventions

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) for the children of age 6 and above recommends behavior therapy and medications. Before medications are prescribed, it is preferable to go for behavioral therapy.

Behavior Therapy, Including Training for Parents

The important part of the treatment of children with ADHD is behavior therapy. ADHD affects the relationship of children with other children and family. ADHD also affects the child’s ability to concentrate and pay attention. Children with ADHD show behaviors which are troublesome to others. Behavior therapy is done to minimize these behaviors. As soon as a diagnosis is made it is helpful to made behavior therapy right away. The main goals of behavior therapy is to introduce and strengthen positive behaviors. The problem and unwanted behaviors are eliminated. Behavior therapy includes parents as well as children. Teachers can also be trained to reduce problem behaviors in the classroom.

In behavior training of parents, parents adopt new skills to manage and guide their children’s behavior. Parents also strengthen their existing skills. Behavior therapy helps to strengthen the relationship between parents and children. It also helps to minimize the negative behavior of children. Different names for parent training in behavior therapy are behavior training for parents, parent training, behavioral parent training, and parent behavior therapy.

Behavior therapy in which children are involved includes children to learn new behaviors. Therapists help children to adopt new behaviors which do not cause problems. Therapists also help children express their feelings in ways which are not troublesome for them or other people.

Why behavior is suggested before medication

  • Behavior therapy helps parents to learn strategies to overcome ADHD in their children
  • Medications have side effects but therapy doesn’t


Medications are an effective way to overcome ADHD. They help children to cope up with ADHD. There are different types of ADHD medications:

Stimulants: They are the most widely used medication for ADHD. They are fast acting medications.

Nonstimulants: In 2003, they were approved for treatment. They do not work as fast as stimulants. Their effect last for 24 hours.

Different children react differently to medications. They respond in different ways. Doctors try different doses and medications for different children. In this matter, parents need to work with a doctor to find out the best medication for their children.
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